"Exclusively Gay" Rumors

I’ve been seeing some misinformation floating around about Beauty & the Beast 2017 that I felt like clearing up. Spoilers for the movie.

Lefou dances with a man in drag.
False. Stanley is dressed in masculine clothing when he dances with Lefou. There’s an earlier scene where Stanley is put in a dress* but Lefou is not involved. There is no joke about Lefou “lusting after a guy in drag” - he only ever sees him presenting as a man.

Lefou dances with a nameless man in the background.
The man is Stanley of Gaston’s trio of henchmen: Tom, Dick, and Stanley. He is played by the gorgeous French actor Alex Loizon and can be seen throughout the movie. The dance shot goes by incredibly quick (2 seconds is not hyperbole) but they are the focus of it.

Lefou dancing with a man is played as a joke.
Some audience members may laugh, but it’s not edited or choreographed in a humorous way, and goes by too fast to have any comic timing.

Lefou and Stanley dance with each other entirely by accident and quickly go back to dancing with women.
To me it looks like Stanley deliberately cuts in. They look mildly surprised in an “oh my” sort of way, but there’s no fumbling or slapstick or anything like that. We don’t see them switch back and I’ve not been able to spot either of them in the final crowd shot.

Disney promoted this as an uber-progressive win for LGBT rights and expects us to crown them with ally cookies!
Not really? The director got a little too excited and overstated things, which he admitted, but it was the media that over-hyped it for clicks. The press interrogated everybody involved about it, and they awkwardly tried to downplay it without insulting the director. It was described it as “subtle”, “not a big deal”, “not in the script”, and Alan Menken refused to even talk about it.

* In a nod to the original movie, Madame Garderobe attacks Tom, Dick, and Stanley by dressing them up in dresses, wigs, and makeup. Tom and Dick are horrified, but Stanley subverts the expectation by being delighted. It is completely fair to read this as a transphobic joke, since much of the audience will laugh for that reason. However, most shippers cheer Stanley on for his nonconformity and celebrate how cute and happy he looks in this moment.


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You sat on the edge of the well, back against the wooden post, a book in your hand. Completely engrossed in the story, you didn’t notice a girl walk by and do a double take when she saw someone reading. She quietly approached, not wanting to bring you back to the current world, but wanting to meet the person who seemed to love books just as much as she did.

“Excuse me,” she said. 

With a start, you glanced up, immediately snapping the book shut and putting it behind your back in one fluid motion.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“It’s. It’s okay,” you stammered. “I was just enjoying the weather.”

“You were reading,” she said excitedly.

“Oh, no you must be mistaken,“ you started.

The girl laughed. 

“I am not. It’s not often you see someone reading, let alone a girl. I think it’s amazing”

You started at her, dumbstruck.

“You do?" 

"Oh yes,” she said passionately. “Books are what connects me to worlds beyond this one. When I’m reading a book, I feel as if I’ve left this world and joined that of the book.” She paused, looking back at you.

“Do you borrow your books from Père Robert?”

“Oh, um, no. I just recently moved here. This is a book someone gave me back in my other village. He taught me how to read, and when I went away he gave me my favorite book as a gift.” You glanced down at the book and smiled, remembering all the times you shared together. 

“Do your parents know you read?” she asked tentatively, sitting beside you. You smiled sadly.

“No. Father wouldn’t allow it. He thinks that reading is a waste of time.”

“So does everybody else in this town,” she replied shaking her head.

You glanced down, wishing that for once your father would understand.

“I’m Belle,” the girl said.


“I’ll tell you about my book if you tell me about yours,” she said lifting a book out of her basket. You nodded excitedly.

“Mine is about two lovers in fair Verona. After reading it I didn’t want to come back!” Belle started. You giggled, finding yourself completely content. You had just found your best friend.

And so it went. You sat for hours discussing your favorite books. She told you about Père Robert, and that once she talked to him he would definitely let you borrow some of his collection. She even offered to get it for you herself, so that you wouldn’t be seen with books in the village. Thus, a new friendship blossomed. Maybe together, you two could change the minds of the world. A new adventure began.

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She whipped around as the sound of tapping claws grew louder, coming to the conclusion with a strike of panic that the doors weren’t going to open. Behind her, a set of glowing yellow eyes appeared from one of the cavernous castle corridors and she let out an unwilling squeak of fear, reaching for one of the torches on the wall.

