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Mark Twain Departing Into Sunset

Photographer:  Dominick Tabon


Cinderella’s Castle, Disneyworld by ncs1984
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Orlando, Florida


happy Fantasmic Friday. 

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Disney’s unbuilt plans for a America theme park, located in Prince William County, Virginia. The idea was announced in 1993 with Bob Weiss as the creative developer of the park. It was described as a theme park designed to show the past, present and future through history and experiences for all ages! 

The themed of lands of America would include:

- Civil War Village: This would be the hub of the park and feature shops and restaurants.

- Native America: Explores the life of America’s first inhabitants and pays tribute to the cultures of Native American tribes. It would feature interactive experiences, exhibits, arts and crafts, and a white water raft ride based on Lewis and Clark adventures!

- President’s Square: This would celebrate and pay tribute to those who have served defending democracy and our nation and would feature a replica of WDW’s Hall of Presidents.

- Civil War Fort: Guests could explore the fort and it’s interactive elements as well as watch civil war battle reenactments as well as water battle reenactments. 

- Ellis Island: Guests could understand what it was like for an immigrant to pass through Ellis Island in a time accurate experience with music, ethnic foods and a live show!

- Enterprise the factory town: Explore what the industrial revolution was like in the US by viewing technological advances of the time and by riding an Industrial Revolution E Ticket roller coaster.

- Victory Fields: Experience what it was like for soldiers to defend their freedom during the world wars and looking through the airport with hangars and viewing airplanes from different time periods and viewing flight demonstrations. There would also be flight simulators based on America’s military fights.

- The State Fair: A 30’s style state fair with folk art exhibits, a live show on baseball and wooden rides like Coney Island.

- Family Farm: Shows different farming techniques and what it takes to farm food through hand on experiences such as milking cows and learning what homemade ice cream tastes like.

The project was eventually scrapped due to Disney disputes with the people of Virginia but not all of these concepts were lost. Some were but into Disney’s California Adventure. These concepts are very neat and the idea of a theme park based on America is an interesting and unique idea. What’s your thoughts?

The Water at Disneyland....

Did you know that the water at Disneyland isn’t just water? The water is dyed a greenish/brown color and circulated throughout the park - to mask the depth and keep it fresh respectively through the use of a “green water” system. But few people know
the system would more accurately be referred to as the “green tea” system due to the way the water gets it’s color. As environmental regulations became more stringent, in 1979 Disneyland started using a mix of green and regular tea leaves as a natural way to dye the water throughout the park. In fact approximately 1,955 pounds (nearly a ton!) of ground tea leaves are circulated through the system each year. While it’s hard to quantify the following claim, this is said to contribute to the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the park especially near the Rivers of America. Stray cats ,wild ducks and other birds can be seen congregating around the waterways engaging in regular, what cast members call, “tea parties”. In fact the birds are a bit too regular - their overly relaxed bowels have been the bane of many a custodian and guest hairdo alike.

In recent years the use of so much tea as a natural colorant has become problematic. With the rising popularity of green tea as a gourmet drink served in coffee bars around the world, and especially in California, the cost has risen steeply. It’s risen so much that ticket prices have increased drastically to cover the growing expense. Park Managers fear that the method of obscuring the shallow depths will soon become unsustainable - revealing the emu leg bones, lost sunglasses, and (most disturbingly) remains of children turned into small world dolls.

Clearly another solution must be found. Some speculate that the construction of Star Wars land, and the draining of the Rivers of America has been an elaborate coverup while researchers try to find an affordable replacement colorant. After all, it does seem very unlikely that Disney would otherwise be laying out such a large sum of money for a new attraction.

We’ll know soon enough as the River will be back shortly. Recent changes in LA law regarding the growing and selling of the cannabis plant have lead to rumors pointing to this as a suitable replacement. Keep an eye out for any changes in hue or particularly hungry, philosophical ducks.

Next up in our series: How DO they create that perfect Disney grass.


2017 DLR - Return of Railroad - New Bridge

Photographer:  Eddison Esteban

“The Industrial Revolution”

The history-based Disney’s America theme park project may never have been built, but one of the most exciting concepts was the E-ticket coaster, The Industrial Revolution. Set in a turn-of-the-century industrial steel mill, this indoor-outdoor roller coaster would send guests through a working factory, complete with blast furnaces, true-to-life decor and harrowing escape finale from a “fiery vat of molten steel”

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The Off Season

Photographer:  William McIntosh


The New Rivers of America

Photographer:  Dominick Tabon

What I Learned Working Summers at an Amusement Park

I remember walking into the park my first day, sort of nervous, but mostly excited (primarily at the prospect of chatting up girls from all corners of the Northeastern United States). By the time I’d started at the park, gone were the turn-of-the-century picnicking chocolatiers. In their place were dumpy rust-belt families and throngs of rambunctious Jewish summer camp kids from Upstate New York. That bright-eyed, bushy-tailed kid walked into the park one June morning in 2000 and emerged a jaded, piece of shit man a few years later. The following are just a few examples of things I look back on and wonder how there weren’t more arrests, and even more amazing, how there weren’t any deaths.