look at me - i will never pass for a perfect bride

so i know i already made a retold mulan post but i just LOVE MULAN SO MUCH so here’s another

in the original myth mulan isn’t really a clumsy fish out of water. she’s strong and smart and the reason she goes to war is because she’s the most qualified person in her family to fight, regardless of gender.

so how about this: mulan’s a fighter. she knows exactly who she is, like in the original myth, she’s knows how to be the blossoming flower and the great stone dragon. she’s still mulan though, so she still doesn’t memorize the silly ways she’s supposed to be a good wife and has little patience for appearing graceful while pouring tea. she’s innovative and courageous and beautiful, but no one is under any illusions about what kind of wife she’ll be.

and the matchmaker is the matchmaker for the li family as well, for this great big part of china. and general li wants his son to be married before he goes off to war, wants his son to have a reason to fight to live, like a wife waiting for him. and the matchmaker reads the stars and the tea leaves and the astrology charts, and no matter what all the signs point to one thing: the honorable li shang is destined to marry the insolent, arrogant fa mulan.

the matchmaker isn’t going to let that happen, she refuses to be responsible for that disaster of a wedding. so she sends her most beautiful girls, the ones that are obedient and quiet and know their roles, the ones that are eager to marry into the li family.

and each of them are entertained and met and sent back. shang is many things, but smooth isn’t one of them, he has nothing to say to these quiet girls who smile at him, feels large and awkward around their polite smiles. so he and his father go to the matchmaker’s village, shang reluctantly and his father to demand she stops messing with them and provides a proper bride.

it’s on the day that mulan and the other girls are parading in the street. shang sees a girl - mulan - hurry into the end of the line, jumping over a bench and darting around a careening wagon to get there, and stifles a laugh.

then there’s no reason to laugh at all, because a group of huns have decided that this village is in their way, and attack.

everyone scatters, women hide, children hide, and most of the men do too. shang and his father join the fight with some of the other men who hadn’t hid, and these men are starved, clearly not with shan yu, so even though they’re outnumbered they’ll likely win.

shang sees a hun go to attack the girl he’d seen earlier, the girl for whatever reason hadn’t run and hid. the hun raises a sword above his head to strike her down, and shang is so sure he’s about to see this pretty girl lose her head.

but she doesn’t. instead she rolls out of the way, and pops up, headbutting him in the stomach. she takes his sword from his now-slack grip and plunges it into his chest. without hesitation or pause the girl joins the fight, swinging the sword expertly and cutting down every man who stands against her. soon they’re fighting back to back, and shang has never felt more in sync with another person. she cuts off the head of the last hun, and shang has never seen anyone more beautiful than this girl, dress ripped and make up smudged and covered in blood that isn’t hers.

“mulan,” one of the other girls says, peaking out of a store front, “is it over?”

the girl, mulan, looks out over the dozen dead men and says, grimly, “it’s barely begun.” she searches the crowd, finding and old man and yelling, “gather the bodies, we’ll burn that at dusk outside of the village. everyone else,” her eyes sweep across the gathered people, and shang is struck by the fact that this girl isn’t well liked. there’s anger and disapproval in many of the faces, but they’re listening. these people don’t like her. but they do trust her. “let’s clean this all up. these were bandits, not soldiers. there’s nothing more to fear.”

“what if there are more?” the other girl asks, arms wrapped around herself.

mulan raises her stolen sword and says, “then i will slice them to ribbons. this is our village, and this is our country. any who would try to take it from us - from me - will suffer the consequences.”

and it shouldn’t be comforting, hearing words of violence from this young girl, yet everyone around them relaxes, and gets moving, gather the bodies and tending the wounded.

“who are you?” his father asks, and someone who doesn’t know him might think he was angry, but shang can tell he’s impressed.

mulan turns to them and bows, “my apologies. i am fa mulan, daughter of fa zhou. thank you for helping us.” she stands, and shang meets her eyes for the first time.

he swallows, and blurts out, “you - you fight good.”

his father coughs to hide his laughter, but mulan’s eyes crinkle at the corners. “thank you. you do as well.”

and they just keep standing there smiling at each other until his father claps his hands and is like okay - they’ll have to report this to the emperor, no time to dawdle, have to go now.

so they take their leave, and shang thinks this is the last time he’ll see fa mulan.

except there’s still the draft, and this time mulan doesn’t take no for an answer, won’t hear of it. her father is injured and old and she is young and fit to fight. she will go in his place.

so she arrives at the camp, prepared to pretend and lie - except she goes to meet her commanding officer and it’s him, that boy who had fought with her. shang’s eyes widen, but they’re in front of too many people. he can see it on her face, her fear, and she hadn’t shown any fear when she was facing down over a dozen huns, but she does now. so he makes his choice and says nothing, pretends he buys her story.

she tracks him down that night and demands an explanation. he says this war is too important to kill good warriors, whatever gender they are. he swears to keep her secret. mulan is his best soldier from the beginning, and means to treat her like anyone else, but it’s impossible. she isn’t like anyone else, is strong and smarter and braver than them. they argue tactics, and she’s the only one who can give him a workout in hand to hand, and he doesn’t have trouble finding his words with her. he finds himself falling in love with her, but doesn’t say anything. she’s not here for love, she’s here for a war. he vows to say something if they survive this, but it’s unlikely that will happen.

they head to the front earlier. they get there in time to provide back up for his father and his army, and it’s a loss but not a slaughter. his father is too distracted to notice ping is the girl from the village. all he knows is this soldier had led the second wave of attacks, and it was thanks to her any of them were alive at all. they prevent half of the huns from getting through the pass, but that’s still an army heading for the imperial city. the general is injured, so mulan and shang lead the army after him.

they find him at the mountain, and just like before mulan uses the cannon to destroy the army. she knew it would spell their death, but it was worth it, for her people, for her country, for her family. this time it’s shang that won’t accept her death, that tries to drag her unconscious body to safety. only he fails, and mulan becomes buried under the snow.