“Stay back,” she called fearfully, trying to look bigger than she was.

“Oh, stop,” the wolf replied, making what appeared to be an expression of disdain. “If I were going to kill anyone, I’d have done it a long time ago.”

Lily blinked, wondering if she’d gone mad.

“That’s true,” another voice contributed from somewhere near her knees, and Lily looked down to find a shaggy black dog looking up at her. “Moony’s been trying to kill me for several years, but he never succeeds.”

“I never try,” the wolf—Moony—said indignantly. “Believe me, if I’d tried, I’d have succeeded.”

“Are you—” Lily paused, floundering, and the wolf patiently took a seat, waiting for her to finish her sentence. “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes,” Moony confirmed. “Padfoot is also talking to you. Don’t worry,” he added. “His bark is far worse than his bite.”

“Yes,” the dog agreed, “and as for Moony, neither his bark nor his bite are much to write home about.”


Sitting down on a checkered cloth, you looked at your hand, entwined with Belle’s, and smiled. You were going on a picnic with the girl of your dreams. The weather was wonderful and you basked in the warmth of the sun. 

“Y/N,” Belle called, bringing you back from your thoughts. 


"This date is perfect,” she said turning to face you. “And I couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day. Or girlfriend,” she added with a playful smile. 

You turned away, blushing. This caused Belle to laugh, and she leaned forward, pressing a kiss against your cheek. 

With a smirk and roll of your eyes, you leaned over and rested your head on her shoulder. Completely content.

Willing to try (Gaston x reader)

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You opened the front gate of your house, the morning breeze waving you a good day.

Since you had moved to Villeneuve, you had developed a habit of taking walks around the village.

Who would think that a peaceful village like this one could transform in a lively place in just a matter of minutes: crowded streets, children going to school, and people trying to buy things without getting lost in the crowd.

As you passed the tavern, a group of men, who had drank the night away, got out from the building, the alcohol still alive in their bodies.

-Hey beautiful!-One of them shouted.

You just kept walking, hoping they would get bored.

-Want to have a good time?-Another shouted, as you picked up your pace, sensing them getting nearer.

As you tried to scurry away, one of them grabbed your wrist, pulling you to an abandoned alley.

-Let me go!-You shouted, but as you tried again, a hand muffled your mouth.

Luckily for you, someone had heard you. No one else but Gaston.

-Who is there?-He shouted, drawing his sword out-(Y/N), are you okay?

Using the distraction, you bit the man’s hand and spitted.

-Ugh!-You shouted, grimacing-Of course I’m not fine Gaston-You sighed, looking at him.

-Well, don’t worry now, your knight in shining armour is here!-He said,smirking and posing with his sword.

-I can get myself out of trouble, thank you very much!-You answered, rolling up your sleeves.

-It didn’t seem so a while ago-He said, smiling sweetly.

-You and your cocky attitude!-You huffed- You are one of a kind…

As you had the argument, the men who tried to assault you tried to punch you in the side, but you kicked his gut first, as Gaston took the others.

You were back with back, defending each other of the gang, getting pretty satisfied with the result.

After that, you tried to get back home to finish a book that you had started, yes, you shared with Belle the passion of reading, but Gaston had other plans.

-Where are you off to, (Y/N)?-Gaston asked, getting in front of you.

-My house, I have to finish a book I borrowed, it was getting pretty interesting-You smiled innocently.

-Why reading a book that you think it’s “interesting”, when you have ME-He said, gesturing to himself.

-I can’t skip it, right?-You sighed in defeat

-I’m afraid not miss (Y/N)-He said, leading you to the tavern.

-Well after saving your life…-Gaston started as you sighed, crossing your arms-I think you owe me something, how about coming to hunt with me tomorrow?-He asked you, wiggling his brows.

-Oh…I’m flattered Gaston, but you will have to try harder to get me-You said, pecking his cheek and exiting the building.

-So…Gaston, are you going to give up or…

-No, Lefou!I’m willing to try harder to make (Y/N) my wife, and I know I can do it-He said, smiling proudly-No women can stand against my charms!

You chuckled as you opened the door to the village.

-This will get interesting…-You smiled to yourself, as people opened their shops, windows and you were engulfed into the crowd of the village.

