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「Elsa&Jack」/「克隆子」の漫画 [pixiv] [source]

A story about

The one who can’t control powers of ice and snow

meets the one who can’t be seen by others.

Can you see me?

*This is part of a series of re-posts for the pictures that did not have the full size of each individual work. It was during December 2014, before I changed the blog’s theme to include the feature. -pikopika


                              favorite character + hogwarts houses  →  princess anna


Okay, so the plot of Frozen takes place in the summer, in June I think, right? Frozen also takes place in Norway(kinda). You know what passes through Norway? The polar circle. 

And I know Arendelle is probably set in the southern parts of the country(below the circle), but that doesn’t really matter in June, when it’s around the summer solstice and the sun it as it absolutely highest of the year.

It doesn’t get dark at night.

And I know Elsa basically starts winter early(when it’s dark all the time, and no sun AT ALL), but it is still June. She doesn’t change the earth’s rotation or anything, she just makes it cold in Arendelle.

And what do we see here?

It’s dark.

Guess the filmmakers’ missed that on their research trip here…

(I don’t know if I’m the first one to make a post about this, or if someone beat me to it during the last 4 years, but I suddenly had an epiphany at 7 AM and didn’t bother to check.)


Countdown to FROZEN the MUSICAL at the DENVER CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS. I’ll be attending both the first and second performances.

‘This Broadway-bound Frozen, a full-length stage work told in two acts, is the first and only incarnation of the tale that expands upon and deepens its indelible plot and themes through new songs and story material from the film’s creators; in fact, this new stage production features more than twice as much music as the film.  Like the Disney Theatrical Broadway musicals that have come before it, it is a full evening of theatre and is expected to run two and a half hours.‘


                              favorite character + hogwarts houses  →  queen elsa of arendelle


6 free to use Queen Elsa icons.

Credits are appreciated but not required!
I didn’t put any credit on them, unlike usually,
knowing some people don’t like that on their icons.

Let it Go (Original Cut)
Idina Menzel
Let it Go (Original Cut)

The original versions of Let it Go from disney’s Frozen. It has another verse that was cut from the movie for time.

It just goes to show what amazing things you can find when you have an unhealthy obsession with this movie.

Let's get this (snow)ball rolling again...

Hopes for Frozen 2 Setting

Since this fandom will undoubtedly come out of hibernation now that pre-production is actually underway here’s my hopes for the setting of the sequel.

Something I’d personally like to see more of in Frozen 2 is The Southern Isles and its royal family.
I want to meet all twelve of Hans’s older brothers and his parents. I want them all to have fleshed out personalities and unique character designs. I think there’s a story there that’s worth telling and one that can transition nicely into what we’ve already been told.

For the record I don’t count A Frozen Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick as canon. It was a half-hearted and contemptuous attempt on Hans’s family. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her poor choice of names for some of them like Runo and Caleb. Did she even try?
What I consider canon is what’s written and created at the Disney Animation Studios by JLee and CBuck. *sigh*

So ignoring that rendition…
I would like to see Frozen 2 take place in a setting that is new but not entirely foreign to the audience. The Southern Isles offers such a golden opportunity; not only in its setting but also with its introduction to new characters without the obscure explanations. The Southern Isles and Hans’s family was one of the more curious aspects of the original and to not elaborate on it would be a waste.

I also don’t think bringing in an entirely new villain to wreck havoc on Arendelle - especially one with powers - would be at all interesting. It’d be expected and boring to keep the entire film in Arendelle and just have the gang battle it out with a fire witch or some nonsense like that.

The best thing the writers could do is take the curious elements from the story they already have such as the trolls, foreign affairs, that archaic book and elaborate on those instead. Make it all come full circle but by also tying it back to the original HCA’s version instead of creating completely new content that’ll only confuse the audience even more.

So those are my thoughts on the setting and how it could work with the story. Agree or disagree? What are your wishes for the setting of Frozen 2?


So I got a professional super-high quality scan made of this drawing in black & white to save, and then went ahead and colored the original.  I didn’t think the color would be better than the black & white, but I think I actually like it better!  

I’m super happy with this.  Like, SUPER HAPPY.  It might be one of the best things I’ve ever drawn, and not just because it’s Kristoff.  ;)

By the way, since this is now digitally stored at the professional graphics company, I can get super-high quality digital prints made, and even Giclée prints on fancy paper/canvas/etc.  So, if anyone is interested in buying a very, very nice copy of this (either color OR black & white!), please do let me know!  :D

Copic marker and Copic multiliner on 14 x 17″ smooth bristol board.