Hey everyone!
Summer break is finally here for me so I decided that I’ll make a new tab on my blog, a “My Disney creations” tab :D

Since I finally have some free time let me know if you have any suggestions which Disney characters should I draw, edit etc. :) ♥

I also do custom made Disney wallpapers which you can check out here and request your own one :D


                                             Disney Fairies-No CC

 I made the Disney fairies in the sims 4, Enjoy

You can download this creation on the gallery with my origin ID : ChOwDeR-McA 

*Does require the Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat

*Do not re-upload or claim as your own!

I hear a lot of complaints that Disney does not put out enough merchandise for its creations featuring PoC, including Mulan, BH6, and Pocahontas (lol that last one I shit you not) and while I completely understand where these complaints come from… I personally can’t bring myself to care?

Like many of Disney’s creations featuring PoC are super racist (I’d argue racism is pretty much the foundation of some of these things, and that’d be the difference between “liking something as long as you acknowledge it’s problematic” vs “you happen to like something that is actually super shitty”) and I don’t give a shit if they don’t make any profit off it. A lot of people voice their concerns that if we don’t support these creations, nothing else featuring PoC will ever come out again which isn’t necessarily true? Many movies featuring protagonists of color have been pretty financially successful but we’re still totally underrepresented.

Secondly, okay, let’s say we do get more PoC. Is the representation going to be decent? Lots of people are complete weebs and orientalists and go watch anime, martial arts films, KDramas, or any other media created by East Asians all the time, but more than anything that’s resulted in completely racist depictions of our people and cultures. So no, it’s not really enough to just “GO SUPPORT THIS THING WITH POC” because on the other hand you could be contributing to the fetishization and accessorizing of another people and culture, which I’m sick to death of.

Like I feel like people really confuse quantity with quality and that just really bugs me???