they return to the city, and shang is besides himself - the woman he loves is dead, she saved them all and she’s gone, and he’ll never recover from this. only he can’t tell his father this, their friends. they think he mourns a friend, not the woman he wanted to make his wife.

except mulan survives, and sees the other huns as well. only she kills them there before they can get to the city, and decides this is for the best. fa ping dies honorably in battle, and fa mulan is free to return home to her family.

so general li decides that it’s time to go to that matchmaker again, and demand she stop playing games. the matchmaker confesses that she thought the bride was unsuitable, and the general demands she send her anyway.

so mulan has barely had the chance to settle back home when the matchmaker shows up at her door saying she’s sending her to see a potential husband, but not who. so mulan shows up all made up to li household and shang drags himself into the room, already resigned to a loveless marriage, when they see each other. “mulan?” he demands, and his father is all pleased because it’s the fighting girl from the village.

but then his son starts crying and they run to each other. shang picks her up in his arms and she clings to him, and shang is babbling about how he thought she was dead, and mulan is so overjoyed that she’s with shang, and shang wants her, that she kisses him without explaining.

except now shang’s father demands an explanation. so they give it to him, the whole story comes tumbling out, and he stares hard at her, and remembers her as ping, the brave soldier that had saved them all. he’s not upset - he ecstatic. he goes to the emperor and tells him everything, and the emperor officially offers mulan an officer position in the army. she accepts, as long as shang is by her side. shang seconds this, and they set in motion the plans for the wedding.

fa mulan and li shang get married and lead armies and live happily ever after, just like the stars intended.

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Best Moments of Descendants 2
  • Jay’s manbun, boy, fuckin’ werk! I could stare at your pretty face all day
  • Carlos’s new look. Son. Yes.
  • Lonnie being team captain 
  • all of Carlos’s comedic timing 
  • Dizzyyyyyyyy bless youuuuuu
  • Space Between GAYYYYYYY
  • Harry has no chilllllll (probably dated Uma, probably would date ben, kissed a boy during the dance, probably bi, definitely crazy)
  • Oooooh, Gill, precious child
  • Ben and Evie’s friendship strong
  • Evie and Mal’s “friendship” (gay gay gay gay)
  • but also Evie/Doug was super cute
  • Carlos/Jane made me smile so hard
  • Fuckin’ Chad using their printer and leaving the keys every time god yes
  • Just, like, the hints into the Isle kids’ backstories (Carlos and his mom, Evie’s fear of being stuck on the Isle)
  • Carlos sitting everyone down for “girl talk”
  • Evie cashing in on her favor immediately and saying bring the isle children over yes queen
  • “subtle” jaylos and malvie
  • ben and uma boat talk (kinda made me ship it a bit. ship. it. ha.)
  • jay’s epic stunts/flips/fights/everything
  • Mal’s momma still a lizard (but what happened to her after Mal returned to the Isle? where did the lizard go???)
  • evie running her own fashion empire right in her own dorm room with doug by her side (doug knowing she doesn’t need him, but glad that she loves him). please make dizzy your business partner.
  • Chillin’ Like A Villain. yup.
  • every single shipping possibility. because. there was just so much, so many, i’d honestly be happy with just about any ship.
  • just, the core four being there for each other no matter what. so pure.

Yeah, the movie was okay, I guess.

Abandoned by Disney

(warning: very long story)

Some of you may have heard that the Disney corporation is responsible for at least one real, “live” Ghost Town.

Disney built the “Treasure Island” resort in Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas. It didn’t START as a ghost town! Disney’s cruise ships would actually stop at the resort and leave tourists there to relax in luxury.

This is a FACT. Look it up.

Disney blew $30,000,000 on the place… yes, thirty million dollars.

Then they abandoned it.

Disney blamed the shallow waters (too shallow for their ships to safely operate) and there was even blame cast on the workers, saying that since they were from the Bahamas, they were too lazy to work a regular schedule.

That’s where the factual nature of their story ends. It wasn’t because of sand, and it obviously wasn’t because “foreigners are lazy”. Both are convenient excuses.

No, I sincerely doubt those reasons were legitimate. Why don’t I buy the official story?

Because of Mowgli’s Palace.

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Apartment AUs
  • “haha sorry for knocking at your door at like 6 in the morning on a Saturday but i’ve got a job interview in less than an hour but you happen to be right next door and my shower is broken so could i please use yours i smell like death” au
  • “so hey i heard the opening to my favorite show that i haven’t seen in forever playing somewhere in the building and i tracked it to you so can i watch it with you or what” au
  • “my cat ran in here at 3 in the morning and i’m really sorry he made himself comfortable on your face while you were sleeping but hey i guess thats what you get for leaving the door kinda open” au
  • “i was singing one of the cheesy duets from a Disney movie and i guess you heard it bc ur singing the other part so we’re both going with it ok cool” au
  • “you always ask me for book suggestions for some reason so one day i just grab ur hand and drag you to the library and we kind of have this thing of going to the library together every week from then on” au
  • “i accidentally broke into ur apartment bc i was hella tired this morning and i swear it was an accident please don’t call the police” au
  • “oh my god can you please not scream so loudly when you get mail like jeez you do that every day- wait is that a limited edition figurine lemme see” au
  • “ok so my dumb friends bet $2 that i wouldn’t ask you out and get you to say yes but i’m really desparate for some M&Ms from the vending machine downstairs and ur actually really cute so please take pity on my poor soul” au
  • “so its 1 a.m. and you’re prancing around my floor in full out cosplay and singing my favorite anime theme song in Japanese and I want in” au
  • “i kNEW YOU WERE THE ONE STEALING MY NEWSPAPERS EVERY DAY HAH I FINALLY CAUGHT YOU- oh man wait are you crying crap wait i’m so sorry please i’ll let you take all of my newspaper for the rest of our lives if you please please stop crying” au
• “I’m really sorry you had to see me like this stranger but would you mind helping me out of this trash can” AU

What a night! I was honestly a bit nervous and excited (well seeing that I was rooting for Wander’s nominations). So here are my overall thoughts.

Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Children: ADVENTURE TIME

Best Directing for a TV/Broadcast Production: PEARL by Patrick Osborne

Best Character Design for a TV/Broadcast Production: TROLLHUNTERS - Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres and Jules Rigolle


Ouch! Well, so much for trying to sway more on Wander since it’s still cancelled. Well, I guess Disney doesn’t want to bring it back just because it lost all of the Annies.


Originally posted by gollageek

I don’t think it’s that over, Wander fans. Remember, just because we lost doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s alright that it lost to these three other noteworthy shows that do have much hard work like ours.

Trollhunters getting a few wins seemed a first for a Netflix series (well okay it’s made by DreamWorks Animation, and Anton Yelchin’s death did build its own support system), plus Pearl’s Directing win was pretty obvious since they thought he had much bigger creative juices in exploring different formats including Google Spotlight Stories. And as for Adventure Time, I guess animators and artists liked the more experimental episodes nowadays since it had a stop-motion bit that felt funny and well-crafted (correct me if I’m wrong). So congrats to them, and be sure to thank them and support their works too!

And the MOST important thing to also remember: Disney doesn’t care whether their shows or films win an award or not (but at least a win does boast extra recognition, hence why they focus more on their films like Zootopia and Moana than their animated shows). And Wander Over Yonder NOT winning any of them DOESN’T affect their thoughts on whether it’s still noteworthy to revive based on the wins. They can only decide by the influence of its MONEY, REVENUES, RATINGS, SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ, and CHANGE OF MANAGMENT if any exec is interested in Wander and the creator as well.

Let’s not forget some things here:

The Annie Awards (as well as many Award Shows) are just a popularity contest, not a big factor in the studios and execs’ thoughts on what to do with these works that get many wins or have none at all. They do however use the wins to boast publicity and morale to the studio and company, but not necessarily on whether to bring it back or not. The money is what the companies expect the most above everyone else. Whether the show makes lots of revenue, they would pay attention to secondary support (the fans, the buzz, etc.). But if not, they know they got other shows to fill in unless something of a financial/big support buzz shows up through mails and petitions plus purchases that they may reconsider a bit.

So Wanderers, don’t let these loses turn you down from continuing to #SaveWOY. And please DON’T send inappropriate comments/messages to the winning artists/animators and shows just because they beat Wander. They’re in the same boat in making animated shows just like the Wander crew as they are into other shows in the meantime. Instead, give them a kudos to their hard work and also support them if you want to.

So let’s move on from the Annies, enjoy the other parts that you may have had a blast seeing one of your favorite shows or films win at least an Annie. Or that their nominations are actually much more than just a waiting list.

Originally posted by pasdeseul

And let’s continue our efforts to #SaveWOY for the many days, months, and years to come!

But hey, at least Wander still won 3 Annies throughout its original run, including The Breakfast!


anonymous asked:

2p's at Disney World (you know you want to answer this question, hehehehe~)


2P Italy: how the fuck did anyone manage to get this guy to Disney World?? anyway, he’d dress up as some villain from a Disney movie and go around scaring poor innocent children until the Disney worker people heard about it and called the cops

2P Germany: rides every single roller coaster, flirts with all the Disney workers dressed as princesses……possibly buys himself a Cinderella dress, puts it on, and runs around wearing only one shoe

2P Japan: again, how the fuck did anyone get this guy to agree to go to Disney World??? well I guess he’d ride only the scariest rollercoasters, but mostly he’d sit down on a bench somewhere and stare at shit on his phone until he could leave

2P Romano: yeah this guy legit walks into the Disney princess dress store and buys himself a Sleeping Beauty dress (“I liked the style of the Belle dress, but yellow is just not my color”), then runs into a bathroom somewhere to change into the dress and put on makeup. A lot of kids mistake him for one of the Disney workers dressed as princesses so he ends up letting like 34189374 people take pictures with him

2P Prussia: best day of his entire fucking life, I swear to god—- he feels so at peace as he sees all the happy families hanging around and he ends up riding all the roller coasters and staying at night to see the fireworks (omg he’s the only one who does normal Disney stuff while he’s there)

2P France: tbh he probably stays in the hotel room and watches porn. He might go to the dress store and buy himself a tiara, for some reason??

2P America: eats a bunch of food and then goes on a roller coaster, vomits all over a bunch of kids, ends up being escorted off the premises

2P Canada: wanders around aimlessly until he just goes in a bathroom and sits on a toilet while he watches Grey’s Anatomy on his phone

2P England: gets himself a tiara and a magic wand (also known as an overpriced stick with a star on one end), then runs around gently hitting kids on the head with the wand and saying “bippity boppity boo”

2P China: after he smokes weed in a bathroom, he goes on the same rollercoaster 6 times, buys himself an inordinate number of stuffed animals, and throws his entire wallet into a fountain while saying “dis better be enough to make mah wish come true muthafucka”

2P Russia: accidentally scares a bunch of kids by looking too serious, ends up sitting on a bench alone, feels pretty sad until one kid runs up to him and starts talking about how they want to grow up to be big like him one day awh

I can not express how important Inside Out is.

Because it’s a movie aimed primarily as kids that has awesomely diverse female representation when it comes to personalities, as well as beautiful animation, explains minds and emotions and memories and all that stuff in a way children can easily understand, passes the Bechdel test in like the first ten minutes, and stresses the importance of your own personal mental and emotional health.

This is a movie with a female protagonist (who enjoys both rainbow unicorns and hockey) that tells kids that if they’re feeling out of sorts, if they’re feeling sad or angry or afraid or disgusted, that’s okay. That’s normal. And it’s telling them to speak up, to tell someone, to express what they feel, because bottling up your emotions - putting on a brave face when you really need to cry - only leads to more pain.

Inside Out teaches kids that it’s okay to feel and that is so, so, so important.

Twisted In Love (D.T) Part 5

Summary: Y/N is an up and coming YouTuber. Grayson falls in love with her, and wants her to be his. Little did he know that his twin brother Ethan had the same idea. Who will win her heart? Who’s heart will get broken?

