Hijabi Cosplay: Disney Princesses

Cosplayer/Makeup Artist: @queenofluna


So when I was selling in Artist Alley this weekend, these Tangled cosplayers came by my table so I gave them my Rapunzel/Flynn print AND THEN THEY DID THIS FOR ME OH MY GOD I CRIED

Steampunk Tinkerbell Cosplay

Fabricator: Firefly Path

Cosplayer/Model: Madeline Masquerade 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/taimoset

Photographer: EPBOT

I’ve been seeing this photo going around multiple facebook pages and tumblrs with no credit to the model and/or fabricator. A few blogs have even gone so far as to remove the photographer’s watermark. I thought I’d repost it with proper credit, as stealing images is not cool.