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The Fates: In 18 years precisely / The planets will align ever so nicely.

Hades: Oy, verse…

The Fates: The time to act will be at hand / Unleash the Titans, your monstrous band.

Hades: Mmm-hmm. Good, good.

The Fates: Then the once-proud Zeus will finally fall / And you, Hades, will rule all!

Hades: Yes! Hades rules!

The Fates: A word of caution to this tale…Should Hercules fight, you will fail.

Hades: What?!?!  Okay, fine, fine. I’m cool. I’m fine.

-”Hercules” (1997)


Kingdom hearts III

this is the New  Zeus/Hercules Keyblade when Sora transforms into the Guardian Form version on Mount Olympus.

Sora The protagonist of Kingdom hearts III.

The total length of the blade stands around 90 cm ( 3 ft).

The materials are MDF wood and Pinewood.
High quality spray paints and Metallic Acrylics for the detailed paintwork and contrast of colors to the faithfullness in game.

Skai leather was used for the handle for a softer grip when holding the blade.

*May Your heart be your Guiding Key*

I am taking commissions btw. If your interested having this keyblade or other ones. Please send me a email on Koumori_batto@hotmail.com.

The world of Kingdom hearts can be enjoyed in the palm of your hands!


“In eighteen years, precisely… The planets will align, ever so nicely. The time to act will be at hand: Unleash the Titans, your monstrous band. Then the once-proud #Zeus will finally fall… And you, #Hades will rule…all.” The next #art piece in the Disney Villains series… Hades wielding a vile of mortality potion and a strand of the Thread of Life. (at Hokujo Manor)

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