New stills are out from Pixar’s upcoming short, Sanjay’s Super Team. The short film is directed by Sanjay Patel, and is based on his own childhood experiences growing up in an Indian-American immigrant family. The story tells of a boy who, like Patel as a child, is caught between the contemporary world and the traditional Hindu practices of his family. He imagines a superhero team that has been described as “a kind of ancient, Hindu version of the Avengers.”

The short is the first Pixar work to star a character of color, and premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June 2015. It’s slated to show before the upcoming Pixar film The Good Dinosaur, which debuts in American theaters on November 25th. 

Throughout the years, there has been a high demand for a Pixar film-based world in Kingdom Hearts withToy Story always being at the top of fan’s lists. It is understandable considering how popular the Toy Storyfilm franchise is among young adults who were just children when the 1995 film first released. Series Director Tetsuya Nomura has also been repeatedly asked about the inclusion of Pixar-based worlds throughout the years, and back in 2012 he had this to say on the subject:

“I wish and wish, but I’ve wanted for a long time to have Pixar titles appear in the series. I’m already working on many ideas, but I can’t say whether they will become a reality or not.”

Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Ultimania - Main Interview with Tetsuya Nomura - May 12th 2012

Proof of this long desire of Nomura’s has long since been found within the data of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + with the existence of untextured Woody and Buzz models. Many believe that the main characters ofToy Story were going to be summons added in for the release of KH2FM, and yet that does not appear to be the first time Toy Story was planned for a Kingdom Hearts game.

Found within the pages of the “Kingdom of Hearts (tentative)” design document that was given to Disney staff for proposal purposes in the early development days of Kingdom Hearts is a plethora of unused designs and art. One such piece of art that remains lost in the annals of history is the existence of an unused Toy Story world design.

In the world artwork shown above, you can see Andy’s house and Al’s Toy Barn all sitting on top of the iconic Pizza Planet rocket that has appeared in numerous Pixar films over the last 20 years. Despite Nomura’s long-time desire to see Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts, it is still a surprise that the push for it has been going for longer than 13 years.

What isn’t surprising is the lack of Toy Story in the first Kingdom Hearts game, especially since Disney and Pixar were having numerous disagreements over their business relationship and Toy Story 2 around the timeKingdom Hearts was in development. There were probably many barriers that kept Squaresoft and Nomura from being able to have permission to use it, but that clearly did not stop them from at least pitching the idea of it as shown from the design document.

In 2006, Disney and Pixar merged as one company so the issues that may have existed back then that limited the inclusion of Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts is gone. Now it is only a matter of Nomura and the development team to go to infinity and beyond to make this a reality!

Perhaps the time for Toy Story and Pixar-based worlds has arrived with Kingdom Hearts III which promises to be chock full of brand new worlds based on Disney films.

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  • What she says:Im fine
  • What she means:Im so glad Pixar is back on top with Inside Out, not that I thought that it was actually going downhil, like some insisted to state. Not that Brave and Monsters University were bad movies, but they weren't as good as the ones the studio did till 2010. With that said Im actually so concerned with the future of the studio. After The Good Dinosaur, they don't have any original movies scheduled for the upcoming years, and Im also concerned with The Good Dinosaur itself, cause, correct me if Im wrong, as I could see from some interviews, more exactly one with the producer of Inside Out, he hinted that it wasn't going to be THAT great, and with THAT great, I mean Pixar great, just like what happened with Brave. And the sequels, oh the sequels. First, we have Finding Dory, which I want to believe that its going to be wonderful, but I just can't be sure. Finding Nemo, just like all Pixar movies leading up to Cars 2 (and exclusding Cars), its a fucking piece of art, and they can't fuck this movie up, but, after what I saw on the early 2010's, I just can't be sure. I mean, I know the whole cast, except for Nemo, cause, well, will be back, and Andrew Stanton will be back as the director, but there's no way of knowing how its going to be. Then, there is The Incredibles 2, that, just like Finding Dory, I want it to be fucking awesome, but there's no way of knowing how its going to be. Brad Bird will be writing tough, so there's that. Then there's Cars 3. Seriously? FUCKING CARS 3??? Come on, Pixar, Im trying to help you out in here. Is Disney, isn't it? They are making you do this for the merchandising, aren't they? And then, my biggest fear, Toy Story 4. They can't ruin it, they just can't! One of the best trilogies in cinema history, they can't toss it in the trash like that! John Lasster will be directing, but... I can't think about it that long or Ill start to worry. So, I want to believe in Pixar, I want to believe that they puted their crisis behind them. But I can't just state that after just one movie, after for years of lesser movies. Just... *sighs* Just don't let me down, Pixar. Don't let me down...

Did you know? That in Inside Out there is a certain cameo made by a famous imaginary dragon? For those wondering the dragon is none other than FIGMENT! As for where he is hiding in the photo above keep your eyes peeled for the portrait on the right! If you don’t know who Figment is he is the host of the Imagination pavilion over at Epcot in Walt Disney World! Smart move indeed to have him show up in imagination land!