As of today, one thousand of you have found and followed my blog. you’ve all come to the conclusion that i’m worth following and role playing with and i’ve seriously never been this grateful. thank you, i really don’t know what else to say, other than thank you. I promise i would make a bigger promo once i reached my goal, which was 1,000 followers – started from the bottom now we’re here. Y'all know the drill:

♚ R U L E S

  • must be following me. do not unfollow after the promo is over. don’t just follow for the promo either its kind of disrespectful.
  • only reblogs count. you can like the post, but i won’t count them when i randomize url’s.
  • must be an indie rp blog.
  • must reach at least 45 notes for activation.
  • ends Saturday, January 18.

♚ T H E     J A C K P O T

✘ ONE PERSON WILL GET (1st place)
  • 100 icons of their character or face claim of your choice. it can also be a cartoon as long as i find them in disneycaps.
  • your url on my sidebar for one month.
  • graphic promo like the one above, reblogged once a day for two months.
  • verse or plot of choice with me, can be from your wishlist or anything else you want to thread.
  • playlist of your choice (can be for your character or specific verse you want).
  • 50 icons of their character or face claim of choice. can also be a cartoon.
  • random screencap promos for 2 weeks.
  • thread of choice with me. can be crack, angst, comedy, romance – anything that tickles your fancy.
✘ TWO PEOPLE WILL GET (3rd place)
  • 20 icons of their character or face claim of choice, or cartoon.
  • link promos reblogged sporadically for 2 weeks.