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New Decour with New Desings Can YOU NAME THEM ALL

Photos: Bob Schooley,Shane Houghton & Nico

New Wall Art 

Photo: Bob Schooley


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Some Disney Duck Comfort & Encouragement

Scrooge McDuck would want you to save your money so you have enough to pay your bills and live a comfortable life. 

Donald Duck would want you to stay safe and take care of yourself. 

Huey would want you to at least attempt to bond more with your family and be prepared for any situation. 

Louie would want you to take a step back and breathe so you don’t become over stressed. 

Dewey would want you to pursue your dreams and be comfortable being yourself. 

Webby would want you to try to make new friends. 

Launchpad would want you to not be afraid of making mistakes so you can learn from them and become better. 

Mrs. Beakley would want you to learn how to defend yourself so you don’t have to be afraid of the world around you. 

Drake Mallard would want you to try to be the best parent you can be to your kids / future kids. 

Daisy would want you to hold a little vanity so you can show the world how beautiful you truly are and would want you to pamper yourself every once in a while. 

Take it from the Disney Ducks. 


i can finally post these!

hi! i recently had the wonderful chance to draw fanart for bret iwan, jim cummings, and the ducktales cast and crew (including frank angones and many others) to show my appreciation for all that they do for disney! im very happy to say that i got to meet all of these wonderful people today at D23, and i was able to give them the artwork. im proud of myself for pulling through and not giving up on these, and i hope you enjoy!