Dr. Doom: Deal With It  - This was Doom’s great epic LP of 1986.  It had such hits as “Latveria, Latveria, Why Latveria?” and the crowd favorite “Doom Done Did it Again.”  I personally like the album’s namesake, “Deal With It.”  Haha.  I just had to draw this Dr. Doom piece.  I don’t really have any other reason than “just because.”  Though secretly, I’d love to do work for Marvel.

Lord Hater #1 Superstar!

I uploaded a preview of this a day or so ago. And now here is the whole thing!

A neon tribute of sorts I guess to my favorite TV cartoon of the last couple years that is sadly finishing up in the next few months.

The tumblr version of this is 1280 pixels wide!

Bigger versions (including a friggin massive 4K original upload) can be found right HERE. <– click there