Word Count: 4,982

Warnings: None.

A/N: So far this is the longest chapter in the whole series!  Gabi ( @sniperdolan ) & I are having so much fun writing this! Yes we’re horrible people & you guys probably already hate us, lol! But thank you so much for the positive feedback! We’re so glad you guys like! Also let us know who you want the reader to end up with! Are you team Ethan or team Grayson?

* * * *

Ethan’s POV

“Um Ethan. You might want to see this…” Aaron said, showing me something on Twitter.

It was Y/N and Grayson. Together.

* * * *

Aaron showed me a picture of Y/N and Grayson. They were together at Disney World. I guess fans thought it was me, because I was going through my Twitter, and saw that I was getting tagged in a bunch of them.

@EthanDolan and @YourTwitterName are literally goals af! #YouandEthanShipname

@EthanDolan took @YourTwitterName to Disney World. My mom can’t even get my dad to take out the trash! #YouandEthanShipname

@YourTwitterName & @EthanDolan looks so happy! #YouandEthanShipname

After a few of the same pictures, one picture caught my attention.

It was a picture of them. Y/N was wearing a pair of glittery Minnie Mouse ears, cheesing like a 5 year old eating on some cotton candy. Grayson was standing behind her with his hands placed on her hips, while he was kissing Y/N on the cheek. 

When did @EthanDolan get highlights? But him & @YourTwitterName are still cute. #YouandEthanShipname

I didn’t get highlights. That wasn’t me. That was my twin brother Grayson. With my girlfriend! I guess Grayson thought if he wore his Ray Bans, and threw on a snapback people wouldn’t recognize him. 

How could he do this? How could Y/N do this? 

These pictures were taken today, meaning he was with her last night when I was FaceTiming her. Was that why she was acting so weird? Did they sleep in the same bed? Are they sleeping together? Y/N and I haven’t even done anything more than make out. Every time I tried to touch her or make a move, she would just pull away, or tell me she would want to take things slow. I obviously had no problem with that. But I couldn’t help but wonder if my girlfriend has been touched by someone else. By my own twin brother. A mixture of betrayal, and anger flooded through me the more I stood there thinking about this. 

“Yo E, you good bro?” Aaron asked, pull me from my thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m going to head home. Talk to you later bro.” I said before dapping him up.

I got in the car, and started to drive back to the apartment. As I was driving all these things started coming to mind. Like how Y/N been acting really weird lately. Like when we were out getting ice cream, she seemed off. She said she was sick, but I’m thinking maybe she wasn’t. Grayson’s been acting weird too. Like how he randomly asked where she was that night when I came back from dropping her off at her place after our ice cream date. Then he left that night, and never came back, and when he did he packed a dufflebag, and his Gucci backpack. For fuck sake, I took them to the fucking airport together!

I pulled up to my apartment, but I didn’t get out. I was driving myself crazy with all these thoughts. What if she’s been cheating on me with Grayson this whole time? Is that why she doesn’t want to tell me she loves me? Is it because she loves him? I punched my steering wheel, furious at the thought of this whole situation. This was so fucked up. I took my phone off the aux, and went to call Y/N. After hitting the phone button, I quickly pressed the end button. I wasn’t going to tell her anything. I had a better idea.

I opened up my Twitter app, and found Tana’s page. I clicked on her message button, quickly typing up a DM.

EthanDolan: Yo. I need to talk to you. Call me. 310-657-1521

I closed out of the app, and locked my phone. I pressed the start button on my car, cutting off the engine, before getting out to head up to my apartment.

I had just walked inside, when my phone started ringing. It was unfamiliar number. Thinking it could’ve been Tana, so I answered. 

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey, it’s Tana. You wanted to talk to me?” she said, on the other end of the phone.

“Yeah I-” I was started to speak but she cut me off.

“Does this have anything to do with how Grayson and Y/N were at Disney World all hugged up?” she asked, 

“How did you know that was Grayson?” I asked a little confused. I mean apparently nobody else was able to figure out that it wasn’t me.

“I fucked your brother enough to be able to tell you two apart just by looking at a picture.” she said, laughing on the other end.

I started by telling Tana about how I thought she was suppose to be in New York with Grayson, because well that’s what he told me. According to Tana they haven’t even spoke to each other since he broke up with her. I explained to her pretty much the whole situation. She was pretty amused by the whole thing. We talked a little more, and came up with a plan. 

Looks like Tana and I are heading to Playlist Live Orlando.

* * * * 

Reader’s POV

Grayson and I were at Disney World, having the best time. We met all the princesses, rode on almost every ride, and we ate a shit ton! I was glad that their weren’t many fans here. Probably because the were all at Universal Studios waiting to meet the performers. I mean we saw some outside when we were coming in, but I guess no one noticed that it was Grayson because everyone was shouting Ethan’s name. He had his hair pushed back into his snapback, and some Ray Bans on so people couldn’t see his face. We held hands, snuck in a few kisses here and there, it honestly was the perfect day.

Of course I feel bad. I feel like complete trash. But I was really enjoying my time with Grayson. The feeling I feel when I’m with Grayson is a completely different feeling from when I’m with Ethan. Yes Ethan makes me happy, but as wrong and fucked up as this situation is, being with Grayson feels right. I probably should break up with Ethan. In fact I’ve been thinking about it, because he doesn’t deserve this. But what am I suppose to say without crushing his heart? 

God I’m a horrible person.

The park started to get a little crowded so we decided to leave. Plus I needed to go see some people over at Playlist, to go over the schedule for tomorrow. 

The uber pulled up in front of the hotel, and I cursed under my breath at the site of fans all over the front door, and inside the lobby of the hotel. Grayson heard me, and looked up to look out the window.

“Shit!” he cursed. 

“Do we just run inside or wha-” he started talking but I cut him off.

“We can’t go out there together Gray!” I said, throwing my head back in my seat.

“You might pulled it off at the Disney, but I doubt you can fool this many fans!”

