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✨ Disney Magic ✨

✨  flower gleam and glow - rapunzel’s sun-inspired healing spell

charming beast glamour - to make you appear more charming to others

✨ ariel singing glamour -  a glamour to help your singing voice

✨ alice tear jar spell - a  jar spell to help keep you afloat in your sadness

✨ the smoulder - glamour to spark “love at first sight”

✨ once upon a dream - to share a romantic dream with someone else

✨ go to the ball cinderella - to help you go out and have fun

✨ charlotte’s entrance glamour - spell to make an entrance 

“Love is a constant force of life, through the good, the bad and the everyday there is always love.” - Stu Hopps

Hey folks here’s a beautiful piece of Art that I commisoned the brilliant @nick-and-judy-daily for and as you can see Alana has brought her A game and delievered this little beauty.

So in this image we have a few of the ships from Star of Ceartais…
Nick and Judy in top left corner, Robyn and Hannah in centre, Luna and Aleks on the top right, Kion and Jasiri in the bottom left and Olivia and her new flame Blake in the right. Feel the love folks 💞💓💕 The next chapter of Star of Ceartais drops tonight so stayed tuned 😋

nick and charlie go to Disneyland Paris together the summer before Nick leaves for university and they wear mickey ears the whole time :’)

day 10: with animal ears

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

“While I have no qualms with people liking Beauty and the CGI Beast, I do have to argue with people when they say it’s feminist. I would say its feminist friendly but the new Belle doesn’t feel new or progressive in any sense of the word. Okay, she makes a washing machine but it’s never mentioned again and I still don’t understand the whole deal with the corset. Why couldn’t the film rely on its own merits instead of trying to act like this movie is the most progressive film ever?”