Giselle's Shop: Giselle and ? Roleplay

It was a quiet day in Giselle’s shop. She had only seen three customers, and only one small sale. She was starting to get anxious. Was it her designs? Was it her location? Was it her publicity? She really wanted the shop to be successful. Robert’s job as a divorce lawyer was their only other source of income and she didn’t want to have to rely on it fully. Giselle was on the verge of a panic attack when the bell attached to the door let out a trill, alerting Giselle to a new customer.

“Hello there!,” Giselle chimed. “Welcome to Andalasia Designs! I’m Giselle and it’s very nice to meet you!” Giselle stared at the stranger to see what they would do.

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So, due to my extreme love for American Horror Story, and my modest enjoyment of this season, I think we should make a group thread of our characters as patients in an insane asylum. We could give our characters mental illnesses that correspond with who they are, and we can add twists and turns and everything. I just want an epic group thread that is surprising and different.

If you’re interested, tell me and we can talk about it!

A Good Meal: Tiana and ? Roleplay

It had been a slow day at her restaurant. Naveen was off visiting his parents in Maldonia, but Tiana had insisted she stay behind this time because no one could watch the restaurant while she was out. But even so, she had only seen a few of her usuals and hardly any new customers. She sat down at the hostess table with some gumbo and relaxed a little bit. She almost dozed off when suddenly a new customer barged in. Tiana sat up alert, but still a little groggy. “Welcome to Tiana my name is my restaurant how may I help you?” She then realized her mistake and shook herself awake. “I mean, my name’s Tiana and welcome to my restaurant, Tiana’s Place. How many are in your party?”

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I went to Japan last year and went to Disneyland, where they sold fluffy Cheshire Cat tails, ear & paw hats and leg warmers.  I bought them.

Earlier in the trip I had rented a Cheshire Cat maid dress to take photos in.
I was kinda obsessed with the idea of owning a Cheshire Cat dress, so I searched the Internet and got my friends to buy me the most decent sexy Cheshire Cat dress I found (it’s really pretty).

I was scrolling through the Disney tag on tumblr when I found this group and seeing that the Cheshire Cat was an open character I decided to audition. When I actually got the part I was so excited!

I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a fondness for the Cheshire Cat.  I mean, he’s a pink cat! What’s not to love?

Anyway, due to these set of circumstances I will actually be dressing up as my muse this Halloween, which will be pretty cool I think :3

Will anyone else be doing the same?

One Bad Apple

(((OOC: That’s right!! Giselle is going to the bad side }:) )))

Giselle tugged on the tight black sleeve. She was… displeased with her current attire. But if she wanted this to work she had to act the part. The shimmery black satin wasn’t her thing, but the Mistress of All Evil wasn’t really into bows and ribbons.

“Hello Maleficent.” she attempted in her high trilled voice. “No, it needs to be deeper.” she cleared her throat and tried again. “Hello Maleficent.” Still a little high, but definitely better. Giselle didn’t know if she should do this, but they were on the verge of war. They had to get some inside information. She couldn’t risk this affecting the surface world and Morgan, so she decided to see what was going on. No more sidelines. She hurried outside and hailed a cab. When she arrived at the portal she tried not to look odd as she dragged the heavy cover off. She jumped through and thought with all her might ‘Maleficent’s Castle’. When she opened her eyes she saw the familiar foreboding structure on the large mountain. She felt odd to be back to her… animated form, but she felt stronger. She easily hefted her small frame over the fence and continued on to the castle.

“Hello Maleficent.” Giselle said, entering the vast throne room of the dark fairy. “Miss me?”

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Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen, but it is nice to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out.

Oh my goodness how sweet! :D

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Prince Edward

Oh my, I haven’t posted in so long! Robert, Morgan, and I just got back on vacation from New Orleans (it’s really a very nice place, and we also visited Tiana at her marvelous restaurant! The food was spectacular and so yummy! Oh and did I mention that Edward bought me something called a dictionary? It has lots of big words and it tells you what they mean and… oh oops I’m rambling! Back to Edward…) but I’ve just been very busy lately! Anyways Edward lost his mother when he was very little and his father… well he disappeared. But Edward always had a positive attitude about it. He was raised by his step-mother, Narrissa, and he’s currently the King of Andalasia. Edward loves music very much, and he has a very lovely voice. Edward is very smart, though he may not always seem so, and he’s very loyal to his friends. He will do anything to get someone out of a bind. He is a great friend and we still talk a lot about New York and Andalasia. He’s also expecting a daughter soon and I’m so excited for him and Nancy! Oh, that reminds me that I’ll have to ask my silkworm friends to help me whip up something for Nancy’s baby shower!