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#31 - play off of #1

When Triton and Percy get kidnapped and held hostage for the other gods to find, the monsters didn’t expect percy to be able to sing.

He sang a lot of disney.


Like this boy sings nothing but Disney.

“We Know the way” from Moana, “Turn up the Music” From Lemonade mouth, “Part of your world” from the little mermaid.

Triton eventually sings along with Percy and the monsters ended up going insane from the charmspeak Percy accidentally laced into his voice.

Thanks to that charmspeak, the other 7 found the demigod and minor god in Mount Rainier and they escaped (without blowing the lid off of the volcano)

Lemonade Mouth teaches us that we are all equally important and that we should fight for what we believe in and never give up. It also shows the importance of friendship and teamwork.

Geek Charming teaches us that popularity is not all it’s cracked up to be and what really matters is having true friends who will always be there for you no matter what, unlike the fake friends who would be willing to leave you. It also shows that you have to really get to know a person before judging them.

Frenemies teaches us the importance of friendship. It shows that every friendship has its ups and downs but, if it’s a true friendship, things will work out in the end.

Radio Rebel teaches us to speak up and stand up for ourselves. It shows us that we are all equals and that there aren’t people who are better than others. It tells us to be ourselves and be proud of who we are because, usually, we are not as alone as we feel.

Let It Shine teaches us to be who we are, do what we love and never let others decide for us. It also shows that lies bring a lot of trouble and that we should be true to ourselves and the others and believe in ourselves.

Girl vs Monster teaches us that, even though it’s really hard, we have to face our biggest fears eventually. It shows that everyone is afraid of at least one thing, but that we should all gather enough courage to conquer those fears.

Teen Beach Movie teaches us to do what we believe is right for ourselves and not what others want us to do. It shows that we don’t have to do what people expect us to do, we should do what we love and what makes us happy. It also has some feminist messages, telling us that girls can do anything that boys can.

This is for the people who say that the new Disney Channel movies don’t have any meaning or messages. Please think before you say those things.


it’s because even though his dad never paid him mind, he still had a strong role model, and a women none the less

-Disney was a big part of how he was shaped to veiw other people, even though he still is a cynical little shit, he understands that people are something to value

-He’ll hum Cinderella songs sometimes, wanting to get away from his own “evil step mother”

-relates a lot to the beast, his anger and defensiveness for one

-this gives him hope sometimes, maybe someone will finally be a belle and help him

-one time, on one of his sadder days, David caught him singing Disney songs to himself. He didn’t tell anyone he saw this.

-He secretly makes a lot of Disney references, but he’s just so subtle about it no one notices. Well, except David, he’s a Disney geek.

-first time Gwen found out they were both obsessed with hunchback of Notre Dame, not at the same time of course, she almost died from surprise. I mean David yes, but MAX? Liking a KIDS movie? Nah
Even if he claimed he only liked it for the death and subplots, she knew better.

-David, Gwen, and Max all snuggle to binge on Disney movies and hot chocolate

My love for BatB will never die

I’m not kidding, I have waited so long for this movie to come out, even when they have Mulan and little mermaid and Aladdin and all the live action movies, of coarse I’ll love the hell out of them but not as much I do with BatB. This is my second favourite Disney movie and my favourite princess and prince. The only live action that might top this for me would be Tarzan and that better be one hell of a cast, but I have a feeling we have a long time waiting for Tarzan.