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Further thoughts on Lord Dominator...

What can be said about Lord Dominator from Disney’s Wander over Yonder that people already haven’t said before? I dunno honestly cause most of the times most people have already said what I think of her too. Ever since her grand reveal at the end of the season 2 San Diego Comic con trailer, people and fans fell in LOVE with her.  And of course I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get why. As a character she’s surprisingly energetic, quirky, and just plain adorkable. But as a villain she’s cold, aggressive, but what makes her dangerous most of all is how competent she is to the point she’s genre-savvy. Unlike most villains in the show have their own trait of flaw as to how they are defeated, Dominator is almost perfectly aware of most things and knows either how to stop em or just knows when not to give a crap. And when her motivations for conquering planets were realized as more of a means to destroy everything, it definitely boosted up her threat entirely as she THRIVES on the excitement on destroying those in her way, all I can think of is…why?

Now I don’t mean in the context of the show if there is some MAJOR complicated plan, after all, she is the villain and unlike the others who want power to control others, she seeks to destroy for fun. But that’s just why I’m asking this, why DOES she want to destroy for fun? What started this to be her motive? With Hater it made sense, without going into a lot of exposition we get that there’s the possibility that Hated is insecure with himself and he’s conquering planets as a means to compensate for it and Hater’s been getting great development in the 2nd season. But Dominator? Aside the whole thing about wanting to destroy the galaxy for shits and giggles, I just feel like it CAN’T be just that aside building up her threat to dwarf Hater in comparison. Which also leads me as to 2 key points that I keep thinking of as of late and is a combination of theory and critical failure of her plan at least how I see it.

1.Inconsistency of her powers

At first it wasn’t really a big deal as we bought that lava was her element and power, much like Hater’s was lightening…that’s somehow green, then again Maleficent always had green flames even as a dragon. But for a while we never got much until My Fair Hatey again. We’ve actually seen her outside the suit just for a bit, but does that mean her powers only comes from the suit and not herself as a whole? Maybe it does go to show sometimes that clothes make the superman…though still not sure about the whole tights thing…But anyways, aside that thought, her powers then raise even MORE questions when she managed to adapt to the Frostonium at the end. When it seemed that she was just about defeated that it even got her scared, but then…NOPE! Stronger than ever! 

This is one of the reasons why I WISH there was more explanations about how her character works. There are theories going around that she is connected to her ship as if it was some sort of symbiote, which would explain why she’s in her ship more of the time and we’ve seen her rarely outside except for 2 times where she was. So it could be considered that the main core is the source of her strength and power, but also her weakness…which we still don’t know if that’s the case cause we don’t know squat! Many on the internet (mostly childish men…) would scream mary-sue if that was the case but even Dominator has flaws cause the creators knows it. But this Diabolus Ex Machina only just leaves us scratching our head. Nothing wrong with her being strong, LORD NO, its just for a guy like me, a little explanation never hurts to help believe the threat that she posses, cause sometimes you can only get so far with just action.

2. The end game of her plan

Now this is where my head just goes a mile a minute when thinking about her end goal plan to destroy the galaxy. In one hand, its her way to declare of how she’s the greatest in the galaxy. (That seems to be a thing in the show, being “the greatest”, is that like the One Piece of WOY?) And in the other, she just LOVES to see people and planets die before her eyes. But that leads to the problem when there’s no one else to show her how she IS if she succeeds with her goals.

Her motives in a way reminds me of three villains, Carnage from Spider-man for the glee she invokes upon the destruction of everything in her path with her raw power

Cell from Dragon Ball Z for the strong sense of pride she has in herself to be the greatest there is

And with a hint of Kefka Palazoo about some possible insanity

Some would say that she just moves on and starts all over again (what is she a borg?) But then what would she do after destroying that galaxy? and the next? and the next? and the next and so on?  Eventually she would be left empty and all alone with NOTHING TO DO! Her self earned title of “greatest in the galaxy” would be for nothing with no one to know it other than herself! Her ultimate plan will have a hollow victory!

And if I may borrow some words from Linkara:

But what are you going to do? You will be the greatest, neato! What’re you going to do to pass the time? You will have destroyed -everything-, and I do mean everything. You will not just be the only being in the universe, you will be the universe! So… whaddaya gonna do -as- the greatest in the universe? Will you create things? Well I suppose you could just to destroy them and then you’d be back to being alone again to be the greatest, I ask: what are you going to do once you’ve completed your goal? WHY do you want that goal? And when you destroy everything, what are you going to do next!? What is your purpose when your purpose has been fulfilled?! What will be your meaning when you have made the ultimate achievement?! Is being ‘the greatest’ just an end in itself? Well that can’t be it, since you would be the only person left, and are therefore that title would be null and void!

So go ahead and destroy everything in your path for your futile quest to be the greatest! “Dominator better! Best villain!”, In the end, you’ll still have the same damn problem: that’s there is no challenge left, no competition to beat, no planet to destroy. You will live forever, alone as everything, and existence itself shall be your prison! All experiences will be a part of your evil accomplishments; all possibilities will have been considered and completed. Every life-form, every molecule. Have been destroyed by your hands. Done. Everything will be you, and everything will be meaningless. And when you do become existence, when the definition of existence equals Dominator, you will scream your shrill hiss and let it vibrate along the totality of your being, When the lie of your existence is lain bare, because there is simply NOTHING. ELSE. FOR. YOU. TO. DO!

…Boy…that was a little dramatic even for this post O_o.

But along with the Kefka comparison, I could even picture Dominator saying this if she were on her last breath before being defeated, just to make it more dramatic:

“ Life… dreams… hope… Where do they come from? And where do they go…? Such meaningless things… I’ll destroy them all! “

BUT this is just me speculating and I am a fan of the dramatic action lol. OF COURSE that won’t happen that way, it would go against the show has been building up with Wander’s morals. But its just when you think about it in hindsight, despite the threat she presents to the series, the end goal is ironically hallow. But ultimately, aside her evil traits, she’s just a fun character to watch with everything else about her.

Well…aside that…

But yeah, if anything, her only real fault is lack of backstory and explanations on her character. For if we want to know more about her we HAVE to save the show. Which we can do here https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3

Aside knowing more about her, but also we can learn much more about our own fave characters in the show that we’ve been graced with for their kindness, villainy, and especially humour. Till then, I’m gonna enjoy seeing characters like Dominator every time she comes to mind…



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Can someone explain this to me? Because I seriously don’t understand it. I personally hate when that little strand gets loose and keeps getting in your eye and tickling your face and you have to keep tucking it back, and yet two of the most badass ladies in the Disney Princess lineup pull them free like that shit don’t bother them at all. DX