Are you attending MegaCon Fan Days this weekend?  Are you wearing a Disney costume on November 22?  Then the Disney Creations Gathering is the place you are wanting to be.  This Gathering and photoshoot takes place at Noon on November 22.  Want to find out more information or share others that you are attending then go no further than the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/938660859502919/

I am really looking forward to hosting this event and meeting everyone.  Please feel free to share this event with everyone.

Okay…..let’s, uh, take a little break from STAR WARS and give some love to other fandoms instead.

@flyingdutchgirl07 This is for you! I want to thank you for tagging me in those tagging thingies! I had so much fun!

In one of the tagging thingies you mentioned that you like cartoons, so I just thought that I had to draw this and show you!

Hope you’re still in the svtfoe fandom :)


Hey everyone!
Summer break is finally here for me so I decided that I’ll make a new tab on my blog, a “My Disney creations” tab :D

Since I finally have some free time let me know if you have any suggestions which Disney characters should I draw, edit etc. :) ♥

I also do custom made Disney wallpapers which you can check out here and request your own one :D


Disney Facts - Main Street!

The various, seemingly random names on the second floor Main Street windows actually serve as credits for imagineers, executives, and family members that impacted the creation of Disney World.

Magic Kingdom - Fall on Main Street USA by Cory Disbrow


Ranrak the monk disappeared joining a druid cult while the rest of the party continues to ascend Mt. Significant. They stumble upon a castle, made completely of ice and hear a faint tune in the air while they reflect about how the snow on the mountain side seems to be glowing…

We stream D&D every Tuesday night from 8:30PM EST-12AM EST on our twitch channel, http://twitch.tv/nerdimmersion (sometimes later though, as we went til 2AM this game lol)

I was commissioned by @soggywarmpockets to make this little storm trooper for her niece. I used a pattern out of the star wars crochet book I bought around Christmas. While he b turned out decent, I am not a fan of the way the author wrote her pattern. It actually has me thinking about reviewing crochet books. I’m going to do a few more out of the book and see if it changes my opinion.

Rant over! Enjoy! And if you’re interested in a commission for yourself just DM me! 😄

Jersey Preppy

Hey there!!! I just started a blog and have a few posts now, it would be really awesome if you checked it out!! Its a big mix of things I enjoy in life, Disney, family, fashion, gift ideas, and music!

Thank you so much!!!

MCL 02-06-2016 - 'Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit' with Garry Apgar

It’s our pleasure to welcome back Garry Apgar to The Mouse Castle Lounge. In 2014, Garry compiled the book A Mickey Mouse Reader, an impressive collection of essays and articles spanning more than 80 years that bore witness to the immense popularity of Mickey Mouse and the impact Walt Disney’s creation had on popular culture. Garry revisits the eternal mouse once again in his latest book, Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit. It’s a worthy companion to A Mickey Mouse Reader and an educated and thoughtful study–in words and pictures–not only of Mickey’s life within the Walt Disney Studios, but also his ever-evolving presence as a uniquely American cultural icon.

After Tim's conversation with Garry, stick around for a new segment in the Lounge with our friend Carolyn. She knows a lot about cocktails and is going to start sharing her wisdom with us on a regular basis. Mickey Mouse and booze, what could be better? They’re all in today’s episode of The Mouse Castle Lounge.


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