disney world half marathon

The Happiest Pace on Earth

~3700, Destiel Running AU. 

Why the Hell did Dean agree to run a half-marathon? Sam and Jess took off without him, he’s sweating, his legs hurt, and some scruffy-haired jerk in an angel wing t-shirt keeps passing him shouting “on your left.”


Mile 1

If you ask Dean, he’ll say he loves his brother; Hell, he would die for his brother. Sammy is his best friend and he would do anything in the world for him (and by extension, his fiancee Jessica).

But at this moment, he really, really hates Sam.

Why the fuck did he ever agree to sign up for a damn half-marathon? In April? In Florida?

“It’ll be fun, Dean,” Dean mimics Sam in a high-pitched tone, breathing heavily as he tries to maneuver around a group of Stormtroopers taking up the entire road “It’s a Star Wars race, Jess and I are doing it. We can all run together.” Dean had been really excited about it when Sam mentioned it. Star Wars? Running? Sure, he could handle that. Had Dean known that both Jess and Sam would take off like bats out of hell the moment the starting gun went off, leaving him in the dust, he would have never agreed to this.

And now here he is, running alone, dressed in a Chewbacca shirt, while Han and Leia are miles ahead of him. Dean grumbles at the memory of the argument he had with Sam about wearing the shirt; if anyone should’ve been Han, it was him.

A feeling of dread fills Dean as he passes the Mile 1 flag, knowing that he has over twelve miles left to go. Twelve miles? He hasn’t run anything longer than a 10K in six months. He’s been training, sure, but it’s all been easy treadmill jogs in his comfy, air conditioned gym, not the muggy, Orlando heat.

Dean swipes at his forehead with his shirt sleeve, praying they come upon a water stop soon. He adjusts his single earbud, turning up his music in hopes that it may distract him from his misery.

“On your left,” A voice calls out behind him.

“What the-” Dean turns back to look just as a body breezes by him and jogs ahead. He doesn’t get a good look at the guy, outside of the a head of messy, dark hair and the back of his t-shirt, imprinted with a pair of tribal-designed angel wings. Dean watches the smug bastard disappear through the crowd. He scowls to himself and begins picking up his own pace.

There is no way that asshole is beating him.

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TBT - My first Half marathon - Disney World Half Marathon 2009.

I post of this because I have a half marathon the end of this month and it will be my first time in DISNEYLAND! I can then say I’ve been able to run around both Disney World and Disneyland.

It seems to be the year of Disney races for me since I ran the Glass Slipper challenge (10k and half marathon) in February receiving three medals (10k, half, and one for completing the challenge). With the 10k I doubled my Disney medals. The next day I received two more medals (half and glass slipper), thus doubling my Disney medals again. And in August I will earn another two medals, one for the half marathon and another for the Coast-to-Coast challenge. That will bring my total for the year to 5 Disney medals and 6 in all. All from just 3 Disney race weekends.

It’s funny, I called Randy a medal whore because he was complaining about just getting a headband for the Tough Mudder and no medal. Then I went and actually placed in a race and a friend of ours asked if I got bit by Randy’s medal whore tendencies. I think I already had them before I met him. I really need a medal rack.

And this one race started it all. Sure, I didn’t run for a long time after this first half marathon. In fact, my next race wasn’t until October 2010. Over a year and a half after this first race. But because I was able to barely do any type of training for that first half and be able to finish in a somewhat decent time (considering I really didn’t train), I knew I could do more, and better. I was able to go on and sign up for a whole series of races in one year (yes I downgraded from the Duathlon to the 5k because I didn’t have a bike, and wasn’t really into the idea of having to get one) and ran two half marathons in one calendar year. That was pretty impressive for me since my trend was to quit running for a while after a big race. I was able to stick with it that entire year.

Last year I didn’t really do many races. This year, like I said, was the year of the Disney races AND mud runs. Who knows what next year will bring. My mind is on shorter races.

Turkey Trot 8k Recap + 6 miles

I signed up for a local turkey trot 8k for thanksgiving morning. I’ve always wanted to do a turkey trot, and themed runs are always more fun! I had an 11 miler scheduled for that Saturday and I thought, well I’m already going to run 5 miles, i’m basically half way there! So I decided to get back out there and run 6 more once I got home. 

The turkey trot was one of the largest I’ve ever run in. My mom was telling my family at Thanksgiving dinner about it and she said “there were at least 200 people there!” I laughed at her and said “mom! There were 2000 not 200!” It always is surprising how many people are into running now - it’s so great! 

My mom drove me to the race and it was COLD!! Soooo cold. The high was 40 for the day and the race was off at 9. I wore a long sleeve under armour, nike jacket (with thumb holes which are the best things ever), running tights, gloves, and a headband thing (I need to get a more run friendly one of these.) 

I ditched the headband shortly after this right before we took off because once I was in the sun it started to warm up. 

After a couple of pictures all of a sudden we were off. The first mile was through a really nice neighborhood and I had fun just pretending I could live in them…

First mile: 12:38 way too fast for me. That was my fastest mile since the start of this training season! While I was proud that I ran a good pace - I had 10 more miles to run that day! 

The course was an out and back on a pretty busy road so I felt bad for people who were trying to get home for Thanksgiving! I walked a bit during mile two but was still feeling pretty good. 

It will never cease to amaze me when I see the leaders on the turnaround! I was at mile 1.5 and saw the winner coming down the street! He was 3 miles ahead of me! CRAZY!

Mile 2: 14:05

Mile 3 had the water station and a pretty big hill into a neighborhood which I walked. 

Mile 3: 15:03

At mile 4 I realized a girl was using me as a motivator. Whenever I would pass her she would run until she reached me and then stopped. It was pretty funny. 

Mile 4: 14:05

Toward the end I was ready to be done. The last ¼ of a mile was uphill which I didn’t appreciated but I finished strong and gelt great. 

Mile 5: 14:53

Final 8k time: 1:11:53

After the race we grabbed some bananas, a doughnut and headed home. 

After stretching for a couple of minutes, I grabbed some sports beans, some water and was out the door for 6 more miles! 

I actually think the stretching in the middle helped a lot. I felt pretty great for the first few miles but I was having a little bit of pain in my left ankle so I walked up most of the hills. 

Mile 6: 16:18
Mile 7: 16:44

Miles 8.5-10 were some of the hardest of my life. I was ready to be done, I was getting hungry, and my feet hurt SO bad. sosososos bad. 

Mile 8: 17:15
Mile 9: 17:26 
Mile 10: 17:15

I walked a lot more than I should have and these are like crazy positive splits. Not exactly what you want when you go out for a long run. The last mile I was just ready for it to be over and to eat some turkey!

Mile 11: 15:47

I was really hurting after my run and for the days after. I did some searching online and found out that I may have Posterior Tibial Tendonitis which was causing me to have a lot of pain in my inner ankle. I went to the running tore and they told me that my left arch was collapsing a little and showed me how warn my shoes were! It was crazy. I ended up buying some new shoes and hopefully this will help! I’m going to stay off of it for a few days and try to get better before the half in a month!