Engagement- Prince Adam

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Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Characters: Prince Adam, Plumette, Mrs Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, Lumiere

Warnings: There are no warnings but I would like to thank @neverlands-little-lost-girl for translating the dialogue into French for me. Thank you so much x 

Request: N/A

Word Count: 912

Author: Charlotte

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Imagine Chris being incredibly proud of you.

A/N: Thanks for the prompt, anon. I’ve been thinking of writing one like this for a while now, just haven’t gotten around to it. But since you asked so nicely… *Whip out my keyboard* Let’s get down to business.

“Really?” You leaned back against the kitchen bench top with the phone pressed to your ear. “Wow, that’s amazing.” You picked up your mug of green tea and took a sip, listening as your agent went through the contract Disney was offering you. “I’m definitely okay with that,” you nodded and put your mug down with a light thunk.

You heard Dodger’s scuttling feet then your fiancé’s voice, “babe?” come through from the front door. “Honey, could you come help me with the groceries?” You pushed yourself off the bench top and walked out of the kitchen. “Y/N, I could-” He stopped when he saw you- over his overflowing bags of groceries- poke your head around the corner; you gave him a small wave before pointing to the phone. “Your agent?” He asked and you nodded. “Oh, sorry.” He winced. “Don’t worry, I’ll manage.”

You reentered the kitchen with Chris following behind you, and Dodger behind him. He unloaded the bags onto the counter top then kissed you on the cheek before he began unpacking the groceries to their respective locations.


That caught Chris’ attention, he turned away from the fridge to raise an eyebrow at you. You stifled a chuckle when you saw him mouth, “you have a wedding in September.” You rolled your eyes and he chuckled softly before turning back to the fridge.

“Yeah, Chris just eyeballed me when I said September.” You told your agent, laughing softly. Behind you, Chris rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’ll work. I don’t think he’d mind postponing the honeymoon.” You joked and Chris spun around, his eyes shot daggers at you. “God, I’m kidding.” You slapped his arm, laughing.

His deadpan expression told you he didn’t find it amusing. “Can I talk to Penelope, please?” He held out his hand for the phone and you pushed it away, chuckling. “She’s going to be busy until January!” He leaned in and yelled into the phone, you winced and shied away. “Tell her you’re busy until January.”

“I think she heard you from her office,” you chuckled. “Sorry about that, Penn. Yeah, I’ll see you on Saturday. Please thank them for me and tell them I am very excited to work with them. Mm hm, yeah. Thanks, I’ll see you.” With that, you hung up.

“Please tell me you didn’t just accept a job that’s scheduled for September,” Chris narrowed his eyes, the tension visible in his shoulders. “Y/N, we have talked-” He began but you cut him off with a kiss. “I don’t appreciate you doing that,” he muttered when you broke the kiss, rubbing small circles into his cheeks.

“I just needed you to calm down so you can hear me explain things,” you chuckled softly. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to miss our wedding or our honeymoon or any big holidays. We said we’re on a little hiatus and we meant it. Everyone in Hollywood knows so relax, the job is not going to clash with anything we have planned.”

“Then what were you talking about, September?”

“The movie was scheduled to start filming in September but they’re willing to push it because they know I’m on hiatus.” You told him and chuckled when his lips formed into a small ‘o’ shape. “Relax, baby.” You pulled away to finish drinking your tea. “I would never agree to anything that would jeopardize our relationship.”

“What’s the job anyway?” He reached around you to grab the six pack of beer to load into the fridge.

You watched Chris over the rim of your mug as you chewed on your lower lip, grinning like a kid in a candy store. The thing about the two of you that everyone knew was- you were huge fans of Disney. To get a call from Disney was always something the two of you had dreamed of, and for you that dream had come true. You’d almost fainted when Penn told you and you knew without a doubt Chris was going to faint when you told him.

“What’s the job?” He repeated, glancing over his shoulder at you.

“Disney’s-” The word left your lips and he spun around, his eyes wide and excited. “They casted me as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.” His lips parted and he watched you in awe. “I got Belle!” You screamed excitedly then covered your mouth with your hands.

“Oh my God!” He threw his arms around you and lifted you off the ground as he hugged you tightly and spun you in a circle. “My wife’s a Disney Princess!” He cheered as he continued to spin you, drawing laughter from you. “I didn’t even know you auditioned,” he said when he put you back down on your feet.