We decided that I would go out by myself, and he would have the driver drive around to the back, and he can enter the back entrance of the hotel. I got out the car, and closed the door. Fans started running up to me, with their phones out snapping pictures, and recording videos. 

“Where’s Ethan?” a fan asked, holding out her iPhone to take a picture.

“Oh. He had to go do something.” I replied, as I bent down to take a picture with her.

I said hi to a few fans, and took a few more pictures. If I could stay and talk to every single one of them I could, they honestly were all so sweet! As I was walking up the stairs of the front door, I heard a fan scream something.

“The pictures of you and Ethan, were so cute!” 

Pictures? Fuck there’s pictures! What pictures? 

I walked back down towards the fan, and asked her what pictures she was talking about. She opened up Twitter, and showed me a few pictures of Grayson and I at Disney. Some of them were just of us standing there at the ticket booth. Okay that’s not bad. But than she showed me another picture and my heart stopped. It was a picture of us standing by the ferris wheel. I was smiling eating my cotton candy, and Grayson was standing behind me with his hands placed on my hips, kissing me on the cheek. Fuck!

I gave her a hug, and went into the hotel. The security held back the fans inside the lobby, so I had a clear path to the elevator. I blew kisses to everyone, and walked into the elevator. After pressing number 5 on the keypad, I pulled out my phone and opened my Twitter app. My mentions were filled with those pictures. Everyone was tagging Ethan in the pictures. Wow people really did think Grayson was Ethan. I couldn’t help but wonder if Ethan saw these already. I went on his Twitter, but he hasn’t tweeted anything since the other night. I looked through his likes to see if he had liked anything, he hasn’t. But than again, if he did see those pictures, why would he like them? A loud ding, broke me out of my thoughts, and the elevator door opened. 

I stepped out of the elevator, and walked to my room. I used the key card to open the door, and Grayson was laying on the bed scrolling through his phone. 

“We have a problem!” I said, shutting the door behind me. 

“What happened?” Grayson asked, sitting up on the end of the bed looking concerned.

“Have you been on Twitter today?” I asked, walking over and standing in front of him.

“No. I haven’t been on my phone all day.” he said, pulling me into his lap, and placing a kiss on my temple. 

“Why babe?” he asked, tucking some of the hair that fell over behind my ear.

I pulled up the pictures on my phone to show Grayson. 

“These are all over Twitter.” 

“Everyone is tagging Ethan in it.” I said, giving Grayson the phone.

“Why would they tag Ethan?” Grayson asked, confused. 

He’s joking right?

“BECAUSE THEY THINK IT’S HIM YOU IDIOT!” I screamed snatching my phone back, a little annoyed. 

I tried to get off Grayson’s lap, but his strong muscular arms pulled me back down. Keeping them wrapped around me. 

“Do you think Ethan saw the pictures?” I asked, meeting my eyes with Grayson’s soft hazel ones. 

“I don’t think so. I mean I’m sure he would’ve called me if he did.” he said.

“But what if he does Gray! What do we say? I don’t want him to find out this way. I need to tell him. I’m going to go call him.” I said, removing myself from Grayson’s lap.

“No.” Grayson said, grabbing my arm.

“We’ll talk to him when we get back. You don’t need anything to stress you out. It’s your first time at Playlist.” he said, pulling me towards him. My back against him.

“Let’s just enjoy it.”

“Together.” he says as he places kisses down my neck.

I guess Grayson he was right. I guess it makes more sense if we talked to Ethan together. A part of me still wanted to talk to him first, but I didn’t want to stress myself out, and then have the fans pick up on the negative vibe. We decided that when we get back, we were going to tell Ethan everything. Let’s just hope that happens before he sees the pictures.

Ethan’s POV

I was able to book Tana and I a flight to Orlando for this afternoon. Our flight leaves at 2:30 so we would probably get there around 7:00 or 7:30. 

I finished packing my bags, and sat down in the living room waiting for the Uber. As I was waiting I was on Twitter, seeing if there was any new pictures of Y/N and Grayson. I kept scrolling past a few tweets say how good I looked today in a snapback and sunglasses. Yeah, too bad it wasn’t me! I scrolled some more and saw a picture of Y/N. It was just her. She was in front of the hotel taking pictures with fans. Anger ran though my body, thinking about how her and Grayson have been lying to me this whole time. If they wanted to be together they could’ve just told me. 

My phone notification went off, letting me know my Uber was downstairs. I threw my back pack over my shoulder, grabbed my duffel bag and started heading down to the car. 

When I got in the car I texted Tana, letting her know that I was in the Uber, and we were on the way, to get her. The whole point of going to Orlando, is to basically call them both out on their shit. No not right away. I’m going to play it cool act like I don’t know anything, and that I’m just there to see Y/N and hang out at Playlist.

Grayson said he was in New York with Tana, because they got back together. But knowing Grayson, he would just come up with another lie to cover up that lie. So that’s why I invited Tana. So Grayson wouldn’t be able to lie. I mean how can he when Tana is in his face. As far as it goes for Y/N. Hopefully she tells me herself that way I don’t have to bring it up. I honestly don’t want to. I don’t even know how I’m still so calm about this. Yes half of me wants to kill Grayson, but I don’t know maybe we can fix all of this before anyone else gets hurt. Or in my case more hurt.

* * * *

Tana and I made it out the airport pretty easy. There weren’t any fans hanging out inside or outside. I guess their were either all that the hotel or Universal Studios waiting to meet all the performers.

We got into the Uber, and began heading towards the hotel. The closer we got, the more anxious I was feeling. I don’t know what I’m going to say to Y/N. I mean I know I said I would play it cool like I don’t know anything. But what if I can’t. What if I get so angry that I just snap? I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize we were here.


“Hey Dolan!”  Tana’s said, shaking my shoulder trying to get my attention.

“We’re here.” she nodded her head at the window.

