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Hotel Mira Costa by P Chang
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Tokyo DisneySea

Dining at Disney Sea, Tokyo

While in Tokyo earlier this month, not only did we get to enjoy Tokyo Disneyland and experience some of the amazing eats there, we also got to spend a day at Disney Sea, the more aquatic-themed park next door!

It turns out Disney Sea is even more renowned for its dining options than Tokyo Disneyland is, and that the food lines here are longer than at some of the main attractions. Plus, it’s one of the few Disney properties where they sell alcohol. I have to say, it was a little unsettling at first watching guests walk around the park with pints of beer!

Here’s a look at what we ate…

There was a 90 minute wait for the Indiana Jones ride, one of the longest at the park, so we opted for the 15 minute line across the street, the line for the bread wrapped Yucatan Dog, which was flavorful and nicely spiced…

There was a cool Star Wars easter egg in the Indy area as well…

Over near Port Discovery, we found Seaside Snacks…

Where they sold Donald Duck steamed buns in smartly-designed wrappers…

The bun itself was shaped like a life preserver…

The ring stuffed with spiced shrimp…

Over near the American Waterfront section, we discovered Liberty Landing Diner…

Where the specialty is a tasty bacon-wrapped rice roll…

The snack we wanted to try but ended up missing was one of Disney Sea’s most famous foods, the Gyoza Dog, where the line was over 100 people long! Their buzzed-about smoked chicken wings also had a 30 minute wait. Unfortunately, there are no Fast Passes for food! Maybe something Disney should consider?


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A brand new video~~!! It’s a HUGEEE Japan haul!! But this time all of the things I bought from Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney sea and the Japanese Disney Store~!!♪
I really hope you enjoy this video!! ^-^ ( & sorry it’s a little late… my router died and had to go to my sisters xD)
What was your favourite Disney things I bought~? I’d love to know!!
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Attractions Lands that almost happened: Glacier Bay, Hong Kong Disneyland + Tokyo Disney Sea.  

Throughout the history of theme parks there are always scrapped ideas and concepts, especially when you are proposing them for foreign markets. Unlike Disneyland and Disney World where The Walt Disney Company has the final say on expansions and attractions things tend to work differently when it comes to the overseas parks. At least when it pertains to Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland. Reason why is because both parks are owned by different groups. Oriental Land company which owns the Tokyo Resort and Hong Kong international theme parks which obviously has hold of the HKD resort.  

So when those companies want new lands and experiences they ask Walt Disney Imagineering to pitch concepts for them. To which then WDI pitches these concepts and based off the interest of either company they choose what they want to get made. With that out of the way, one of these ideas was the concept of Glacier bay. Glacier Bay was going to be an entire land devoted to a scientific research base set in the cold mountains of Asia. And to put the literally cherry on top the place was going to be a steampunk atheistic like dream of sorts. 

As for the land itself it would have been ENTIRELY INDOORS (Only at Hong Kong)! Reason why is so they could keep the temperature down so that it would actually feel cold in there, and of course they could make it snow. I kid you not one of the plans was to have snowflakes fall on guests while inside. Beyond the cooler temperatures details on attractions for the land remain sparse and conflicting. From what I was able to gather the Hong Kong version was said to have a dark ride through the tundra, and something like a bobsled attraction coaster. As for why it was cut it came down to a lot of reasons. Budget, Hong Kong said the land wouldn’t interest asian audiences, and timing as they wanted the new lands out and they wanted them fast.

Originally the idea was pitched along with wait for it, Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch. Sound familiar? For those that don’t know Hong Kong Disneyland just finished it’s major 3 land expansion, except it consisted of Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Playland.  Glacier Bay got killed in favor of the infamous Toy Story Playland! Toy story was just cheaper costing about 30M for 3 attractions and would be able to be completed relatively quick (this is why Toy Story Playland is also coming to the studios, quick, cheap, and additional ride capacity). So when it came down to brass tax HDKR decided they just didn’t want Glacier Bay and instead went with Toy Story Play Land.

As for the Tokyo version I really couldn’t say what would be going in that one versus Hong Kong. I do know that unlike the Hong Kong version the Tokyo counterpart would have been outdoors (so no artificial snow). WIth that came the beautiful snow covered mountains seen in the concept art. As everything Tokyo does seems to be notches above the rest of the industry.

Now while Glacier Bay may remain a distant possible dream fans can still see what was proposed for the Tokyo Disney Sea version over at the Mira Costa hotel. Where a map of the entire Park was drawn, one that included Glacier Bay as a part of the park. Here is where things get interesting. While Glacier Bay may have died if I had to place money I would say it’s cool ice mountain area concept for TDS did not. As Frozen has been leaked by many an insider to be coming to Tokyo Disney Sea within the near future. And not just as a simple ride, but as an entire port/land. So consider that map of snow capped mountains and a bay to the right of them a teaser for what should be coming in the near future. As Frozen is indeed moving in, and if the old plans for Glacier Bay are any indication something tells me this is going to be huge. After all there is a saying I believe by the imagineers that “Good ideas around here never really die, they just become something else!”. 

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In this video I surprise Kelsey with an early birthday gift and take her to Tokyo Disney Sea~!! YAY! We explore the depths of the oceans, Rein over Castles, See Ariel’s castle, Visit italy, Go on super scary rides (HELP ME) and watch the beautiful water shows~!! I even take you into some of the shops to see what goodies they have :3 huhu!

I hope you guy’s enjoy it~!!
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