So, due to my extreme love for American Horror Story, and my modest enjoyment of this season, I think we should make a group thread of our characters as patients in an insane asylum. We could give our characters mental illnesses that correspond with who they are, and we can add twists and turns and everything. I just want an epic group thread that is surprising and different.

If you’re interested, tell me and we can talk about it!

A Good Meal: Tiana and ? Roleplay

It had been a slow day at her restaurant. Naveen was off visiting his parents in Maldonia, but Tiana had insisted she stay behind this time because no one could watch the restaurant while she was out. But even so, she had only seen a few of her usuals and hardly any new customers. She sat down at the hostess table with some gumbo and relaxed a little bit. She almost dozed off when suddenly a new customer barged in. Tiana sat up alert, but still a little groggy. “Welcome to Tiana my name is my restaurant how may I help you?” She then realized her mistake and shook herself awake. “I mean, my name’s Tiana and welcome to my restaurant, Tiana’s Place. How many are in your party?”