I look out and the front of the hotel was crowded with fans. I couldn’t let them see me. If they see me than the pictures would end up on Twitter, and I didn’t want Y/N to know I was here yet, and I didn’t want her to know Tana was here either. If I want my plan to work, than they needed to think I’m Grayson. I grabbed my beanie out of my duffel bag. I put on the beanie, and quickly pulled the hood from my hoodie over my head, pulling it over my face a little. Tana got out of the car first, with me following behind. The security came outside and helped us through the crowd. The whole time walking to the door of the hotel, I kept hearing everyone yelling Grayson’s name. Do we really look that much alike? Jesus. 

Once we got into the hotel, Tana got her room, and went upstairs. I pulled off my hood, and my beanie and walked over to the reception desk. 

“Hey, I’m Ethan Dolan, Y/N Y/L/N boyfriend. I don’t know if you remember us or not. But I forgot our room number, and she’s out going over her schedule for the Playlist live performance tomorrow,  so I can’t call her or anything. So are you able to give me the room number?” I asked the lady. She looked at me and laugh before she started typing on her keyboard.

“I remember you guys. My daughter took a picture with you guys the first day you guys came. Remember?” she said, her eyes on her computer monitor.

“Oh. Yeah, sorry. It’s been a long couple days I-” I said before she cut me off.

“Oh no your fine. I understand. Now did you want a key card or just the room number.” she asked.

Without even thinking about it, I asked for the key card. She handed it over to me, and I thanked her before heading over towards the elevator. I looked at the card and the room number was 5044. I clicked the number 5 on the elevator key pad, and waited for my stop. 

The elevator dinged. The elevator doors opened, and I walked out onto the fifth floor. Tana was also on the fifth floor but I think her room is down the other side of the hall. 

“5037… 5038… 5039… 5040 …” I counted the hotel room numbers in my head, as I walked passed them. 

“5043… 5044…” I stopped right in front of the hotel door. I held the key card up to the slot, but I didn’t slide it through. What if their in there together? What if I open the door to something I don’t want to see. 

Reader’s POV

I had just woken up from probably the best nap I’ve ever had. These hotel mattresses are the most comfortable things ever. I lifted Grayson’s hand from my waist, so I could reach the night stand for my phone. Immediately feeling his hand back on my waist and pulling me back towards him.

“Stay.” Grayson said, in his raspy sleepy voice.

“I’m not going anywhere. I was just trying to check my phone.” I said, making him pull me in tighter.

“You don’t need it.” he said, planting soft kisses down my neck, and down to my shoulders.

He removed his hand from my waist, and cuffed my cheek, lifting my face up to meet his. He licked his lips, and connected them with mine. I felt the tip of his tongue tracing over my bottom lip. I parted my lips, and our kiss deepen. 

We were in the middle of a pretty heated make out session when there was a knock on the door.

“Ignore it! Maybe they’ll go away.” Grayson said, pressing his lips back on mine, kissing me again.  

“You have no patience do you?” I chuckled, as I pushed myself off of him. I got out the bed, and walked over to the door. I peek through the peek hole checking to see who it was before opening the door.

When I saw who it was, my stomach turned. It was Ethan. 

Ethan’s POV

I knocked on the door.

“Surprise!” I cheered, wrapping my arms tight around her. 

My eyes roamed the room. Both sides of the bed were messy. The pillows weren’t fluffed, and the sheets were wrinkled. Letting me know someone else was in that bed with her. Someone as in Grayson.

“Ethan! What are you doing here?” she asked wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I got bored back home, so I decided I’d check out Playlist this year. And because I miss you.” I said, kissing the top of her forehead. I would kiss her on the lips, but to be honest I have no idea where they’ve been.   

“I missed you too E.” she lied. She didn’t miss me. She had Grayson with her keeping her company. She has barely texted me since she’s been here. 

I walked inside the room, and the strong, familiar scent of cologne hit my nose. Grayson and I wear the same cologne for crying out loud, so of course I knew what it was. I needed to play it cool. So I walked over to the bed, and I noticed something on the chair by the balcony. It was Grayson’s Gucci back pack. I could feel my blood boiling at this point. He’s in here. Where the fuck was he?

“Grayson’s here?” I asked, pulling Y/N down onto my lap. Waiting for her to lie.

“Uh yeah! He got here like an hour ago. He thought you were with me for some reason. But you weren’t… So… He said he’d drop his stuff off here, so he could go get a room. Then come back to get it.” she lied. Wow I never knew what a good liar Y/N was until now. Because that was almost convincing. Too bad I already know what’s been going on. But I’ll play along.

“That’s weird. I told him I wasn’t coming here with you, so I wonder why he thought that. And I wonder if Tana’s here if since he’s here.” I said, pretending to sound confused.

“Tana?!” Y/N asked, a little pissed. Clearly Tana’s name set off something inside of her. 

“I mean why would… Why would Tana be here?” she asked again. This time a little calmer.

“Well Grayson told me they got back together, and that he was going to New York to see her. That’s why I dropped you guys off at the airport together.” I said, my eyes on her the whole time.

She didn’t say anything, she looked at me and smiled at me. I gave her a quick kiss, and told her I was going to go and try to “find” Grayson, so we could room together. I told her I would let her have the room together, because I didn’t want to cause any “distractions”. I left Y/N’s room, and went down to the lobby to get a room.

Reader’s POV

As soon as Ethan left, I closed and locked the door behind me. I went to the balcony where Grayson was hiding, and told him to come inside. 

“Tana? Really? You were going to New York with Tana?” I asked, crossing my arms. I knew it was a lie Grayson made up, but still why did he have to use her?

“It was the only thing I could think of to say, so Ethan wouldn’t question me.” he said, placing his hands on the small of my back. 

“Obviously I’ve been here with you the whole time!” he said, tilting my chin up giving me a kiss. It felt kind of weird. I was making out with Grayson, than his brother also known as my boyfriend, comes I kiss him, and now I’m kissing Grayson again. I felt so disgusting right now. 

“Well he saw your back pack, and asked if you were here…”

“I told him you just got here, and that you were looking for him. But he wasn’t here so you went to go get a room. Soooo you better put on a shirt, and go downstairs, and act like you were getting a room or something.” I said, but Grayson moved his hands down on my butt, pushing me into him. 

