“Just remember, no mountain too high. No valley too low. No river too wide. No place too far to go (Oh, believe). Oh, when you believe you can overcome the battle is already won (Oh, just keep on). Just keep on keepin’ on.”

‘Disney’s American Legends: John Henry’ requested by lunaneko14

Ok I just saw this… And before now I genuinely didn’t know why this was the case. I assumed that it was to do with Elsa being enchanted or maybe the aesthetics of the animation or the catchy songs or something but it’s just hit me.


Project Disney (Team Kristoff) ✿ Week 5.

Sunday | Free Day: “None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath.” — Marian Anderson. [ 3 / 6 ]

Imma going lose followers and get hate mail...

But it is worth it to speak my mind about something. The fact about POCs in Disney. Look, I do believe that there should be more POCs. I really want some asain tales in Disney. But look, stop hating on Disney princesses and other characters that are white. First off, Disney was formed in 1923 and at that time, America was racist and sexist. So, of course Disney won’t have POC characters. So, stop using Disney from before the civil rights an excuse. Everyone was like that!

Now after that, yes, they still did not have a lot. What, jungle book was the first one with POCs, and that was in the late 60s. I’m not going to list all the POCs, but there are some out there. But again, America was racist for a good part of the life of disney, so they where racist too. (imange this. Disney is a child brought up to be racist but then as an adult learned it is wrong and now is trying to show love to everyone).

Now another thing which I might get the most hate for. For the love of god read all of this before you judge.

Does it matter what the color of the skin is? Look, Disney aims a lot of their movies to LITTLE KIDS. Kids who do not know true hate. Those who know nothing of people who hate them for their skin color, sex, or who they like. Don’t we want kids to have someone to look up to a relate to no matter what they look like. Frozen, for example since it is getting a lot of hate, is a great movie for kids. It shows not to be afraid of who you are (Elsa and her powers), that “true love” is not just finding prince/someone (Anna protecting her sister), and aslo, Elsa is a Queen, not a princesses like most of Disney.

In short, Disney was racist for a long time, so you cant blame them for having so many white characters. They are starting to try now to add POC. Lastly, it does not matter the skin of the person, just who they are. We want kids to look up to someone, even if they do not look like us.


Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child

“The Snow Queen”

I’m getting rather tired of people arguing that there is no way that Disney can incorporate POC into their movies because “it would be weird” or historically inaccurate.  Perhaps this is because I grew up watching HBO Family's Happy Ever After which would take traditional fairy tales and incorporate them into different cultures around the world so that the viewers could see their stories from a different perspective. Overall this show was always well done and always something that I looked forward to. 

In fact, the first time I was ever introduced to “The Snow Queen” was this episode, and as you can clearly see, they had no problem incorporating POC into an traditional story such as this. Further more, this is not the only example where I’ve been introduced to fairytales from a POC perspective before a white perspective either—the Rapunzel story I owned was about a girl in West Africa, and Cindrillion (or Cinderella, for you non-French savvy heathens) took place in the Caribbean.  

So don’t tell me that including POC people into Disney movies is impossible when it’s based off a fairy tale.  Not only does it show that you are feeding into the racist system that has been determined by Disney, but it also shows that you lack the depth and creativity to see something from a different point of view.


Project Disney (Team Kristoff) ✿ Week 5.

Sunday | Free Day: “None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath.” — Marian Anderson. [ 4 / 6 ]

I'm gonna say this again

If you TRULY have an issue with disney not making movies with POC then write them an email with your complaints.
Arguing about it with each other isn’t going to solve anything, let alone change anything.
And I’m not going to be ignorant towards our human history or disney’s history but I mean shit happens but it happened.
It’s over.
It’s done.
Never look back darling it distracts from the now.
In conclusion, shut up.
There are far more important things going on in the world right now honestly than disney’s “lack of Poc”.

Alright, so I would rather stay out of this but I think there is a very strong argument that everyone is overlooking with the Frozen/Disney PoC controversy.

You can look at this and say “oh just another white girl,” or you can see me as the girl who wanted to be dark to look like Jasmine for years, who adores Esmeralda, and who actually learned the lesson from Beauty and the Beast, that beauty lies within.

There’s a really long post about the racism in Frozen regarding - most specifically Sami culture and Kristoff. I can agree with this to a certain extent. Let’s say hypothetically that Kristoff was made PoC. And let’s assume that PoC characters should be treated the same as white characters, that aside from cultural differences, we’re the same, all of us have problems and personality flaws. Now you have a PoC character who is not a prince, is “smelly,” “bullies women” (Anna), picks his nose (and eats it), lives with trolls, doesn’t like people, is “a bit of a fixer-upper,” the list goes on. These are arguments against Krstoff that have been made by criticizers and the film itself.

But wouldn’t you be against that for your first PoC character in a while? People aren’t perfect and deciding that you have to make PoC characters perfect completely takes away from what could happen in a story. (Aladdin was a compulsive liar, and the reason for his lying is truly heartbreaking.)

Let’s take a step back from this and look at Pocahontas.

