what I wish I could do while sad:

-watch Disney movies

-color in a coloring book

-go outside and enjoy the weather

what I end up doing while sad:

-staying in one spot for hours just staring at my laptop screen and crying

-tell tumblr that I’m sad

I expected more from the writers. This show is declining in quality and content

After seeing both parts 1 and 2 of the Ski Lodge I have come to the conclusion that this show is going downhill. It’s cute but let’s be honest Girl Meets World is just gonna become just another basic flatlined Disney show. Sad because it had so much potential but then again I have high standards when it comes to writing.

anonymous asked:

kinda sad how disney is now relying too heavily on marvel, where there are soooo many other disney movies worthy to have their own section in DCA

I disagree with you there. Disney hasn’t used marvel in the slightest when it comes to theme parks up until this point. I would say they are using the property incorrectly here, as marvel deserves a land with new experiences and it will get that. This is just being done to get people excited for that. Consider it phase 1 of Marvel coming to DCA.