“Since he’s here he’s probably gonna try to spend time with you. Meaning we can’t spend time together.” he said, before kissing my cheek, and planting soft kisses by my ear.

“I’m not ready to give you back yet.” he whispered softly into my ear. Giving it a little nibble. 

He placed a finger under my chin tilting it up. Our lips connected, and I could feel his wet lips melt onto mine. My hands on his chest, and he slide his tongue on my lips, and I gave him full entry to my mouth. My hands slipped around his neck, as I felt his tongue meeting mine. His hands moved to my hips, guiding my backwards to the bed. Him hovering over on top of me. With one elbow on the bed beside my head, as he kept his body over mine. Our kisses became faster, and sloppier, but still pleasurable. His free hand squeezed my hips, as he was kissing and sucking my neck at the same time. Light moans started escaping from my mouth, and I felt Grayson smiling as he was devouring my neck. 

“Are you going to answer it?” I asked, trying to push myself up with my elbows.

“No… I’ll… Call… Them… Later” he said, while he was planting kisses over the throbbing part of my neck. I swear to god if he leaves a hickey!

“What if it’s Ethan.” I said, knowing that would get Grayson to stop and check his phone.

“Fuck!” Grayson, groaned. I was right, it was Ethan. Grayson was pissed. He ran his hand through his hair, and sat down on the bed, before calling back his brother.


“Yeah, I got here about an hour ago or so…”

“Yeah, meet me in the lobby.” he says before hanging up the phone. 

“I gotta meet Ethan in the lobby. I guess I’m getting a new roomate.” he said, grabbing his back pack, and duffel bag.

“Talk to you later?” he asked, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I nodded and opened the door for him. 

“I love you.” he said, and gave me a quick peck on the lips before leaving the room.

I shut the door behind me, and threw myself on the bed. What the hell is going on? I’m cheating on my boyfriend with his twin brother, and now he’s here. I wanted to talk to Ethan, I knew I had too. But Grayson and I agreed to wait till we got back. I’m starting to think waiting isn’t a good idea. Ethan’s here. What if he ends up seeing the picture? Or what if fans say something about the picture? Fuck. What do I do? How did things get so messy? It’s like one big twisted love triangle. Like we’re all twisted in love

* * * *

I woke up to my phone ringing beside me. I didn’t even remember falling asleep. I checked my caller ID, and it was Grayson. 

“Hello?” I said, still half asleep. 

“So Ethan’s sleeping, so I’ll be at your room in a sec. We’re like down the hall.” he spoke lowly on the other end. His voice sounded a little weird, but I’m guessing he was whispering since he was still in the room, and didn’t want to wake Ethan up. Unlike Grayson, Ethan wasn’t really a heavy sleeper.

“I’m too lazy to get out of bed, so use your room key.” I said before hanging up. I hung up the phone, and checked the time. It was 2:00 in the morning. Jeez how long did I nap for? I remember Grayson leaving to go meet Ethan, and next thing I know it’s 2:00 in the morning. I noticed I had a few messages, so i decided to check them. A few of them were from Grayson, and a few were from Ethan.  

Ethan: Babe, we got our room. It’s down the hall from yours ;)

Ethan: Are you sleeping?

Ethan: Y/N!!

Ethan: Babe?

Grayson: I miss you already. Ethan’s being annoying. 

Grayson: We got out room. But I’ll come by tonight, when Ethan falls asleep.

Grayson: Can’t wait till this is over, and you can finally be mine. 

Grayson: Well you are mine, just not in the right circumstances.

Grayson: I love you.

I locked my phone, plugged it on the charger, and placed it on the night stand. All of this was making my head hurt. I’m tried of lying, and sneaking around behind Ethan’s back. I’m going to talk to Grayson when he gets here, and tell him that I’m going to talk to Ethan tomorrow in the morning. Because this isn’t right. It was never right to begin with. But he deserves the truth, as much as its going to hurt I needed to tell him. 

500 Followers and Thoughts on The Loud House Fandom

Well I finally made it to half a 1000 followers. This is unreal. THANK YOU FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. <3 I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for you guys this time. I was on vacation for 4 days, but I’m still here with ideas, even an animation I plan on starting soon of the Loud House characters. 



….I like drawing the Loud House, I like being part of the community, I love meeting new people. The problem is….the fandom war itself. You probably figured that….;p

When the Loud House premiered the first time in 2016, I knew for a fact, “OOOOOOOH. There’s going to be a LOT of rule 34 art with these characters.” And I knew it wasn’t going to bother me much because I don’t draw that kind of stuff AND I don’t need to…even though I’m called a cute suggestive artist (it rubbed off on me lol). I won’t draw….inter….*pukes*. I draw for me. I draw romance, comedy comic, regular comic, and whatever comes to mind. I posted something in May last year then stopped posting since, until I decided….I’ll give it a try again since the Loud House changed me as a person to appreciate animation again. I came back following my fav artist such as @jcitricpache​ and safe house blogs. As an anime/manga artist, yes, I WILL FOLLOW HIM NO MATTER WHAT HE DRAWS. HE’S A SEMPAI. <3 

The more I kept posting, the more people came to me from both sides. I didn’t know some of them drew rule 34, but until I did, I was like…”Oh. Ok.” Then I move on. 

Now as time went on…I noticed…some things were a little weird with both sides. Some blogs posted works from several artist who drew rule 34 or Loudcest stuff, but it was in a way that called them out on it, and I was like “Wow….that’s something new.” Lemme be honest….that kind of stuff ONLY STIRS MORE PROBLEMS THAN HELPS and it shows. As it kept happening, both sides began to quarrel with each other by drawing suicide stuff to some of the safe blogs and some safe blogs calling even neutral artist horrible people because they ship Lincoln with one of their siblings and them having sin children. I didn’t even know sin children was a thing. I’m kinda behind on stuff since I’m really an introvert. You know how that makes me feel as a person who adores the Loud House? It makes me feel uncomfortable. Not because of the rule 34 or peoples opinions, because you guys are attacking each other in a way people are afraid to join the fandom. Although MikeInel and Luna Loud probably helped it gain more popularity. THANK YOU MIKE AND LUNA. Now….I don’t really like seeing….certain types of pics from rule 34, but some of them I talk to…I must admit it…. and they understand and they are okay with me being a mainly safe artist. 

