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“Did you hear about y/n and Peter?” Henry came running into Mal’s room in a hurry barging in unannounced. 

“What? No, why on earth are the two of them even talking to each other? Peter is pretty rotten to the core if you ask me which is completely opposite from y/n,” Mal questioned knowing that it had to be some very news worthy thing Henry had to say judging by the way he charged into her room.

“They’re dating! Can you believe it?” Henry announced as he was just as surprised as Mal looked when he found out. 

“Dating? God, y/n really is as mad as the Hatter.” 


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Henry: “Mom, Mom, this is my boyfriend Carlos De Vil. He’s from Auradon and I really like him.”
Regina: “Well we couldn’t be happier for you Henry. It’s a pleasure to meet you Carlos.”  

Okay, so before I delve into a brand new wave of headcanons, I’d like to give disclaimers/credit to some inspiration. First of all, thanks to @kxngbxnn for bringing up the idea of a youtuber au (mostly in regards to benlos but hey, youtuber au), then followed by @justuniique who has been dragged into this somewhat when they’re around (since we were considering making a verse for this), and finally, for the lovely graphic done by @lucasfilbert, which has probably motivated me even more to making a youtuber verse for Carlos.

But without further to do, the youtuber headcanons no one probably asked for but are getting anyway because I’ve been thinking about this too much in the back of my mind (as well as other things).

