disneyland is my happy place


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  1. This is my fur-child, Lord Kittles von Purry Paws. I like to dress her up. She tolerates it.
  2. I’m a California girl.
  3. Disneyland actually is my happy place. I go at least once a year.
  4. I just bought my first house! I get stressed thinking about how much I owe, but I love not having to share walls.
  5. I’m kind of a gym rat. 
  6. Live music is my favorite thing, and I probably spend too much money going to shows. 
  7. I love champagne. Fancy champagne, cheap champagne, as long as it’s a nice, dry brut I’m happy.
  8. I’m both terrified and fascinated by the ocean.
  9. San Francisco is the best city in the world. The best. 

I didn’t really know who to tag since I’m super shy and rarely talk to people on here, so I went through my activity feed and picked a few of my most recent new followers: @triniskimshart @apenas-sonhos02-blog @kyansuka @seasonaldates @venetiana

No pressure at all to play along. 

Preference88- Favorite Things

A/N: These are a few of my favorite things…

Harry: “Harry…I have a boyfriend, remember?” You mumbled once his lips were grazing on your’s, “I can’t do this to him…or to you…” “Y/N…You know how I feel about you…and I know how you feel about him,” he placed his hand in your hair so you wouldn’t lose eye contact, “Nothing. You don’t love him, not like you love me. Not like I love you…” He was right you thought, “But how? How do I know that you love me?” “Because I’ve spent years memorizing you. What you do, say, love…everything,” he pressed his forehead to your’s, “You only like homemade hot chocolate. You only dance to your favorite songs, which is all of them. You only sing when you’re making pancakes. You tell everyone that your favorite band is One Direction, because you support us, but I know your favorite band is The 1975. I know you still take bubble baths and that you’ve always wanted to live in a cottage on the edge of town with a porch. And I know that you like it when I tickle your sides, even though you tell me over and over again to stop. You get frustrated when people don’t signal and you take every chance you get to honk your horn at them…I know you, Y/N. That’s how you know.”

Liam: “Ok ok,” you laugh, “We take turns saying the other person’s favorite things. Whoever runs out of facts. Loses!” “Alright! Game on!” Your best friend Liam shook your hand, “You first!” “Ok! Your favorite superhero is Batman!” You clapped. “That was a given,” he laughed, “My turn. You like playing with people’s eyelashes…even strangers!” “Your favorite gift ever was the Batman apron I got you for Christmas!” “Your favorite thing to do is water the roses in your backyard because you like the water droplets that hang on the petals.” “Your favorite animal is a lizard!” “Your favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake, because you pretend it’s a volcano.” “Your favorite way of eating cheese is only on pizza.” “You always count the sesame seeds on the buns,” he pointed out. The night ended with constant back and forth fact after fact of the other. At the end of the night you realized something. Something that could either make or break your relationship with Liam. That with every fact the two of you blurted out about the other, made you fall even more and more deeply in love with him…

Zayn: “What’s this?” He asked as he pulled out a dusty copper colored box from the corner of your closet. “Oh. It’s nothing. Just toss it in that other box,” you turned back to packing your clothes. “If it’s nothing…let’s just see what’s inside,” he pried it open and pulled out a notebook and read, “My favorite things.” “Ohh I remember this! I made it when I was at school. I was 8 at the time!” “Let’s have a read ya?” He opened up the crisp pages, “My favorite things, by Y/N Y/L/N. My favorite thing is the whiskers on my cat. I also like romantic movies. The ones about the boy who falls in love with a smart girl. I also like it when you blow a dandelion fluff and the wind picks it up to go even farther. My favorite place is Disneyland because it makes me happy, and I like feeling happy.” Once he finished he turned around to kiss you deeply but sweet, “Wow. I’m crazy in love with you. Even 8 year old you has me spinning.” “Let me see the book real quick,” you took it from him and turned around so he wouldn’t see you scribble in it, “Here. Have a read.” He took the book from your hands and read out loud, “My favorite person in the whole wide world is…Zayn Malik. He makes me happy.”

Niall: “You’re such a creeper, Ni,” you tossed a pillow as he watched you study for finals. “What!?” He laughed, “I just like watching you babe.” He came over and pecked your lips. “I don’t want you to go,” you mumbled quietly against his lips. “I know,” he said now saddened, “I’m gonna miss you, babe. Miss the way you sing AND dance in the shower. The way you count how many steps there are on the stairs everytime you walk on them. The way you bring me my lunch everyday to the studio so we can see each other. How you bite your lip so hard when you’re frustrated and you count on me to make them feel better. How everytime you see a person in need you’re always willing to go to extreme lengths to make them feel better. I love that. I love how you always by a red balloon from the vendors by the park. And how you only eat cookie dough ice cream. These are all my favorite things about you. And I want to remember them. Forever.”

Louis: “You don’t know anything about me,” you joked with your best friend who was slightly offended. “I practically grew up with you!” He laughed. “Alright, Mr. Know it all. Let’s test you,” you challenged him, “Favorite book?” “The Fault In Our Stars,” he answered. “Last book I read?” “Same. You love it so much that you read it again!” “Favorite animal?” “Sloths, because they make such good caption pictures.” “Favorite weather?” You challenged him with insanely difficult questions. “Rain. Because you like to pretend the raindrops on your window pane are racing. Weird one you are,” he laughed. “Favorite snack?” “Peanut butter with sliced almonds in the bread,” he wiggled his eyebrows knowing he would win. “Favorite mode of transportation?” “You tell people bike, but I know if you could you would travel by dog sled.” You laughed knowing he was right, “Very good Tomlinson. You’ve passed the unofficial official bestest friend test!” He smiled at his accomplishment, “Now how do I pass the unofficial official bestest boyfriend test?”

“I went to Disneyland Paris a couple years ago, and fell in love with a parade there, the Magic Everywhere parade for the 20th anniversary. I bought the park music there, but was disappointed the song from that parade wasn’t on the CD. A couple months ago, I decided to google the parade, and i found a video of it. I sat there and cried, then found a copy of the song, which I immediately put on my phone. Now anytime I miss my trip, I put the song on, and it takes me back to my happy place”

A pic of me in Disneyland Paris! I love that place so much, and I had the most wonderful time there the last couple of 4 days. Liteally everything about this trip was PER-FECT! The weater was wonderful, the new Ratatouille ride was AWESOME and became one of my favorites, the crowds weren’t as bad as I expected and I met Ariel while wearing my Ariel disney bound and she turned out to be DUTCH! Awesome sauce!
Words can not describe how much I love that place. It really is the happiest place on earth!!
Aaaand I met Janna! (tobetheonedestroyed) from tumblr who I’ve been talking to for a long time!

“To be perfectly honest, Disney has always been my sanctuary. I move around a lot but consider my home in California where I’d go to Disneyland a lot. It’s my happy place and when I was going through a really tough time when a family member was suffering through PTSD the music really helped me. I have it on my iPod and when people notice they make fun of me for it. It really sucks because it’s really helped me a lot more than they realize.”