disney's jungle cruise

Did you know that women weren’t allowed to work at the Jungle Cruise until the 1990’s?! Isn’t that heinous?!

That’s unfair not only to forty years’ worth of women who wanted to be skippers, but also to us, today! DECADES of potentially amazing performances never even got the chance to exist!

Imagine how different–how interseting–the current script would be if it had been shaped through the generations by more than a single perspective! We’ve been deprived of better artwork, all because some scumbag has Opinions about a particular set of genitals.

I was curious to learn more about this evil evil policy, so I asked a Facebook group of skippers. Pro-tip: encouraging middle-aged men on Facebook to weigh in on institutional misogyny may not make you feel great about the world!

Quoting (and mocking) them here, where they can’t respond, would be deeply unsporting of me. On the other hand, fuck them. Here’s the first one.

“Having worked my entire career in the ‘men’s only’ era of the Jungle Cruise, I have absolutely no problems at all with female skips….that 'Jingle Cruise’ though, has to go.”

yeah because equal rights are comparable to a seasonal theme park overlay, how magnanimous of you

“When I worked at Disneyland in 93 and 94 only guys worked jungle and if worked really well actually. We knew and hung out with the girls from storybook land. We had narrations training. There was plenty of visits from one side of the park to the other.”

good call who cares if this group of humans like their jobs, the whole point of allowing them to work is so that you specifically you can spend time with them

“In my opinion, the jungle actually suffered slightly when PC came into play. I’ve worked it both ways and it was better with only guys. Some would call it a boys club, which helped make it famous…”

no of course it wasn’t a boys’ club but yes of course that’s why the ride is famous, they really should’ve called it the male employee cruise

“…but I chalk it up to the fact that it’s like casting the wrong person to play the part by having women that particular role.”

whoops thanks for reminding me that no woman has never been a successful adventurer or comedian or public speaker or theme park employee

and for reminding me that people come to theme parks for the realism

i mean

imagine having to hear puns

in a fake rainforest

told by a woman

a woman

i mean

you’d HAVE TO riot at that point

Holy shit, I’m annoyed.

I love the ride’s current uniform, and I’ve always preferred it to its predecessors, but now I’m especially grateful that these guys wore a different one. They aren’t fit for khaki.

It’s about dang time Iger separated himself from Trump.

It’s just amazing to me that racism, inciting violence, and sexual assault weren’t enough for Bob to make this decision. It took “going against the entire premise of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, right after we touted that vision of conservation and caring for the world as the reason for Pandora,” for Bob to see the that the light.

But hey, at least he saw it eventually. He was slow on the uptake, but at least he got it…in the end.

(That last statement and the accompanying photoshop made with @enkblogs – and other Jungle Cruise fans – in mind).

“Jungle Cruise” Marc Davis

This fantastic concept for the entrance to Jungle Cruise by Disney Legend Marc Davis wonderfully sets the stage for one of Disney’s most classic theme park attractions. Inspired by The African Queen and a True-Life Adventure documentary, Jungle Cruise takes guests down various rivers of the world via steamer boats, past wildlife, exotic flora, and, of course, the “Backside of Water.” Whether it’s the cringeworthy skippers with unlimited puns, or the atmosphere of intrigue and adventure, this opening-day attraction continues to delight guests to this day.

Art ©️Disney

Now that ghosts exist in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, they could tie the POTC universe and the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie together into a DISNEYLAND CINEMATIC UNIVERSE




They COULD even throw the Society of Explorers and Adventurers in there and tie it together with a possible Jungle Cruise movie? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS, DISNEY

therock. . (I think the lady to my right is snapping a pic of my bootaaaay)
Surprise! Once I committed to our Disney partners to make the movie based off the JUNGLE CRUISE ride, I wanted to dive head first into the research.
So I headed to Walt Disney World and surprised tourists by commandeering the JUNGLE CRUISE boat.
It was a GREAT day on the river. Learned a lot.. for example, it takes approximately 12.6 minutes for all the passengers to get over the shock of me jumping on the boat and thinking I’m a DJ look-a-like. One passenger even said, “Oh the real Rock is much smaller than this guy”. I threw his ass off the boat.
Jokes aside (and yes, with me as the Cruise Skipper there will be an abundance of puns) this is such an amazing, fantastical and cool world to build out. Best part about this surprise research day was knowing how FUN of an experience we’re gonna work hard to create for families around the world. That’s the part that gets my excited the most.
The movie. The ride. The experience.
It’s the cruise of a lifetime. And trust me, you’ll want me as your Skipper. Just don’t forget to bring the Skipper’s beer.
Next step… we find our visionary director.
#SurpriseAroundEveryCorner #ResearchDay #DisneyWorld #AllAboard #JungleCruise

I was digging in the my never ending folder of Disney things and found these attraction posters. Thought I’d share!

The signs as famous Disney rides

aries: Pirates of the Caribbean
taurus: Splash Mountain
gemini: Haunted Mansion
cancer: Jungle Cruise
leo: Space Mountain
virgo: Tower of Terror
libra: Mad Tea Party
scorpio: Peter Pan’s Flight
sagittarius: It’s a Small World
capricorn: Big Thunder Mountain
aquarius: Soarin’
pisces: Expedition Everest