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Frozen was never really my thing but I thought the casting for Disney’s California Adventure Frozen play was pretty awesome~

I was sitting pretty far away so this is as best as I can recall appearance, but still. It was a nice little play :)


This was my very first shot on a #disneyanimation film! I remember being scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. I loved animating the little baby trolls. I thought of them like bouncing balls and tried to give everyone in the shot a separate back story. Good times on #frozen , 5 years goes SO fast!!!

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Based on that lovely Disneyland Kristanna photo ♥

I couldn’t resist drawing this. They’re sooo cute together, don’t you think? And the hand holding, I can’t!

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Spring Awakening Disneyland Headcanons
  • Hanschen is deathly afraid of roller coasters but toughens up to show off because Ernst looks so excited to go on, but he ends up screeching before the ride even starts. “Sir, you’re still in line, please calm down." 
  • Wendla and Ilse love the spinning tea cups. They just do. 
  • Otto and Georg have a contest to see who can make the weirdest faces when the pictures are taken
  • When Otto and Georg see the sign out front saying that the Peter Pan ride is closed they fall to their knees and wail with all the other children 
  • Martha takes the best pictures of the group 
  • Martha, Thea, and Anna are the ones who get the most pictures with the characters because they don’t go on many rides. They end up becoming unofficial princesses 
  • Ilse convinces Wendla to help her challenge Captain Hook to a fight. They win. 
  • Melchior convinces Moritz to go on space mountain with him, then buys him all the ice cream after 
  • Ernst getting kissed on the cheek/getting carried princess style by one of the princes and Martha taking a picture of Hanschen who’s stewing nearby. Bonus: you see him in the edge of the picture when they pick it up 
  • Ernst needing to get a picture of Moritz with piglet and Melchior practically dragging Moritz to the character when he hears the idea 
  • Ernst being afraid of the animatronics on Splash Mountain and Hanschen failing to comfort because he’s still not over the roller coaster
  • Ilse needing to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (it’s Disney, we need to be young again) but then feeling duped afterwards (cue the Captain Hook fight) 
  • All relaxing and taking selfies on the Mark Twain boat ride 
  • Melchior being the only one paying attention to the speaker on said boat ride
  • Hide and seek on Tom Sawyer island
  • Melchior knowing all the facts about the park so he spends most of the trip talking like a tour guide causing some people to "join the group”. Hanschen made $60 until Wendla got them to leave  
  • Moritz and Ernst hating the Snow White ride so they go on it twice together because friendship 
  • All of them being really creeped out during the Bug’s Life show 
  • Tomorrowland car race 
  • Melchior waiting with Moritz outside of the Finding Nemo ride because Moritz is claustrophobic. While they wait, they watch the Star Wars show while listening to the credits song of Finding Nemo because nostalgia 
  • Moritz expecting the Haunted Mansion to be more like the Tower of Terror and is (un)pleasantly surprised 
  • Last ride is It’s a Small World and getting stuck for twenty minutes 
  • Moritz actually being in love with the late night firework display, the water light show, and the closing parade 
  • Wendla being the one to round them all up and shove them in Otto’s mom’s van, ignoring the complaints because “I know, I don’t wanna leave either" 

 Give me more headcanons, I love discussing with people!