The more explanations people add to that Helsa post, the less I understand. Everything Hans did for Elsa during the big confrontation at her palace was all done with his best interests in mind, not hers. I just think this is one of those deals where people are reading waaaay into something. Either that or they just couldn’t accept the big twist and wanted him to remain good, which personally I believe to be one of the single best moments in Disney history. 

I guess the popularity of Frozen has led to more discussion about the villain? You don’t see people begging for redemption of Scar, or Lady Tremaine, or Frollo, or Gaston, or Maleficent (even though Disney decided to give it to us anyways). Could be because Hans isn’t defeated in the traditional sense, he’s merely shipped home to be punished by his own family. A lot of Disney villains meet their death at the climax of the film. I dunno, I honestly didn’t think so many people would get snippy at me.

I understand that you people forgive Hans (it’s in human nature to find intrigue in fictional antagonists) but I certainly don’t understand how Elsa and Anna could forgive him. I seriously doubt Jennifer Lee would go through with that. But that’s just me, I just wanted to start a dialogue not piss people off. I have no problem with your ships I just think it’s unrealistic to think Frozen 2 will go down that route. 

Ok I just saw this… And before now I genuinely didn’t know why this was the case. I assumed that it was to do with Elsa being enchanted or maybe the aesthetics of the animation or the catchy songs or something but it’s just hit me.

“Have you ever experienced moments of self-doubt, Admiral?”

Pellaeon shrugged, although the motion was useless considering Thrawn’s gaze was still directed out the viewport, and the room was darkened enough that even if the Grand Admiral had been focused on him Pellaeon doubted he could have seen. “Many times, sir. It seems to be a frequent part of human nature.”

“Mm.” Thrawn shifted, resting his forehead on the transparisteel barrier that separated him from open space, and his eyes slipped closed as he felt the cold pressure ease the dull throbbing in his temple. “It is a rare occurrence for Chiss. Or at least, for myself. Although I find myself doubting even that recently… He expressed his own misgivings then, after all.”

Pellaeon had the distinct impression that Thrawn was mostly talking to himself, and merely allowing Pellaeon to listen in. He considered moving closer as a gesture of support, but Thrawn’s state of undress was already making this awkward enough. “…Have you been drinking, sir?”

Thrawn inclined one hand towards a table near the inner wall of his quarters before drawing a knee up and lacing his fingers together over it. Pellaeon’s eyes followed the motion to the table to see a mostly-empty bottle of Forvish ale next to an equally empty glass. “Ah. Perhaps you should rest, sir. It has been a long day.”

Thrawn nodded, but made no move to get up. “Thank you, Admiral. For… attending my brother’s Sending Ceremony with me.” 

“It was an honor, sir. From what you have told me of him, he was a good man.”

“A better one than I.”

Pellaeon would have protested that, but decided against it. There wasn’t much he knew he could say that would ease his commanding officer’s freshly-reopened wounds. He let the silence between them grow, his discomfort growing along with it. His desire to support his grieving Grand Admiral kept him rooted to the spot, even if he didn’t know what he could do to ease Thrawn’s pain.

“I miss him, Gilad.”

The words were so quiet Pellaeon almost doubted he had actually heard them. Thrawn’s face was as passive as ever, but Pellaeon had known Thrawn long enough to see the deep sadness welling up from inside him. Swallowing his discomfort, he crossed the room to stand by his Grand Admiral’s side. He reached a hand up to gently squeeze his shoulder, letting his gaze join Thrawn’s in wandering through the cold glitter of the distant stars. 

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ok but what about nico watching the disney hercules movie and pointing out how 1) it didn't happen like that 2) hercules is a dick 3) zeus?? good humor?? 4) the underworld looks nothing like that, wtf?

okay but what about Will or Jason leaning over and whispering “is Hades really like that though” and Nico going very, very quiet before muttering, “no comment.”


in zootopia, if all types of animal live in the same city how the carnivores eat? i mean, if they are going to buy meat, where does this meat come from anyway???? they have like a antelope farm where they kill them and take the meat??? i mean, wouldn’t this be illegal some sorta? they can’t just raize their own children there to kill, right??? this would be so sick omfg

Miserable Falls: Ford

Decisions, decisions.

