Stop complaining about Olaf adventure film

Why are people complaining about the frozen film? Don’t like frozen don’t see the Olaf adventure go late or wait til it’s out of theaters. It’s only there for limited time only. Let the fans enjoy it. I love frozen and excited for the Olaf adventure film. Lots of people love frozen and are excited about the Olaf adventure film. Yes there are way more fans then haters. I love frozen and excited about the frozen film.

tzufcallsmeshomps said: Meh, I dunno- how about Roxas and Riku fooling around, playing in the puddles of the world that never was. (wait what that might actually be a good idea)

… I hope its still a good idea 8D;; puddles of heartless…

Riku told DisneyMom he was staying at the Square’s house tonight, and Roxas told SquareDad he was staying at Disney’s house… neither parent knew what was actually going on and the boys toddled off for some unsupervised shenanigans.

disneymom-blog1  asked:

I was wondering if you could promote my blog. I'm all about Disney and I also have a section called "Disney Mom" in which I give tips to parents about bringing their kids to Disney World or Disneyland.

Sure! Our apologies for the late replies. Any parents out there looking for Disneyland tips? Disneymom is your guide. Do Check out their blog :)