disneyland elsa


Frozen was never really my thing but I thought the casting for Disney’s California Adventure Frozen play was pretty awesome~

I was sitting pretty far away so this is as best as I can recall appearance, but still. It was a nice little play :)


This is my miniature garden diorama that I made last year. I’ve always had this ongoing idea in my head about an amazingly huge, luxurious palace in which all the Disney characters (mainly the princesses) live out their stories in a way that’s intertwined, like a big soap opera. And so for years I’ve wanted to actually build this palace (or parts of it) in miniature, like a dollhouse, to display my figures in. I’ve been collecting little details and planning it for ages. This part is (obviously) a piece of the beautiful gardens that would be behind this dream castle, where the princesses can walk the pathways, have tea on the lawn, or take a little swan-boat ride on the stream with their beau’s. It’s meant to be idyllic, tranquil, bright, and colorful. Mother Willow from Pocahontas presides over the garden, giving wisdom to anyone who asks for her advice. The stream is made from a painstaking mosaic of shiny blue stones covered in a layer of hot glue. The gazebo and trellis in the back are made from recycled pieces from an old and broken Disneyland Main Street model set, so the gingerbread accents are technically modeled after the details on The Crystal Palace, the Emporium, and the Confectionery in Disneyland. The figures shown are the 4" figures from the Mini Castle Playsets from the Disney Store. Next up I’ll be showing you all my second piece in this series, the library!!