A remarkable man, artist, and historian of the industry. Some people accuse Walt Disney of being anti-semitic or a racist. I don’t know what to say about Walt, but pretty sure Floyd Norman put them in their places!

Millions of American children who had racist parents been watching his cartoons for decades! They didn’t even know a black man made this!

Thank you for the representation, Floyd, you’re an amazing artist!



So,I tried to do some drawings about the Pharmercy “AU’ theme of the other day but at last I did a short comic about an Atlantis crossover. ♡
Hope you like it ;w;

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evak tangled au for your prompts?

this is probably not what you wanted but a proper au would take me forever so instead i wrote you a small snippet of what could be an evak tangled au, somewhere in the universe

“You said there’s a lost prince,” Even looks at Isak. “Was he handsome?”

“He was a baby,” Isak blinks. “There was no way to tell.”

Even thinks on this for a moment.

“Do you think he’d be handsome, now?”

Isak looks at Even, disbelieving. “Even, I don’t know, why would I know—why would I think about—”

Even interrupts him. “Do you find men attractive?”

Isak chokes on his fish. “Jesus.”

“Is that a man?” Even furrows his brows. “Is Jesus a man you find attractive?”

“Not unless I want to go to hell,” Isak quips. Even looks at him, expression more perplexed than before. Isak sighs loudly, eyes cast towards the night sky. Their surroundings are illuminated only by the light of the stars and the moon and the fire before them, one Isak had started expertly, after years of living on the run. “No, that’s not – it’s a form of expression,” he shifts his gaze downwards again, meets Even’s stunning blue. He still hasn’t gotten used to the intensity of them.

Even bites his bottom lip. Isak is careful to not follow the movement. “I think that I might be,” Even begins slowly. “I think that might be – wrong,” he finishes, looks at Isak in earnest.

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Gelatoni is so cute, but he is cute beyond the dimension….

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#Cosplayer @mmearlene with an epic shot of her #WonderWoman. #cosplay #DCcomics

Regrann from @mmearlene - Wonder woman batman vs superman
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yo is Yondu in infinity war? all the other guardians are even Mantis but not my boy Yondu? thought he was a guardian now

Yondu does become a member of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in Vol 2. All of the other Guardians are confirmed, that’s true, so it’s likely he will show up too. He’s probably just not been confirmed yet, there’s still time. There’s a whole bunch of characters still waiting to be confirmed!