Another thing I don’t like is how, new people who come to the fandom have to automatically pick a side. Tumblr use to have a safe search thing on the mobile app which blocked a LOT of NSFW, but they got rid of it….IDK WHY. Now it’s easier for people to see NSFW and yeah…I can understand if you’re uncomfortable. I cringe at little  and say “WHY….?” or “w….ow…..(sarcastically)” at some pictures, NOT ALL OF THEM, but it doesn’t affect my life forever because I move on. You know, when people ship Lincoln with his sisters, I tend to take it in a different way like “maybe this is an alternate universe where they’re not siblings and they fall in love? Or maybe they’re married into the family to become siblings-in-law because there’s no illegal thing to marry a sibling in law. Hence my Ronnie Anne Dream comic. BTW ronniecoln still my otp. Maybe for those who see Loudcest so horrible, think of it as….and alternate universe? IDK I’m trying help both sides as much as I can, but I know I can’t. Maybe take it as a Shock Humor essence such as Family Guy or other shock humor shows…and if that doesn’t work….just….ignore it…skip past it quickly?. IDK I’m just putting some ideas to stop this bickering some how. Though I know it won’t work ;p Is there some way to ship lincoln with his sisters/ vice versa without the incest tone?

ONE MORE THING…with me as an artist who loves the Loud House and a person who draws anime, my art might end up looking suggestive in some ways. I felt afraid when someone asked if one of my pictures was Loudcest when it wasn’t. And….I want to draw how I feel. I want to tell stories through comics. I want to enjoy what I love. Some people even asked me, what do I think about Loudcest? *SIGH* i’m lucy now….that was a question I never wanted to get, but I guess I’ll say something…I take it as….maybe it’s an alternate universe/AU where they’re NOT siblings…and also…I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DRAW EVEN IF I CRINGE A BIT. I move on with my happy life. I travel, I spend time with friends, I go to the mall, I go to festivals, and I take caution to who follows me, I don’t let it affect my life forever.  DRAW FOR YOU!


 No….I’m not a republican….What does that have to do with drawing?????

 I want to have fun drawing more pictures of the Loud House…even some yaoi that’s tame. one of my most fav artist draw a bit of yaoi. But she’s a fan of certain animes so…. And if you’re a safe person still saying “FUCK THE LEWDCEST/LOUDCEST ARTIST! THEY’RE PEDOS!” I guess Disney has those problems, too.

Aladdin x Jasmine, Ariel x Eric, Snow White(how is she 14???) x Prince Florian, Aurora(Sleeping Beauty) x what was that prince’s name? And Grim Fairytales. The Renaissance times god dang it. Yeah….I know. Times change…and they still are. Just hope they don’t add LGBTQ “P”….eww.

 And if both sides want to keep arguing…do it quietly please…I don’t want to feel like I have to take a side because of what I draw. It’s made people too toxic and that’s not healthy, especially for the young people who love this show, too. Those block list/blacklist, not healthy. Calling out other artists’ creative freedom…even if it’s ronchy (which is why the NSFW tag exist), not healthy. Making suicide pictures of safe blogs, not healthy. Bullying, harassment and whatever fits to that from both sides, NOT HEALTHY! 

REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS BOTH SIDES, YOU BOTH LOVE THE LOUD HOUSE. BOTH SIDES BRING IN NEW FANS, SAFE OR PERVERTIVE, and it only helps the Loud House get more fame. That’s what brings more happiness to the show’s development and they give us some things we want, such as Clyde’s Parents, Luna’s Bisexuality, and others. If you guys keep bickering…it could ruin a great show and a great experience.

In conclusion….BOTH SIDES….enjoy the Loud House in your own way….OTL. *moan* and….FBI? WHAT? THAT’S NEW…THEY’RE TOO BUSY WITH MORE IMPORTANT STUFF. I’m going back to drawing.

 And if you have a reason to disagree or want to discuss more things that bother you, feel free to message me privately. I will gladly talk to you to see your point of view and I’m a nice person….too much of a nice person. You can message me if you feel like you’re in a terrible mood because of this fandom. *open arms*

Thank you again for the followers. even if I lose some from this post….; . ; jk. You have the right to unfollow me if you must….U _ U sob…don’t go lol

See you guys later with another picture.

helloitisistephen  asked:

Are there any books or movies that you think would make a great musical?

I think a full musical adaptation of “The Princess Diaries” would be rad. It’s a  great Cinderella story, yet it’s young and fresh. I loved, loved, loved the books. And I rather like the movie. I guess Disney owns the media-adaptation rights? So…it could almost be Disney’s answer to “Heathers” – a musical about high school, popularity, screwed-up romances, mean girls, and trying to figure out who you are…but, like, with less sex and swearing and murder, and therefore more family-friendly. Yet, it also has shades of a modern-day “My Fair Lady”.

It could be cheeky and sarcastic and fun, with the bonus drama of trying to become royal while also becoming an overnight celebrity. The songs could be more rock-and-roll and pop-ish than Disney’s other shows (which sound very…musical theatre and very Disney). I can imagine Mia with several mini-reprises of a song where she’s monologuing into her diary. I can see the big make-over reveal quick-change happening mid-song. Michael’s band playing onstage! A self-aware learning-to-waltz song! Boris playing the violin in GT class, and her starting to sing along to it about her insecurities! 

Also, I’d love to see WOC playing Mia and her mom. Also, I want Libby to be unapologetically fat. And can we bring back Tina Hakim-Baba from the books and have a Muslima girl on Broadway? AND of course, Mia’s very cool trans neighbor. We’re cutting the dog, though (as an SM, I will never advocate for dogs on stage because they are a pain).

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