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Just a few of many wonderful Disney cosplayers I saw at Holiday Matsuri this past weekend. I’m really kicking myself for not getting more pictures, but I hope you like these. If you see yourself and would like to share on your own page(s), please link back to here or littlegummyfish on IG.

Belle (top row)- @toughtinkcosplay

Princess Ali- @cafededuy


Disclaimer: my english is very bad.

Jessica Rabbit is one of the most underrated characters I’ve ever seen.
I really admire her and I’ve always dreamed about cosplaying her.
But I don’t have so much self-esteem to push myself dressing like her. She’s pure beauty, you know.
I was attending Lucca Comics and Games last year and I had the big chance to meet the Bancroft brothers. The Jessica Rabbit’s Topic poped-up and I was so enthusiastic talking about how a great character she is…My lovely friend Iry had the great idea to inform the Bancrofts I was working on Jessica cosplay (actually, I was wondering about doin’ it or not.) … That was when Tom Bancroft asked me to show him some pics. I was very afraid because I wasn’t perfect and so I told him: “I’m not as beautiful as Jessica. I’m warning you.”
He looked up at the pic I was showing him, then he said:
“You are truly beautiful.”
…And my heart went boom.

And that’s it.
I went on a Con dressed up as Jessica and I have to thank Tom for that.
Am I not perfect? Do I have to put away this cosplay because of my not-hourglass-shaped body?
You know what? Tom Bancroft told me I’m beautiful so go ✨✨✨✨ yourself ❤


I meant to post these earlier but better late then never! I got my first professional photos back! They look so beautiful and it makes this cosplay look more magical💖💖 I really wish I finished it but I definitely will for anime next! If you saw me at cpac feel free to message me!


Wanna see something satisfying?

I’ve had to make over 700 of these by hand, so I’ve been learning some great new techniques to minimize bubbling and get all the details into the mold.

Clean up and finish time per Heart is now under 10 minutes.

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Cruella De Vil cosplay by me, videography by @maze_studio and music by @marvillousbeats

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