disney world season passes

reasons why lance would take keith to disney world for their honeymoon

  •  since lance grew up in florida his family would buy season passes to disney world so it only made sense to take his new husband there to share the tradition
  • they could get those adorable groom mouse ears that say ‘just married’ on the back
  • lance is a giant fucking child and always will be 
    • keith finds his enthusiasm to get a photo with peter pan and tigger absolutely adorable
  • they could conquer all the mountains (thunder mountain railroad, splash mountain, expedition everest, and space mountain)
  • who can spin faster on the teacups (lance)
  • who can stay drier on splash mountain (keith)
  • who can score higher on buzz lightyear’s space ranger spin (lance)
  • who can score higher on toy story mania (keith, bc lance is fucking awful at simulators)
  • people with just married buttons always get congratulated by the staff and lance would eat that shit up
  • romantic walk through the aquarium at epcot
  • romantic dinner in italy at epcot
  • japanese candy for dessert from epcot
  • keith winning prizes for them at dinoland usa 
  • keith insists on building his own lightsaber
  • lowkey makeouts in the back of the preview theatre in hollywood studios
  • romantic breakfast in the castle
  • keith would find so much of it so silly but would still have just as much fun as lance god it would be so cute

Why do I have this feeling that Girl Meets World will be the first Disney Channel Original Series to have more than 4 seasons. 

Girl Meets World is a sequel series from BMW, which has met great success with a brilliant young cast. Disney would be dumb to not go over 4 seasons. 

GMW can literally make history in Disney by passing the 4 seasons limitations.