  • Starting it off in general, just about all the kids are vloggers, but they all have their own little niches that brings out who they are. Vlogging is more of a… ‘side’ thing, it’s their passions that really matter.
  • Mal’s channel is mostly art based. She does art tutorials and gives great tips, and she also does speed paints of her works. At times she’ll act like a bit of a nerd and talk about certain moments of art. She’s also really interested in magic and spells. And she LOVES dragons. You can always see a dragon plush in the corner somewhere during her vlogs. She collabs with Jay in prank videos.
  • Jay, as mentioned in Mal’s bit at the end, does prank videos. He’s also a bit of a parkour nerd. The child likes jumping and flipping off of things, save him. Though he boasts on how he’s never really injured himself ever before. Says he’s invincible (Evie brings up the one time he accidentally sprained his wrist but he says that doesn’t cut it). But he also likes to do magic tricks, and most of his pranks are magic tricks. He makes sure that everyone is okay with it before he actually records and goes through, because he doesn’t want to be some kind of an asshole. He also does competitive sports related challenges with Chad. Currently the score is 13-10, Jay is in the lead and Chad is determined to tie again.
  • Evie is mostly focused on beauty, makeup and fashion. She likes to talk about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of fashion. She talks about the latest lines, the latest brands, how to stay fashionable but warm/cool during particular seasons, and to make sure your makeup is on point. And she makes sure that all of her tutorials are suited for folks that are genderqueer too. She also likes to show off her mind and does really neat chemistry related stuff. Doug and Carlos join her on her channel and they do really wacky experiments. There has been some explosions, but nothing too harmful. When it comes to showing off her own fashions, she recruits Mal, Jay and Carlos to strut their stuff.
  • Carlos is a gamer/let’s player and also does random robot fights with his experiments, as well as general tutorials on how to fix/build things. If it’s something that’s requested and something he can easily do, he’ll do it. He also likes ranting about whatever sci-fi thing he’s really into at that moment. He also brings in all of his friends to co-op with him in multiplayer games. They’re mostly SSB or Mario Kart, but it’s always been fun for them all.
  • Ben mostly does music videos. He plays the acoustic guitar and does song covers, and even Doug joins in from time to time. He also does charity work and brings up very relevant issues that he feels strongly about.  He also invites Carlos to do dog tricks with Dude. Also Ben is known for posting the most random videos, and as sweet as he is, he’s such a nerd but everyone loves him.
  • Audrey is another beauty channel and mostly focuses on pop-culture. At one point she had a bit of a rivalry with Evie, which caused some drama for a couple of months. They eventually apologized to each other, thanks to their friends, and have videos when they collab together. They have probably one of the best gossip and fashion channels on the site when they work together.
  • Jane does videos on handmade crafts, Mal comes and joins her at times. She also has debate videos (because she’s on the debate team at her school) and she invites all the others to join in the conversation. The topics are always varied but it’s always been fun. She also does her best to be a good motivator for others, despite her low self-esteem. She gets rude comments from others calling her a fake and she almost left youtube, but Carlos and the others had her back and did defensive videos where they talked about the things they were ‘fake’ in, even though no one was. She still gets hate from time to time, but she’s working her way through it. She knows she has a great support system of friends behind her.
  • Doug is mostly focused on marching band related music videos, but he does music covers too. He likes to do a full ensemble and everyone’s pretty much impressed by the number of instruments that he can play. He also likes talking about the different kinds of gems and minerals the world has to offer, as well as to tell what makes it real or not or what classifies one gem as another.
  • Chad is mostly a sports channel, and on the side he has a fake persona with his ‘douche-self’ on how to be a lady’s man. He makes sure to over exaggerate because just about everyone knows that Chad isn’t that much of a dick. He talks about the various sports teams around the city and neighborhood, but mostly focuses on the lacrosse and field hockey teams. And as mentioned before, he does bet challenges with Jay for the hell of it. He’s currently losing but he keeps finding excuses, but it’s all in good fun.
  • Lonnie’s channel is for dance tutorials/covers and martial arts explanations. She’s also a bit of a gossip person as well, though she also likes to have her own secret persona. Everyone knows it’s her, but she has a side channel to give it all the appeal. Her dance varies from all kinds of forms and just about everyone has been on the show. Same thing with her martial arts demonstrations. Jay and Chad are still a bit sore from some of her moves, but they’ll claim she’s the most badass of them all.
  • Jordan’s channel is mostly a podcast kind of channel, but she does focus on what’s happening around the school and the neighborhood, and the latest music. She’s also not very lowkey about her feelings about issues in the Middle East, the Muslim community and Islamophobia, and no one can stop the amount of snark and sass that comes out of her mouth. She drops way too many truth bombs and everyone knows that she’s just right. When she does debates on Jane’s channel, it gets way too heated. She also does plug ins for her dad’s comedy shows from time to time.
  • Freddie’s videos are all about creepy legends and voodoo stories, but that isn’t all she’s about. She also likes to join in on prank videos with Jay and Mal from time to time, and she joins Mal and Ally on their videos about whatever interesting/creepy things she can bring up. Her time to shine is really around Halloween, but Freddie is really into horror props and makeup. She gives tutorials on how to make believable cuts and all kinds of stuff.
  • Ally has videos that are about every unbelievable story and legends that fall around the bizarre range and not the creepy or horrifying. She has a bunch of theories about everything and everyone, even if they’re all baseless. But as she believes ‘there’s nothing really exciting about being normal’.
  • They all do challenge videos together, mostly meme challenges. Like the photobooth challenge or anything else like that. They also like to have big videos of truth and dare sessions or playing ridiculous games together. They’re all a pretty tight knit group.

I would’ve loved to add the other children from the Isle, but I honestly wouldn’t know what kind of channels they’d have, so feel free to add onto it if you like.

The Languages We Speak :

So I was tagged in this post by rhaedarofworlds and even though I don’t know a lot about languages I decided this would be fun to write. (Thank You Google Translate).

It came as a huge shock to their friends. After Ben’s coronation they had been friendlier and nicer but they still didn’t open up to their friends very much. It wasn’t because they didn’t want to, rather a force of habit. The Four had been so used to trusting only each other that they forgot they had more people to lean on. Growing up they had stuck as a group, protected each other and looked out for each other. They were all they each had. It was kind of hard to let such habits break.

