The Weekenders Intro



68. The Weekenders

Disney was staring to find a new identity with Disney’s One Saturday Morning.The shows were smarter and hipper,but most of all they were entertaining.One of the new shows Disney debuted was The Weekenders.The Weekenders had a very interesting concept where they would only show The weekend (And some of Friday).It was a very cool gimmick that never got old.

  Another thing I enjoyed about the show is that it would seem like every week they had a different Pizza Place to eat at.For example one week it could be like a barn the next it’s in Outer Space.The Weekenders is an excellent show that Disney did a great job with.


Opening Your Day: Disney's One Saturday Morning

Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for…



“I always loved Disney Television Animated series. Always loved some of the One Saturday Morning Era. Five years ago, I decided to rewatch Buzz Lightyear of Star Command since is one of the series that I’ve watched before going to High School. I’ve never watched The Adventure Begins until that day. But what made me think to watch it, is that, before the PNKs from Monsters University arrived, I had a crush in the centaurish background space ranger. And I would love to see a plush of her.”

36. Pepper Ann

Throughout the years Disney has made numerous show about Teens,and I think this may be the best one.Pepper Ann was a a show about a girl that was way too cool for 7th grade.She was pretty dorky in actuality.She would constantly do mischievous things that would get her in trouble someway,and it was all so very entertaining.

  Pepper is another show that had a very strong supporting cast.Her friends (Milo & Nicky) were very interesting .As well as her equally quirky mother.Pepper An was one of Disney’s best achievements one would say it was one in a million.

“We’re bored; let’s have a Disney movie marathon!” headcanons

Tessa introduces Disney animated movies to Jem one Saturday morning when it’s raining, nothing’s good on TV, and they want to snuggle together on the couch.

During breakfast, they start watching Snow White, going in chronological order because the evolution of animation, music, and characters is part of the experience.

Jem is mesmerized by the movie scores. Sleeping Beauty has him wide eyed and excited because the music is the same as the ballet’s, and he starts humming along. 

Church saunters into the living room when they are watching Aristocats. He takes one look at the TV and settles himself by Jem’s feet. Jem is certain he can feel his cat purring whenever Duchess, the white cat, is singing.

Tessa sings along to every song in Beauty and the Beast. She sighs dreamily when the Beast gives Belle the castle library. She prefers the Beast in beast form, while Jem thinks he’s better looking as the human prince.

63. Recess

What’s the funnest part of school?Recess,and What do kids love?Cartoons.So to combine the things you get a Peanut Butter and Chocolate type of combo.Recess was a part of Disney’s fantastic One Saturday Morning  line-up.The concept was basically showing the craziness of a school during Recess.Showing all the cliques that makes up the school. The show had a strong cast that really played well with each other.Good job Disney.