I’ve seen all of these arguments and historical accuracy of the film. And yet I don’t see any arguments about the historical accuracy of Mulan. “Oh but Mulan is a legend we don’t have the true story.” Yes, you’re right, but John Smith was a liar so are you sure you have the true Pocahontas story? Maybe you’re saying that if we don’t follow the original story we should just throw it out altogether? If so, say goodbye to The Little Mermaid, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules and a bunch of other films because they do not follow the story.

Now, I know this is a tangent, but it’s important to understand this because who here would get rid of Pocahontas (the film and the princess) entirely? Who here is willing to get rid of a PoC Princess who teaches one of the most poignant messages on humanity that Disney has created?

The summary of that tangent is that Pocahontas has a huge controversy because she is a PoC Princess. Her story is criticized because she is PoC instead of just letting it be a fairy tale like, say The Little Mermaid.

And this is important because remember when the Princess and the Frog came out? Remember how we changed Tiana’s name several times because the community didn’t like it? The community was not wrong, but more had to be put into this writing to avoid land mines. This also means we had to be more careful with the writing, to the point where, for a lot of the audience, Lottie out-shined Tiana. Tiana and Naveen couldn’t be risky, so Lottie was.

The PoC community criticized them so harshly for 1) Tiana being a frog for the majority of the film (I hated this as well, her story was unique but I wanted to see more princess Tiana too), 2) she was white washed (not black enough), 3) she was a stereotype (hard working black girl), 4) lacking in story, the list goes on.

Disney is criticized for their PoC characters so harshly (which I’m not arguing is wrong, the characters should be true to their origins), that drawing white people is more safe and profitable.


Let me put it another way. When Disney makes their first heavy and/or gay/lesbian characters, they’re probably going to be white for one big reason.

White people are safe. For the past couple decades we’ve been told that we’re racist so much that we don’t even fight back when it’s not true. If you make the first gay prince black, y'know what happens? People are outraged that Disney is saying all black people are gay. Or in the case of a heavy princess, that all black women are overweight.


If I were in charge of Disney we wouldn’t have another white princess for at least ten years. Disney would hit Egypt, South America, India, etc. I think representation is incredibly important, as is exploring different cultures. This obnoxious amount of backlash and angry, cursing scrutiny is why Disney can’t move forward. Can’t. Not won’t. Disney needs to make money, if they make a bunch of flops because the community flips out, then Disney goes out of business. It’s that simple.

Ideas for the peruvian Disney Princess/her movie

I’m just brainstorming here but I’d like to play with this idea.

-Setting: Story takes place in the Incan Empire, years before the coloners arrive. Main setting would be Cusco/the Andes/Machu Picchu, and as the movie progresses we get inside the Amazonia.

-The princess has long black hair. I like the idea of her having it loose, but at times she puts it up in a bun because long hair is a huge bother.

-Her pet/sidekick is a guinea pig/cuy. He doesn’t speak but he’s always chirping and nibbling at her asking for food.

-The princess is calm and logical. She makes decisions based on logic rather than emotions. She does have her emotional moments, though. Overall she’s cool and mature.

-She likes climbing, as a hobby. She also sews a lot of tapestries and so.

-She’s happy with her life overall and doesn’t want “more”, the adventure occurs just because one day she was curious and things went downhill from there.

-She deals with magic and the unknown, who are trying to place a curse on the kingdom and the animals. EDIT: I meant that she’ll fight against a curse put by sorcerers over the animals and the kingdom so they can be free again. I wasn’t implying she had magic powers (though that would be cool).

-She gets help by animals along her journey, including a flying anaconda and a puma/jaguar/otorongo who then forms a part of her team. (Undecided if they should speak or not). The feline is a female, though. Just sayin’.

-There’s a running gag with a pissed off llama who goes spitting everyone in the kingdom/village. The film ends with the guinea pig finally spitting at the llama for once.

-While she has both her parents, and they all care deeply for each other, she also has a brother of her same age whom they rely on each other for problems. During the journey she gets separated from her family and she has to use all her wits to get back and lift the curse.

-Maybe she falls in love with this sorta Tarzan-like man who lives in the jungle away from everyone else. They bond over their love of animals and such.

-The music will be less like the typical disney broadway showtunes and more like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3Rsl2MqrjU

-Overall, the tone and theme of the film will feel less like your typical disney film, and overall will resemble more The Neverending Story or a Miyazaki film. Lots of nature, lots of magic, lots of quiet and thoughtful moments throughout the story.

I was babysitting a little girl the other day and she pointed to the television screen while we were watching Sofia The First.

“Look,” she said. “You look like Sofia and Princess Cleo looks like me!”

Sofia The First has so many POC characters; granted they aren’t the main, central characters, but unlike some Disney films where POC are kind of scattered in the background, these characters have speaking roles and names.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate Disney’s step toward POC inclusion; how wonderful for the children like the girl I babysat, who see princesses on TV who look like them.


Project Disney (Team Kristoff) ✿ Week 5.

Sunday | Free Day: “None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath.” — Marian Anderson. [ 6 / 6 ]