Riddle me this, I’m extremely confused why everyone is up in arms about the Disney Dragon. I have been keeping a big eye on all the happenings surrounding the Dragon, including on the DisneyParks Blog and on their DisneyDragons tumblr page. Everyone is saying they’re out raged that we will never see the Dragon again, it’s been one day, seriously… Disney has announced so very little on this let alone saying anything about how we will never see it again. Yes it says “One-Night Appearance” but that could easily mean for the time being, and to clarify that it won’t be flying multiple days in a row. This quote from Gary Buchanan “I was left wondering if we would ever see him again.”  more so leads me to think that its foreshadowing that we will see it again soon. So everyone please just be patient! I hardly think that Disney put this immense amount of effort into this for 2 minutes of awesomeness.