the signs at disneyland

Aries: gets high off the popcorn leo gave them and almost punches the donald duck mascot
Taurus: rides all the rides with pisces, tries to warn everybody that the popcorn will make them high
Gemini: makes libra and virgo ride the tower of terror over and over again
Cancer: eats the popcorn leo bought even though they heard taurus warn everyone about the popcorn
Leo: buys a bunch of popcorn and gets high off it, starts flirting with everything that moves (including the mascots and little kids)
Virgo: feels sick after riding the tower of terror over and over again with gemini and libra, leaves to go shopping in the gift shops with capricorn and tells scorpio to keep an eye on leo
Libra: after hanging out with virgo and gemini they try to communicate with the ducks near the castle
Scorpio: gets sick of leo flirting with everybody so they buy a kid leash and put it on them
Sagittarius: follows scorpio and leo with aquarius and films leo trying to flirt with everyone while on the leash
Capricorn: doesn’t ride the pirates of the carribean or haunted mansion ride because they heard of ashes being poured there, spends most of their time shopping with virgo
Aquarius: with sagittarius, asks leo weird questions so sag can get leos reactions on their phone
Pisces: goes on all the rides with taurus and gets worried about leo when they see scorpio put the leash on them