Artist Jeff Gillette’s depicts a post-apocalyptic Disneyland in his paintings. The idea for the series came after a visit to some of the most impoverished places around the world. Jeff wanted to mix the happiest place on earth with the saddest. 


The Mickey Diving Suit Turnaround I got to do for “Wonders of the Deep.” We had to figure out how the dome of his helmet would work, where all the bolts should go and how it should sit on his shoulders. I’m happy we got to make him a tiny bit pudgier than normal. 

What you REALLY should say to characters at the Disney parks!

There’s a post floating around listing things to say to the characters at the Disney parks, and having worked in the parks, I’d actually say a lot of those are bad conversation starters. Compliment the princesses on their dresses? Ask Tigger if he’s a boy or a girl? Show Eeyore your muscles? No, no, no.

Here are some ACTUAL conversation starters if you want to have some fun character interactions! These are just the princesses, if people like these/use them then I’ll make another post with more characters.

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