A Complete List of Disney and Pixar Animated Horses With Names (as of 6/28/15)

(1929) Horace Horsecollar

(1940 Fantasia) Pegasus

(1940 Fantasia) Baby Pegasus

(1941 How to Ride a Horse) Percy

(1948 They’re Off) Old Moe

(1948 They’re Off) Snapshot III

(1948 Melody Time) Widowmaker

(1949 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) Cyril Proudbottom

(1949 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) Gunpowder

(1950 Cinderella) Major

(1951 Dude Duck) Rover Boy #6

(1959 Sleeping Beauty) Samson

(1961 101 Dalmatians) The Captain

(1970 The Aristocats) Frou-Frou

(1991 Beauty and the Beast) Philippe

(1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame) Achilles

(1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame) Snowball

(1997 Hercules) Pegasus

(1998 Mulan) Khan

(1999 Toy Story 2) Bullseye

(2004 Home On the Range) Buck

(2007 Enchanted) Destiny

(2010 Tangled) Maximus

(2012 Brave) Angus

(2013 Sofia the First) Minimus

(2013 Frozen) Sitron

(2013 Frozen) Kjekk

Someone on DA suggested I make a poc centaurette to make up for the lack of color in the original group. At some point in the movie there was a little black centaur, but the way she was portrayed was very racist (and I think she was edited out later on for that very reason). My starting point was her design, but somewhere along the line I erred away from it :)

The Signs As Disney Horses

Aries: Maximus from Tangled

Taurus: Bullseye from Toy Story

Gemini: Prince Achmed’s Horse from Aladdin

Cancer: Khan from Mulan

Leo: Shang’s Horse from Mulan

Virgo: Destiny from Enchanted

Libra: Samson from Sleeping Beauty

Scorpio: Angus from Merida

Sagittarius: Philippe from Beauty and The Beast

Capricorn: The Mice from Cinderella

Aquarius: Captain from 101 Dalmatians

Pisces: Prince Eric’s Horse from The Little Mermaid

tbh Philippe was the real mvp

he knew the way back from the castle and was galloping through the fields like the majestic stallion he is and then when he goes back to the castle again he heads straight to the stables for more hay

not to mention he stayed with Belle when she whacked wolves with sticks while taking out a few on his own you go horsie

little things to notice in the new Ducktales 2017 trailer!
  • In the fireplace scene, there are copies/replicas of famous Carl Barks paintings!
  • Scrooge has both an umbrella and a sword in front of his fireplace. Atop appears to be an old-timey radio.
  • Webby has shot an arrow through her Quacky Patch doll - in fact, the room has several arrows and daggers. She also appears to have a Mr. Peabody plush among her toys.
  • you can spot glomgold!
  • the ghost that scrooge slides under has a horse with no head
  • making it a
  • wait for it
  • /inhales/
  • Headless Horse Man
Disneyland Meme

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Main Street U.S.A.: A favorite Disney memory

Adventureland: A ride that used to scare you and now like or A ride that no one could convince you to get on

Frontierland: Wildest thing that ever happened on a trip to Disneyland

New Orleans Square: Favorite Disney food

Critter Country: Your favorite character you like to see on your visits

Fantasyland: Favorite Disney costume you wore or Fave Disney outfit for the parks

Tomorrowland: If you were an Imagineer, what would you add to the park and why?

Dapper Dans: Favorite Disney song

Disneybound: Your favorite Disneybound look or a look you’d like to do in the future

Club 33: Something on your Disney bucket list

Buena Vista Street: Favorite mode of Disney transportation (ex. Horse drawn trolley, omnibus, Disneyland Railroad, etc.)

Hollywoodland: Have you ever seen a famous person at Disneyland?

Condor Flats: Favorite under appreciated attraction

Carsland: Make me choose between two attractions

Pacific Wharf: Favorite photo OP spot

Paradise Pier: Ideal picture pose or expression for rides with cameras at the end

1901 Lounge: Favorite restaurant for special occasions and why