It dropped on the Four’s Auradon friends at lunch one day. Evie hadn’t been having the best of days. It wasn’t her fault either. It was just one of those days that turn out to be randomly horrible. She sat down in her usual seat between Mal and Doug at the table. Then with a moan and a thump her head fell on the table.

“E, what’s wrong” Mal asked defensively rubbing her friends back. Her Isle survival instincts cropping up. Carlos and Jay grew more alert as well.

Then Evie spoke.

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Okay, last thing well not really but for now it is. I’ve seen many posts, well quite a few, about what the sequel needs. We’ve got a year left and honestly there’s so much that could possibly happen (plus if I remember correctly, the next book is coming out too). And while I agree that Disney should try and actually have a canon queer couple and not pull any tricks or other small random things like the need for Cameron and Booboo to actually sing or to bring in the other children from the Isle. Or most importantly, just more character development for practically everyone because all of these children need it. I feel like the most important thing that needs to happen, whether in the next book, in the Wicked World shorts (though I highly doubt it) or even in the sequel, are apologies. Because everyone has been wronged in some shape way or form, and no one should be getting away with it.

  • The obvious first one is King Adam/Beast apologizing to Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos or just other future children of the Isle that come to Auradon. I talked about this before (though untagged to avoid any drama really), and I agree with the fandom, to a degree. What Adam did was wrong, no doubt about it. He’s made a pretty shitty decision and even if he had some good intentions (I really wished he talked this out more with someone), he just…messed up. But it wasn’t like he could just, take the children of the villains away from their parents. Whatever legal system this world has, I highly doubt they’d do that. But subjecting not only the parents but the children into unhealthy living conditions, all because you wanted to keep your enemies in one place. He’s partially responsible for how ‘corrupt’ (and I use this term loosely) the children are. The parents are still mostly the blame because, well, they’re villains, and they go on and on about how a villain should act. Though Ben is crowned king, I’m not even sure when he’s actually going to take the throne officially. So until then, Beast has got a lot of making up to do.
  • Piggbacking off of that about Ben, let’s talk about the second apology that needs to happen; Mal and Ben need to apologize to Audrey for publicly humiliating her in front of the ENTIRE school (and another school too considering it was a tourney game) because of Ben serenading Mal. And yes, I know this was under the effect of the love-spell, but there still should’ve been a lick of common sense to not sing to another girl when you’re dating someone else. And even after the spell was worn off of him, he still could’ve apologized to Audrey, even privately. And Mal in general, because those two have a deep history, and honestly it’s just like being slapped in the face when you’re being wronged by the child of the woman that wronged your entire family. And that little bow near the end of the movie does not cut it. There’s another issue I have about that mistreatment to Audrey but I’ll leave that for another time. And yeah, Ben didn’t really seem interested in being with Audrey, but it’s still a douche move to kind of do that (and Ben is a sweet child, but my son no).
  • I want Audrey and Mal to apologize for Ben to using him to his advantage. If you watched Auradon Secrets (and if I remember correctly), Audrey dated Ben mostly because of appearance sake. She was mostly concerned about her little popular world. I think that at some point, she probably did fall for Ben (and honestly she probably was heartbroken about what happened, in regards to the previous point. But I will also defend my pretty pink princess). And we all know the reason for Mal. I don’t really remember if she really apologized, but I feel like an apology should happen and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug because ‘he makes you happy’. Ben deserves better than that.
  • Jay, Evie, and Carlos also need to apologize to Audrey for following along with Mal. Yes, they were going along with the plan, yes it’s what they know, but they need to apologize.
  • I would really love for Jane to apologize to the rotten/core four for basically just, being a bit of a hypocrite. Though I see her as following the crowd, because it’s high school so follow the cliché social pyramid, and she’s impressionable/low self-esteem, she was wrong too. She shouldn’t have been all ‘buddy buddy’ with Mal because she changed her style (even though Mal was using her too at one point) and then just turn on her the next. I think the popularity did get to her head, and she was slightly punished for it by Mal. I still feel like somewhere she’s guilty because she did a dumb, and she just needs to apologize, to at least start to make things right.
  • I want Lonnie and Doug to apologize for kinda just, bailing out on the rotten/core four after the events of the parents’ day scene. These were the two kids that seemed to have more faith in the children of the villains than everyone else (besides Ben but he’s obvious). And yeah Doug kinda did attempt, but he got called back by Chad. I mean, it was kind of an ‘us vs. them’ thing, but again, you can’t just sweep this under the rug by dancing with Evie in the last song.
  • I want Chad and Audrey to apologize for not having enough faith in Ben about trusting the four. Now Audrey, I understand why she wouldn’t really trust them (or at least Mal mostly), but not much for Chad. Then again, there is still the whole ‘they’re bad news, can’t trust them’, and whatever else they were told about the children of the villains. But honestly, if they were Ben’s friends (and I use that lightly too), they should’ve had just a bit more faith in him.
  • I want Chad to apologize for all four in general, but mostly to Evie. He used her and that was wrong, and to call her a ‘gold digger’, like no that’s messed up. Again, I still want Chad to apologize to all four (though he hasn’t been super rude to Carlos, so praise for that), but it runs deeper with Evie in my opinion.
  • And finally, and this is also for the sake of @geniiied, I would like Jay to apologize to Jordan and Mal about the lamp thing. Though it may have been because of his kleptomania (something that I see him struggling to work on), I feel like an apology is in order for 1) framing your best friend in a theft you did and 2) stealing someone’s home.

