Jessica Rabbit Statues:

1. Premium Format by Sideshow Collectibles, 2. Walt Disney Classics Collection, 3. Couture de Force, 4. Disney Big Figure, 5. Roller Coaster Rabbit Maquette by Electric Tiki, 6. Britto, 7. Medicom Vinyl Statue, 8. Armani, 9. Disney bronze statue, 10. Disney Traditions by Jim Shore.


The Prince of The Forest was brought by one man’s imagination

Bambi Joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection .

The classic film is available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23, and on Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand on June 6.


Overlooked Disney Scenes: Angry, Enchanted. 

If you don’t know it already let me notify you, Enchanted is GROSSLY underrated and by all means deserves a spot in the Disney classic collection. And this scene is one of the many in the film that proves that. Here Giselle begins to meet our reality in one of the most interesting ways. 

Throughout the early part of the film it was about how Giselle’s world affected ours, through break out song numbers, her animal friends, and even magic being brought to new york city. But here we see how the real world begins to affect what was once a more 2 dimensional princess character and give her some depth she didn’t even know she was capable of. She gets angry, an emotion she didn’t know about because most early princesses (whom giselle is based off of) weren’t ever portrayed in this manner. 

And she is delighted she can process the emotion in a fit that is both hilarious but also something of a realization for her. In Andalasia she never felt angry, she never knew what dates were, she never experienced infatuation, lust, or anything else beyond the idea of true love ending and beginning with a duet in the woods. Not something that culminates over time and takes work, and in this scene she realizes something that rather shakes her foundation. That is she is in love with Robert in a way that isn’t usually allowed for her type of character. I mean you would never see a princess stare at a prince’s skin or play with his chest with her fingers. Giselle is literally experiencing something she likely wouldn’t have in Andalasia, and it really trips her out.

I mean the look on her face alone after he breaks the situation before anything happens is beyond stellar acting on Amy adams part. She falls into her chair but in such a sense of shock before uttering “Oh my”. This is the scene where you literally see her leave from being that 2 dimensional princess to someone rather real because our reality is now starting to affect hers. Also props to whoever scored the film for putting in a tiny little reprise of “That’s how you know” right when Giselle sits in the chair. Because that entire scene is exactly how you know he’s your love.


Big Hero 6 arrived today and completes my Disney Animated Classics collection. The numbering is a bit messed up on the UK releases tho.

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Harry tfln where him and y/n babysat Lux for the weekend and he's texting Lou about how it went, and he starts gushing over how cute Lux and y/n were + how great of a mother y/n would be?

Short and sweet, yet again. x

Harry. Lou Teasdale.

How was Lux this weekend?

She wasn’t too much hassle, was she? 

Of course not.

She was an angel, as per usual.

It seems like she had a busy weekend. Tom said she was zonked out and asleep when he went to pick her up.

What did you get up too?

(Y/N) took her to the pool on Friday while I had to go into the studio to write a few tunes with the boys, and I met them for the dinner and we treated her to McDonalds - she insisted that you said one McDonalds was okay. 

I did say that, haha.

And then on Saturday, me and (Y/N) took her to the zoo and fed the animals and everything. Before we went out with Niall and had dinner.

Sunday was just a lazy day until Tom came and got her. We watched a couple of moves from (Y/N)’s Disney classics collection - yes, she insisted she moved them into my DVD rack when she moved in.

Look at you, Styles.

You got rid of your cheesy rom-coms and swapped them for Disney. 

Yeah, yeah.

She gave me this really cute pouty face and made me one hell of a gorgeous cup of tea and I couldn’t turn her down after that.

And for the record, I had a few horrors and thrillers in there.

Twilight is not a horror, knobhead.

I don’t have Twilight.

I’m going to kill Niall for spreading that.

And stop calling me knobhead.

Oh, Harry, I’m just playing with you.

It’s sweet that you’ve adjusted to having a female living with you.

Yeah, well, I love her.

: )

She really loves you, you know that?

This weekend has really opened my eyes.

Like, she’s the one, Lou.

You think so?

I know so, Lou.

She was so amazing with Lux and she’s so motherly. I mean, yes, we’re both 20 and we’ve been together for 2 years, but I’ve seen a side to her that not a lot of people see. 

At 20 years old, she’s just incredible at everything. I mean, she’s so motherly and so kind and gentle with kids.

Lux loves her, need I say.

And even Louis’ little sisters love her.

She has a wonderful way with children, and you both fit perfectly.

I really think she’s the one.

I see her having my kids and I see her being my wife and I see us waking up together in 30 years time, when we’re old and parents and possibly even grandparents to our children’s babies.

I love her.

It’s so evident that she loves you too.

You keep her close, alright?

Do not muck this relationship up.

I would never.

She means too much to me. x


Disney Classic Mug Collection - Simba, Dopey, Alice, Marie,& Oswald

Special Features: none really, besides the “Disney Classic” embedded towards the bottom of the mug.

Availability: These mugs were available at the Disney Store in person for some time, and some stores might still have them, but the ones close to me don’t anymore. However, you can still get them online for $12.95 each on the Disney Store website!

Extra information: There were two other mug collections that were very similar to this one! The Animation Collection (http://disneymugs.tumblr.com/post/124787159601/disney-store-animation-collection-mugs-special) and the Classic Animation Collection (http://disneymugs.tumblr.com/post/123511916306/new-releases-disney-store-classic-animation).

The original Walt Disney Cartoon Classics got it’s home video start in 1983 as a response to the success of the He-Man videocassettes.

The image above is from the second wave of Cartoon Classics that began on March 6, 1987 with Here’s Mickey! several months before the Walt Disney Mini Classics and usually contained about three cartoons as oppose to the original series at six cartoons that focused on a theme like the Silly Symphonies or shorts starring Donald Duck. The first five titles were released in a collectors box set and Laserdisc releases included two volumes with each disc.

The final volume The Goofy World of Sports was released on June 19,1992.


Side by side comparison.
First pic is the new Disney store classic dolls next to the Fairytale designer collection dolls….
Disney definitely recycled the face molds, they look amazing now! It’s almost “limited edition” lol

The only thing I noticed is that somehow they are all tanned. Maybe it’s just the stock photo and we will see once we have them in our hands.