Late Nights on the pier by Andrew Jensen


Golden Dreams by Jackie Nell


With the recent release of Definitively Dangerous, I thought it was high-time I did a fake powerpoint on all of the Darkwing comics!


  1. There’s another series of comics I did not include, which were called Cartoon Tales. One featured a comic version of Just Us Justice Ducks. The other was called Capes and Capers. Some of these stories were later reprinted by BOOM Studios.
  2. Speaking of BOOM, the trade featuring old reprinted issues is called Darkwing Duck Classics Vol. 1. 
  3. Regarding all of the Disney Adventures comics: If you want to find them all, then look no further for I have the answer. Say hello to INDUCKS.ORG which lists every Darkwing comic that has existed, and where they were published from. You can find copies of Disney Adventures on Ebay and Amazon.
  4. Some of the older comics have been scanned and are available online. Check out Disney Adventures comics here and Disney Afternoon comics here.
  5. As for the NEW series, you can purchase Definitively Dangerous from one of these locations, or check out your local comic book shop!
  6. There is no definite release date for the new series but I do know for a fact it is currently in progress! There’s a facebook page which updates regularly regarding comic-related announcements.

Go forth my friends, and read some Darkwing comics!