disney zeus

Am I the only one disappointed, OUAT didn’t show the other colorful gods & goddess during their GREEK mythology  half.

Disney princesses as Greek gods (Requested by Anon)

1. Zeus- Jasmine, Hera- Aurora

2. Athena- Belle, Ares- Mulan

3.  Aphrodite- Snow White, Hephaestus- Tiana

4.  Artemis- Merida, Apollo- Cinderella

5. Demeter- Pocahontas, Dionysus- Meg

6.  Poseidon- Ariel, Hermes- Rapunzel

7.  Hades- Elsa, Persephone- Anna

PJO gods react to their disney counterparts
  • Zeus: why do they think we all wear togas?? and WHAT is going on with that beard?!
  • Hera: stupid hercules. stupid stupid stupid. *angry muttering*
  • Hermes: i may look terrible, but at least i'm funny. *shrug*
  • Hades: *just silently staring at his blue fire hair*
  • Poseidon: at least you guys are IN the movie.. *pouts*