you know what is such an underrated show

Mech-X4. Disney has put so much money into this show and it’s going down after only two seasons. It’s this show about a teenage boy who’s given these powers to control technology and is the pilot of a giant robot. With the help of his friends and brother, he fights evil and saves the world. Pretty generic, right?


You think Andi Mack deals with serious topics? Granted, AM has more relatable problems like panic attacks and coming to terms with sexuality (which is obviously great), but Mech-X4 deals with family matters as well including accepting that you’re not who you thought you were. This show has extremely high stakes, twists and turns and likeable characters. The characters also aren’t what you would expect. The bad guy maybe isn’t a bad guy. The good guy maybe isn’t the greatest good guy. There are depths to [almost] everyone.

My only dislike is that there’s no particular character that doesn’t have as much development as he deserves.

Just now, I watched the most heartwrenching, heartbreaking, emotional scene I have seen in a Disney show. I’m not exaggerating.

Bottom line, I wish Disney XD offered this show as much promo as it did for the main channel. And all if you need to give this a shot, even if tonight is the series finale. I just hate that the fandom is so small and it feels like nobody knows about it.

Thanks to The 7D’s cancellation, we won’t be able to see if Queen Delightful would return Bashful’s romantic love for her. But that won’t stop our imaginations, right? So since The 7D supposedly has its own universe outside of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film, I think Queen D would eventually fall in love with Bashful and two would eventually wed! My drawing of their wedding is currently a work in progress! 

(P.S.: This is not meant to throw shade at those who like Queen D. and Starchy being together – I like the ship, too!) 

Anime Vs Cartoons Airing Schedules

Japan: So, this new anime will be made of 26 episodes, airing one episode each week:

  • the anime runs for the following 6 months, one episode per week, missing the deadline by one or two weeks top, depending if national holidays (like Golden Week) concur during the run time.

America: So, this new cartoon will be made of 26 episodes, airing one episode each week:

  • 2 episodes on the first day as Season Opener; 
  • 1 episode per week for the following 6/7 weeks;
  • 3 months hiatus;
  • 1 day marathon of previous episodes, followed by 1 new episode;
  • 1-3 new episodes for the following 1-3 weeks;
  • 6 month hiatus;
  • New episodes bonanza, with 4-6 new episodes in a row in the same day (← this applies mostly to cartoons that have 10 minutes long episodes);
  • 4 months hiatus;
  • Last episodes aired like schedule, 1 episode per week.

*↑ this whole pattern applies especially for Cartoon Network and Disney/Disney XD*