“I didn’t,” you chuckled in disbelief. “They um- they knew they wanted me and- I didn’t have to. I’m going to be a Disney Princess,” you said it out loud and felt your eyes glisten with tears of joy and excitement. “Chris-” you let out a quick breath. “I got Belle.”

“And I am so proud of you,” he smiled and cupped your face in his hands. “You deserve it, you deserve this role more than- more than anyone I know. You are insanely talented and I cannot wait to see my favorite person play one of my favorite princesses.”

“I love you,” you told him.

“And I love you,” he smiled and kissed you.

Where Did You Learn This?!- Descendants (Jay)

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Could you write one for Jay from Descendants? He’s like a realy good cook and you didn’t even knew it. So when you are craving for some expensive high quality dish. He’s like: “ Oh I can make it for you.” And then he happens to be even better than a top chef.

Warnings: none?

A/N: This is short, I know, but I didn’t really think this one needed it any longer, or else it would loose its charm? Does that make sense? Anyway, ENJOY!

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«I’m hungry.» You whined flopping down onto your bed, a pout on your lips. Jay only shook his head as he sat down at the end of your bed, a goofy smile on his lips. 

 «And what would you be hungry for, my lady?» He politely mocked. 

 «That steak thing we just saw on tv.» You answered rolling around your bed like a little child clutching your stomach. 

 «Oh, I can make that for you!» Jay shot up from his seat his face lighting up like the sun before he ran out of the room, leaving you baffled behind.


One and a half hour later Jay had ushered you to the kitchen, excitement evident in everything he did, even the smile on his face was full of excitement. 

«You just sit down here.» He instructed as he pulled out a chair for you to sit on by the counter, pulling out another chair for himself on the other side. 

 Jay steadily carried a plate with what looked like the food you had been craving now for an hour and more, just like he had taken it out of a picture. 

 «One filet mignon for my lady.» He said as he carefully placed the plate in front of you. 

 You were in awe at the food in front of you, and it looked so delicious! Jay stood for a second just looking at you with a happy look in his eyes, leaning himself against one of the poles on the kitchen, before he went to get his own plate. 

 You waited until he was seated across from you to dig into the food, and when you did a explosion of tastes erupted in your mouth. This was better than anything you had ever eaten and that one first bite made you pretty sure that Jay made this better than any other chef in the world could ever do. 

 «Where did you learn this?!» You asked, mouth full of food as you spoke, but you just had to ask. 

 «My dad values a lot of things, including food.» He said shrugging, before he went back to eating his own food, looking up at you from time to time. 

And each and every time a new smile appeared on his lips, just by the sight of seeing you happy.

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I know batb are big in dramione but are there other good fairytale stories out there?

Hi, here:

Valour, chapter 72 of Amortentia by olivieblake - M, one shot -
Universe: Disney AU (Mulan)
Summary: The final of four one shots based on Disney plots. This one takes bits and pieces from multiple concepts, but is largely based on Mulan.
When Harry and Ron are forcibly taken by Grindelwald’s army, Hermione is left to survive on her own with only an orphan’s tale and a battered old hat. To find her friends, she impersonates a man and winds up with a surprising ally—a surly captain with a chip on his shoulder, who has some problems of his own.

The Bandit and the Cinder Girl By: xfsista - M, 3 chapters -
The story of a servant girl and a prince, both with secrets to hide. A familiar fairy tale with added magic and a Dramione twist. AU

All I Have Never Known by LittleSixx - M, 9 chapters -
After the Second Wizarding War, the Ministry of Magic issues a mandate requiring all magical people to marry someone of opposite blood status by age 25. The Malfoys host a ball to help Draco meet a non-pureblood witch and Hermione attends under Polyjuice. She is a social pariah after Ron broke off their engagement two years earlier. Hermione hopes to find someone tolerable and Draco just wants to get through the evening. In this tale of deception, both characters are forced to confront their pasts and their prejudice. Punches are thrown, and true love never comes without a little rebellion. (Cinderella Fusion AU)

Fairytale Love Stories by LoveBugOC - T, 4 chapters -
Inside is a collection of one-shots based on popular fairytales featuring: Cinderella, Snow White & Beauty and the Beast. Purely Draco/Hermione relationships.