At first I had Ford filling the roles of Champmathieu (the man who is mistakenly arrested as Jean Valjean) and Marius’s grandfather:

Ford is a respected scholar who takes in a young boy he found living on the streets to be his apprentice. He comes to care about him like a grandson/great-nephew, as well. He doesn’t expect the upcoming revolution to be successful and wishes Dipper would focus on his studies, instead.

When he meets Dipper’s long-lost sister, he notices that her father looks familiar. Years ago he was wrongly arrested - turned out he looked nearly identical to some escaped criminal named Stanley Pines. Suspicious, he encourages Dipper to do a little investigating. Maybe Dipper uncovers bits of Stan’s past and confronts him before Stan himself can come clean, like in Not What He Seems.

And maybe, seeing how impressed with Ford’s work (like in The Stanchurian Candidate) and generally thrilled not to be living in such seclusion Mabel is, Stan suggests she stay with Ford and Dipper while he “goes on a journey.”

BUT, on the other hand…

…there’s no one I like better for Javert.

He’s equal but opposite (if that makes sense) to the Valjean character, he’s devoted to a cause (sometimes at his own expense), he’s misguided yet sympathetic, he can’t understand why people would go out of their way to help him, he holds on to things from the past, he’s had to deal with realizing he’s been wrong for years, and…he wears a long coat.


I have no idea. Someone asked for 5 Norways. The top two rows are just practice with different animation styles. First one more like, Disney, I guess. Second more like classic cartoons. Then bottom row is actually something I was never going to finish or post, but I figured, I guess. It was a thing where Nor was tutoring Den and he was just daydreaming about him instead of studying.


Sorry for not arting so much. I’m not studying art anymore, so none of this is necessary, but I figured that if there is a demand for it, I’ll always love drawing and love creating things for people! I just hate working on something for 20 notes. 

Does anybody think they’re marketing this film well???

It could just be me, but I see no real hype for this movie outside of tumblr. I think Frozen AND Big Hero 6 got a lot more marketing because the themes of the film could appeal to a lot of audiences (broadway musicals, comic heroes brought to life). I guess Disney doesn’t consider furry films to be as worthy of such attention.

Like maybe it’s just me, I could just be pulling this out of places where the sun doesn’t shine. But even running this blog- I don’t feel the hype. Something says to me that Disney doesn’t have enough faith with this final product as they did with their last 2 movies. I know Kung Fu Panda 3 is doing VERY well so maybe Zootopia can reel in lots of money and 5 star reviews.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Maybe they want more people to see Moana instead because they know that kind of film will always attract more attention rather than hyping a less expected film like Zootopia.

i know furries and animals are a common theme in disney movies but i guess having a really cute and strong-willed female lead who is an anthro character as a bonus is really nice for once
ive never been so excited for a movie

Girl Meets...It’s Complicated

I have school tomorrow (for the first time in a little over a week and half–maybe two weeks) and instead of y’know looking over my homework or maybe going over the reading–aka things that a semi-responsible student might do–I chose to spend my time trying to map out the various relationships between a bunch of children on disney channel show…because that’s just my life now, i guess. mainly because i’m curious and also because i wanted to see if the results resembled any of the possible shapes mentioned in this post.

I ended up using the free trial version of LucidChart and an hour or so later have the following two charts:

Chart #1:

So idk how or why, but my first attempt ended up revolving around Farkle…so that was interesting.  Anyhoos, it’s pretty self-explanatory–actually, this one is a bit complicated…

I’m just gonna make a key…

So you can see for both Rilucas and Lucaya I used both “love” and “like” arrows, and that was because i was going by what characters have explicitly said…either about themselves or others.  And then I decided that this was enough of a clusterfuck already…let’s just go ahead and add a place-holder for any season 3 outside love interests for either Lucas or Maya…so yeah. That’s chart #1.

Chart #2:

Chart #2 I created with the purpose of it revolving around Riley and i tried to keep the “triangle” structure as much as possible…the only instance where that kinda failed was the lucaya-joshaya triange…but i really don’t care because it’s joshaya *blows raspberry* and i had to make room for the love-interests that you just know we’re gonna be tortured with next season…

And then, again, because it wasn’t already complicated enough, I decided to include pure friendship in this second chart.

Okay, this took me a lot longer than it should’ve… I’d love to hear what you guys think and god forbid if i somehow missed something, please, please, PLEASE let me know!

So tumblr was stupid and didn’t post this…let’s try again.