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Another cosplay from this past weekend at the D23 expo! ✨

My father and I decided to cosplay as Jane Porter & her father Professor Archimedes Porter from the Disney movie Tarzan! 🐒🔍🌴

It was so much fun to share a part of my life with my father he had and absolute blast and swears that he will be cosplaying again next D23 expo! 😅


That time stitch got hold of Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney world 2004.

That time Disneyland Paris celebrated thier 5th Anniversary by adding a Hunchback theme to the castle back in 1997

That time Disney World launched thier happiest celebration on earth in 2005 as a tribute to Disneyland California being open for 50 years!

That time Disney World celebrated thier 25th anniversary with a gigantic cake in 1996!

And most subtle but most impressive, that time in 2015 that Disneyland California announced they were lacing the castle with diamonds for the most expensive and elegant castle yet for the big 60!


art collab with @lumieremorte !!

lined the first one and colored the second one