I woke up a little after 6 this morning and reinstalled the car seats so that I could get my littles off to “school” this morning. When I got home I “laid down for 30 minutes” and then woke up at 1 pm@😂😂😂. Had fun in Vegas but I as always I came home sick. Anyway, here I am finally celebrating #nationalcoffeeday with a big mug of #bulletproofcoffee and a face full of @inglot_usa that I picked up at the Forum Shops. #momblog #disneymom #letushavecake

Disneyland Day Trip (1-30-15)

So one of our families goals/resolutions is to spend more time together and why not spend it at our favorite place DISNEYLAND! 🏰 To prep for our day trip the night before my husband went to the grocery store and picked up snacks and lunch stuff to pack in our cooler. We use a small cooler that fits under the stroller and the combo of snacks and lunches packed in the cooler saves us money. In The Cooler: -2 Apple Juice Boxes Juicy Juice -2 Snack packs from our local Vons •Granola, Dates,Cheese Cubes, Giant Green. Grapes •Carrots,Sugar Snap Peas,Cheese Cubes,Ranch -Salami(the good kind lol) -Turkey Breast -Mustard and Mayonnaise -Lettuce -Hawaiian Rolls -Chips -Guacamole Cups -Artichoke Hummus Sounds like a lot…well it kinda is haha but it’s enough for the three of us to snack on all day and we normally have leftovers that carry back to either the next day in the parks or home for upcoming lunches and snacks. For all of that it came around $40 and if I where to break it down further it’s about $13/$14 a person for food. Oh and we ate breakfast at home before getting into the park saving more money lol. Now compare $14 a person for Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks with Disney Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks….yea #winning lol So we went off to bed, woke up the next day (today) bright and early, got ready and got on the road by 5:00ish to get to the park by opening at 8:00am. The drive to the park is about 1 hour and half and we wanted to give us time for the tram, bathroom break, and security check. So after all of that we made it through the turnstiles at 8:15am. Typically I make a plan with tips from dlrprepschool.com but today I figured I would just wing it. Isitpacked.com had the crowd index as alright so I figured we would be ok. Come to find out we would be better than ok as we almost rode every ride there with the exception of rides my daughter couldn’t ride (she is just at 40in) or rides that where closed for refurb. Here’s what our day looked like minus the bathroom breaks (potty training toddler…fun lol): • Hyperspace Mountain (Fastpass) • Pirates of the Caribbean • Haunted Mansion • Winnie the Pooh • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad •Break for snack in Frontierland and pictures with Jessie from Toy Story • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Star Tours (Fastpass) • Hyperspace Mountain • Took a break for bathroom, grabbed jackets and waited for our Buzz Fastpass time • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters • Astro Orbitor (Longest wait time of the day at 35 mins) • Star Tours • Tiana/Rapunzel Combo Doll purchase (It was cute and two for one lol) • Pictures at the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle • Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Through • Mickey and the Magic Map • Goofy’s Playhouse From start to finish 8am-5pm (9 hours) we rode 8 rides,watched a show,took time to relax,and take pictures. For this trip we focused on rides we haven’t been on for a while especially Haunted Mansion which was just changed back to it’s original state. We skipped out on Fantasyland and ToonTown rides mostly because the wait times where too long, and we plan on coming back next month so we can focus on these lands as well as more pictures and shows/parades. Leaving the park we grabbed some macaroons from Kayla’s Cake and Pretzel Bites from Wetzel’s Pretzels weird combo I know lol and headed for the tram. By then baby girl was asleep so we walked the path to the parking structures so she could get her rest. We made it to the car and headed home, hit a bit of traffic due to the oncoming storm and rain, but got home fairly quickly. Overall I think we had a great day, park wasn’t super crowded but it was a Saturday so if we would have gone on a weekday we may have been able to squeeze in some more rides. But I think this trip was a success! Next Month Date: TBD Focus: Fantasyland, Toon Town, Fantasy Faire, Jedi Training, Aladdin’s Oasis, Pixie Hollow, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, Royal Theater Stay Tuned for more and “Your identity is your most important possession. Protect It.” -Helen Parr aka Elastigirl shh…

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I'm Back....Kind of lol

Well, I am aware that I may not have to many followers to this page, but I will carry on, plus I got a really nice anon message asking for a little bit more info about me and what I want to accomplish on this blog…so here we go…this one’s for you anon 😘 I am 27 going on 28 this year and I am married to my great husband and we have a three year old daughter together. As of now I am a stay at home mom, going to school online to get my teaching degree, but I will be starting a part time job at a preschool and my daughter will be able to attend as well! 👐 I am OBSESSED with all things Disney including Disneyland, and by living in San Diego it makes it easy to visit often. My daughter is equally obsessed and my husband is well….understanding haha but we try to go to Disneyland once a month for either a turn around trip or an over night. We do have annual passes so we utilize the discounts they offer but we typically try not to spend money in the park unless it is for the mandatory churro, pickle, or popcorn. We try to save where we can. This blog will be (I hope) a view into my life. I love seeing and reading other mommy blogs and feeling as if I am not alone,getting and sharing tips, liking proud momma pictures of their littles, and just passing time. I think that to many times as mommas we can feel alone even surrounded by loving yet sticky yet adorable yet frustrating cute babies and toddlers and even spouses. Hopefully this blog will be a place to not feel alone, share, and give you a laugh or two to get you through the day. Thanks for reading and remember “Mother knows best.” - Mother Gothel

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Have I mentioned just how much this little one loves green beans?!

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