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Yesterday was the Oscars and Zootopia won for best animated feature! But, what about other past nominees? We got 107 Facts all about the animated films who made it to the Oscars! http://frdr.us/2lhKL48

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Hello! I've got a Disney themed party coming up and I'm going as Marie from the aristocats. I'm wearing a white top, pink skirt, white pumps and a pink collar. How should I have my makeup? Any ideas? Thanks x

Brown smoky eye with red lips!

it’s 20 fucking 17 and i can’t believe i still have to explain that tiana is the best disney princess not only because she defies every stereotype imaginable for black women in the twenties in louisiana but also because her storyline is basically ‘yo i wanna raise money in order to own my own small business and don’t need no man oh this prince guy is cute i guess i can get him to wait tables or something’ truly she is the princess i aspire to be


this video has changed my life

i was told a lot i wasn’t trying hard enough but i couldn’t try and that’s what hurt. sometimes i’d get these moments of clarity where my brain caught up with me and instead of clouds i’d be dropped into a pit, falling. there was so much i had missed out on, i had skipped, i had avoided. and when i could finally feel again it would all hit me. i’d remember all my friends i’d isolated from and all the work i hadn’t done and all the opportunities i’d missed and it would all hit me at once like a blizzard. i’d be frozen in place by it. suddenly what had seemed unimportant was now soul-crushingly real and present.

the only way i knew how to handle that was to just shut it all off again. i know that didn’t look like trying. that i would just ignore the problem. that i would let all that fog in so i wouldn’t feel how much i was dying. 

it was like living in front of a blowtorch. i was either cold or suddenly on fire.