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Speed Drawing: Elsa of Frozen by Diana Diaz

If anything, watch this video for the sick Let it Go remix. 

~ Juliette


Just various clips from Frozen playing to Let it Go. A new picture is seen and new footage of Elsa and her powers! Check it out!

Hi!!! This is my drawing of Queen Elsa from Disney Frozen!!!

I had already uploaded this drawing but it was painted with pencils, now it’s digitally painted!!!

I love Elsa her powers are beautiful!!! :)

I hope you like it!!! 

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Disney-Inspired AUs

After binge-watching Disney, I decided this was important.

  • Person A is Cinderella, and B is the prince. Least favorite characters are Cinderella’s step-siblings and step-parent.
  • Put person A of your otp and a small group of their friends in the same situation Duchess and her kittens were in, (meaning they were lost and couldn’t get back home). Person B is Thomas, who helps them.
  • Put your otp in The Little Mermaid. For bonus points, add another creative reason for them not to be together.
  • Like in Tarzan, A has been in isolation until B, (+group if wanted), finds them.
  • Person A is Snow White, their friends/not-actually-related-family are the Seven Dwarves, and B is the Prince. Antagonist is the Evil Queen (duh).
  • Ratatouille related, C is the friend who helps A achieve everything, but B gradually starts teaching A as well. 
  • Person A is the optimistic underdog, and B is the assumed bad guy who can’t catch a break. (Zootopia) 

Part 1?

Elsa (Art Pack 4) 

An awesome Patron commissioned me to draw Elsa!  Had so much fun doing this and imagining ice and snow on a really hot day.  lol  

Elsa is the final piece in Art Pack 4, which will be coming out at the end of this month/beginning of next month, so if you want in on this pack, jump over to my Patreon while you can.

Enjoy!  <3


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So I sang to the Let it Go instrumental and then my Mum was like ‘I wanna film it!’ and then this happened. 

My mum does not know what reblog means exactly but she encourages it to happen. As do I, haha. 

Sorry for the very loud laugh before the song begins.