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Speed Drawing: Elsa of Frozen by Diana Diaz

If anything, watch this video for the sick Let it Go remix. 

~ Juliette


Just various clips from Frozen playing to Let it Go. A new picture is seen and new footage of Elsa and her powers! Check it out!

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[Please do not repost without permission by me]

Hi!!! This is my drawing of Queen Elsa from Disney Frozen!!!

I had already uploaded this drawing but it was painted with pencils, now it’s digitally painted!!!

I love Elsa her powers are beautiful!!! :)

I hope you like it!!! 

Shopping with Daddy
  • Kitty:Daddy!!!! There's a Build a Bear Workshop!!
  • Daddy:No, kitten.
  • Kitty:But-
  • Daddy:No!
  • Kitty:
  • Daddy:
  • Kitty:....but can't we just look? Pleeease?
  • Daddy:No, darling.
  • Kitty:Just a tiny little look?
  • Daddy:No, kitty, because you know as well as I do just looking turns into buying a new one or three.
  • Kitty:*guilty look*
  • Daddy:
  • Kitty:
  • Daddy:*sighs* Come on, let's go to the Disney Store...

So I sang to the Let it Go instrumental and then my Mum was like ‘I wanna film it!’ and then this happened. 

My mum does not know what reblog means exactly but she encourages it to happen. As do I, haha. 

Sorry for the very loud laugh before the song begins.