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Genre: smut, fluff, childhood friends turned fuck buddies

Word Count: 4k

You and Jungkook had drifted apart since childhood. But now he’s back and sexier than ever.

A/N: Thank you @onerandomkpop for making this beautiful, sexy vine that inspired me to write this! I am so thirsty for Jungkook.


Thank you @chimchims for the love and support <3

Jungkook and Y/N. You two were inseparable. For as long as you remember, he had been your first friend. The friend that learned how to ride bikes with you, the friend that would push you while you were on the swings, the friend that you would religiously watch Disney movies with. Over time, things changed, you drifted apart. 

Maybe it was the fact that you both went through puberty, Jungkook becoming an attractive, wild, ladies man, and you retreating into your bookworm, introverted shell. After middle school, you hardly ever spoke to him. It was like you never knew each other, passing by in the halls without even a glance. In college, it became worse.

2 years ago

“Chug, chug, chug, FUCK YEAH!” hordes of frat guys cheered as a tall, toned boy chugged an entire bottle of God-knows-what mix of alcohol. It was rare that you would find yourself at these parties, always dragged along by a friend, and you admired the boy’s daring nature. He was daring to the point of being stupid. Must be nice to live without a care like that.

“Oh my god, Jungkook! That was so hot, baby, you’re the best,” a shrill voice shrieked as a living Barbie knocked you out of the way to throw herself on the drunk guy.

Jungkook. Fuck. Of course he would do something like this.

You were just about to leave before he could see you, even though he wouldn’t have given a fuck anyway, but curiosity got the best of you. You turned to look at Jungkook and the girl draped on him, lips firmly locked. You didn’t know why you did this to yourself. You had always tried to suppress your feelings for Jungkook, knowing that he would never like you like that. He wanted nothing to do with you. You were like the outgrown, worn-out clothes he had thrown away along with his cute, bubbly childhood personality. 

Just as turned around to leave you caught the flash of his eyes, intense, staring directly at you as he made out with that girl. A shiver went down your spine and you felt like you were on fire. Quickly dropping his gaze, you left, your feet not moving fast enough to get you out of that hellhole of a party. Even as you closed your eyes to sleep, you couldn’t get that stare out of your mind.

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Disney princes AU

This is an idea I got when chatting with a friend about how disney princes have changed over the years, triggered by this post. And we talked about how it was time that a prince went on his journey to find his prince instead of his princess and since I have to snowbazify everything, I sort of got this idea for an AU where both of them are disney princes 

- prince basilton is commanded by his father to ride out into the lands and search for a princess to marry 

- so he does it because he can’t really say no to his father 

- and then he meets this boy, prince simon, called lord snow, who’s fighting against some beasts and having his butt kicked 

- because prince simon is to marry princess agatha, the most beautiful lady in all the lands 

- but princess agatha refuses to marry him until he has killed the goblin king 

- the truth of which is that she doen’t want to marry him or anyone else. she wants to rule her kingdom by herself. but, like simon and basilton, she was told by her parents what to do 

- so she uses the whole “prove your worthiness” tactic to stall the wedding 

- which is why baz even meets simon and has to help the young prince defeat the creatures 

- and because he’s seriously worried that prince simon will just stunble into the next trap, because he is so clumsy but he carries the sun in his hair, prince basilton decides to join the boy, defeating monsters together 

- princess agatha keeps sending prince simon on new missions in a desperate attempt to stay single a litte longer 

- prince simon really doesn’t mind doing all this heroic stuff, especially since prince basilton has joined him 

- because not only is basilton incredibly handsome, he is also fierce and brave and his hair is black silk and his eyes are a storm lashing over ocean waves and boy is he good at slaying monsters 

- so in the end prince simon and princess agatha finally confess their lack of love for each other and decide to become allies but not marry so agatha can rule her kingdom by herself 

- and prince simon goes to prince basilton and tells him that all he wants to do is go out there and have adventures together 

- and then he kisses basilton 

- who has completely given up on finding a suitable princess a long time ago because he knew already that prince simon would be his everything 

Yeah, you’re gonna see a lot of stuff about that in the next time. If anyone wants to write something more about this, feel free! (Also to change/add whatever you like) I’m probably gonna stick to drawing for now

Baz is not excited. 


a mix of basically everything i listened to in middle school

// 1. Nobody’s Perfect - Hannah Montana // 2. The Tide is High - Atomic Kitten // 3. Aaron’s Party - Aaron Carter // 4. Girlfriend - Avril Lavinge // 5. We Rock - Camp Rock Cast // 6. Lovebug - Jonas brothers // 7. Breakout - Miley Cyrus // 8. The Naked Mole Rap - Ron Stoppable // 9. Come Down with Love - All Star Weekend // 10.  Devotion - Boyz N Motion // 11. He Said She Said - Ashley Tisdale // 12. Cinderella - Cheetah Girls // 13. Here We Go Again - Demi Lovato // 14. This is What Dreams Are Made of - Hilary Duff // 15. Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavinge // 16. Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus // 17. Bet on it - Zac Efron // 18. Send it On - Disney Friends for Change // 19. Strut - Cheetah Girls // 20. Life’s What You Make it - Hannah Montana // 21. Nanita Nana - Cheetah Girls // 22. Hero - Christopher Wilde // 23. This is me - Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato // 24. I Want Candy - Aaron Carter // 25. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson // 26. Halfway There - Big Time Rush // 27. My Life would suck without you - Kelly clarkson // 28. Breaking Free - Troy and Gabriella // 29. Beautiful Soul - Jesse Mccartney // 30. Year 3000 - Jonas Brothers // 31. Something About the Sunshine - Starstruck // 32. Magic - Selena Gomez // 33. Til I Forget About You - Big Time Rush // 34. Rush - Aly & Aj //