disneyland holiday time


Unfortunately, it’s almost time to say goodbye to Haunted Mansion holiday for another 8-9 months.  But not quite yet.

Photographer:  Dominick Tabon


Carol of the Bells | Buena Vista Street Community Bell Ringers

Overall, the most substantial addition to the attraction is the lighting added to the facade on the exterior of the attraction. Words don’t do it justice nor does the photo above. It’s truly something you have to see in person to fully appreciate. Because of these lights, ‘it’s a small world’ holiday can attraction much longer lines at night. Normally, we would advise that you experience it earlier in the day to avoid these crowds. And we do advise you to do that. However, you’ll want to experience ‘it’s a small world’ holiday more than once, and you should make at least one of those rides at night. Floating into the lit facade is a great experience, and waiting in line isn’t all that bad because you have such a beautiful sight in front of you!


110 Years 

Photographer: Tom Bricker


A Disneyland Christmas 

Photographer:  Brandon Le


.As you approach the Facade you hear a familiar tune along with Jingle Bells. You wait your turn in line and every 15 minutes you notice a holiday projection show on the small world facade. You board your boat and enter the Hello Room which now has a Happy Holiday Sign. You enter the Antarctic Room which is now the North Pole. You travel through the ride and discover Chinese new years, Jungle Jangles, and Feliz Navidad. You enter the North American room to see yourself in a country Christmas. Finally you enter the “Finale Room” and you hear Deck the halls. Everything is decorated with white garland and lights hang from the roof. You exit through the Goodbye room which the Postcards have been replaced with Christmas cards. You Exit the Building and catch the twinkling lights once more as you disembark.