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Harry Son of Evil Queen / Evie Daughter of Captain Hook (switch)AU : Chapter Two

Hope you enjoy! This took some time and hopefully chapter three won’t be as long of a wait but I finally got chapter two done. 

Not to be dramatic but Disney Zombies gave us one of the best Disney couples yet. Besides the fact that they’re cute together, they actually communicate with each other and TELL EACH OTHER HOW THEY FEEL! Many a times i’ve watched movies-Disney and non Disney where the couple keeps secrets from each other and hide things from their significant other and I hATE IT! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S A HUGE PLOT POINT! Even when Zed and Addison can’t be seen in public together they send each other notes and communicate HOW THEY FEEL! This is so important people need to be open in relationships and feel safe enough to tell their significant other things. It’s so unhealthy to NOT COMMUNicate! For example when Addison’s parents want to meet Zed, Addison tells him STRAIGHT UP that they won’t like him cause he’s a Zombie, she doesn’t hide it from him and cause more stress on the relationship by keeping that info to herself. CAN PEOPLE please stop using this not-communicating trope in movies and shows its so old, annoying and un-healthy for both partners. That’s all folks.