SO here is my debut for D23’s “Disney Geek” video series. In this episode I talk a little about the inspiration behind out new “Art of Ariel” collection, Glen Keane. Enjoy! :)


Disney’s D23 Expo 2013 was incredible! This year I was part of two signings were I got to meet hundreds of amazing people. Saturday morning after meeting with Ariel and Eric before the launch of the new “Art of Ariel” collection, I got to see the premiere of the new “Disney Geek” video I got to be a part of where I talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the new Ariel collection. After that it was time to start signing for fans that were already lined up including a mother and daughter that won the silent auction featuring a one of a kind piece I helped create just for the event of Ariel and Flounder. It was a great way to spend the morning with fellow artists Gerald Mendez, Quincy Sutton and Enrique Pita , who also helped create amazing art and vinylmation for this new collection. Even Designer Ariel showed up for the occasion! :) From there I had just enough time to run over a catch the Disney Legends award ceremony to see Glen Keane receive his award. If anyone was ever a Disney Legend in my mind, it’s Glen. His work continues to inspire me every day.  Sunday was time for my signing at the “Art of Tink” exhibit. Artists from around the company were on hand to sign special lithos that were created just for the event. I was of course nervous that no one would attend. But to my surprise, so many fans turned out, including a few who I follow on Tumblr! I had a blast and will share more real soon! 

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