I know that even with these apologies, there’ll be people in this fandom that won’t change their opinions about characters (like Jane and Chad for example), and I get that. All of these kids did something wrong, whether it was big or small, and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug or just played off as a ‘oh that was because you were evil but now you’re good so it’s all good’. Taking responsibility is just the first step of growing up, and it’s just really important for everyone.

And even if all of these apologies aren’t met (which will be a bummer) as long as some of them are handled, I would appreciate that more than anything else in the world.

Movie Review : Lemonade Mouth

So I watched Lemonade Mouth yesterday and I LOVED it. I liked it almost as much as I loved Descendants. It was epic. The story, the songs the moral….everything.

  • I really loved that it was REAL. It wasn’t minor problems or just two rival bands fighting over nothing or over popularity. They were fighting to be heard and taken seriously.
  • The expectations of some parents was displayed too. A lot of times family expects too much from you. Whether it be living up to someone, being the best at a field or anything. I loved that the movie said in clear terms that you are your own person, not anyone else.
  • Another factor about how parents should be proud of their kids no matter what. That’s very important in a society full of expectations.
  • Also the respect of space of someone is important. Charlie liked Mo and sure he wasn’t happy when she rejected him at first but he learnt to accept it and respected Mo’s decision.
  • They didn’t really make any romance the center of the movie which was a BIG relief. Too many movies do that and it ruins the plot.
  • The fact that they didn’t WIN. I found that very important. Not everything in life is about winning. Sometimes you should just give things a go even if you know they won’t turn out great. The experience is what matters.
  • All the problems faced by the kids were real and they were resolved in a very realistic way.
  • All the songs had some sort of positive message. They weren’t about love or peace or any of that. They were about family, friendship and working hard while having fun. They were about self-esteem and being true to yourself (not to mention they were really catchy).
  • It also explores the topic of how in real life arts get pushed to the side when sciences and sports are advanced and pulled forward. It isn’t fair on the people who love them and work for them because arts are just as important.
  • It also says that YOU have a VOICE. You matter. Use your voice to spread good feelings and happiness and not hate and jealousy. Use your powerful voice to fix the wrong in the world.

If this movie had been released last year or the year before that it would have been a sensation. As it was, it was a little bit ahead of its time. I recommend this movie to everyone. This Movie has great songs and amazing meaningful messages just like HSM and Descendants.

It’s very much worth watching.

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