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literally i love you and all your opinions on disney discourse / disney in general, especially because i'm a cast member now (i work at a regular disney store) and just the things that my other cast members say / the way they act *eye emoji* i rlly didn't realize how much drama is amongst disney fans, thank you for always keeping the humor alive

You’re welcome! I try. People take Disney dramatics way too seriously and i don’t get it. It’s so funny though like the comedy writes itself!!! People need to remember Disney may be our biggest passion but it’s also not worth have the dramatics we go through with it haha

… although it does keep me entertained so please keep it up too?


~ May your salt be your guiding KEY! 🖤🗝✨✨✨👌🏼

That epic feeling when you level up+ and your SaltBae skills are out of control ahaha 😂

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solangelo first kiss? (where neither of them have ever kissed anyone before)

read on ao3

It’s during the summer. Another one of those days when Will drags Nico outside to enjoy the sunshine and soak up the vitamin D.

Nico complains, because of course he does, but really he doesn’t feel any sort of reluctance. Even when the sun burns his legs, because they’re clothed in black jeans, and he has to squint when looking up at Will. Because he’s tall, and the sun is bright, and it kind of obscures his vision.

Not that he mentions that part.

“So what’s your actual plan here?” Nico asks, trying not to flush because Will’s hand is tight around his wrist, pulling him forward. The two of them are making their way through the Camp Half-Blood grounds, and when you get past the cabins and the hoards of people just arriving back for summer, there is so much green.

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Fall in love with someone who...
  • wants to make you laugh
  • accepts you for who you are
  • feels comfortable being themselves around you
  • won’t mind when you burp or fart
  • will let you win when you try to wrestle them
  • will sing in the car with you
  • will sing Disney duets in the car with you
  • finds time to tell you that you are important
  • makes you happy
  • understands that sometimes you still want to be a little kid
  • surprises you every day
  • wants to hear about your day
  • finds you beautiful when you first wake up in the morning
  • loves your flaws
  • loves your family
  • wants to support your passions
  • can’t stand being away from you
  • understands that you will always want a bite of their dessert
  • wants you to meet their friends
  • is not only your partner but also your best friend
  • loves you even when you have a bad day
  • will teach you new things
  • wants to try new things with you
  • loves you 

Pairing: Chris Evans x Pregnant!Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: A pregnant Reader waits for Chris to come back home.
Words Count: 948
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: None.

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Carrying your seven months baby bump throughout your living room, you took a couple of lighted scented candles and placed them on a corner of the low table, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your house.

As you finally sat on the sofa, getting yourself comfortable, you enveloped a faux fur throw around you and smiled, feeling your baby moving inside as you waited for Chris- your husband to come back home.

He had been away for three weeks, promoting a new movie all around the world while your only contacts were made through late night phone calls and Skype.

Once the airplane had touched down, Chris had called saying he was on his way from the airport and you quickly got everything cleaned and settled to welcome him.

It was like a tradition between you, every time your husband would leave for a while either to film or to promote and after he would cross the threshold of your comfortable home, you would take a day off and relax, cuddling and talking to each other.

Minutes passed with you all alone, yet you didn’t worry as you knew Chris’ cab was probably stuck at the moment. The constant traffic jam around Boston had been irritating you since you’d moved into your new house.

As you wanted to distract you from the excitement of seeing him again, you took your phone to blast some music, placing a protective hand on your belly and you read a book with the same loving smile that seemed to never leave your face.

Sleep weighed on your bones and your breaths slowly grew deeper as you fluttered your eyes shut after a hard day that got you exhausted. Unaware, you lied on the couch, waiting for the love of your life while your mind kept showing the best moments of your long-term relationship with the actor.

You missed Chris hard, especially with your condition as it was the first time- in months he’d been gone for so long. He’d been present to every appointment and important stage of your pregnancy; he had shared your smiles, tears of joy or frustration and kept being adorable even when you weren’t in a usual good mood.

Your husband was more than happy when you’d announced him you would be parents, he’d taken you in his arms and spun you around, giggling like he was back at Disney World and when he’d put you down, a meaningful passionate kiss found your lips.

The fact he was finally expecting a first child brought a whole new perspective to his life and he thought he couldn’t be happier.

The sound of keys and familiar light steps had you awaken quickly, bringing an excited smile to your lips. Yet, you stayed in place, deciding to fake you were asleep as your body fought hard to not jump into Chris’ arms and hum his reassuring natural scent.

“I’m home, sweetheart!” Your husband cried out, only to wince and curse under his breath as he spotted your so beautifully ‘sleeping’ form and his suitcases were quick to fall on the floor.

Chris knelt beside the sofa and ran his fingers through your hair as he placed a longing kiss on your forehead and the same mark of affection found your baby bump.

He brushed a hand over the fabric of your top, murmuring how much he’d missed seeing his wife and future baby. At this moment, you couldn’t erase the beam appearing on your face as he turned his attention back to you and quirked an eyebrow.

“You’ve always been a bad actress, Y/N. Open your eyes,” he whispered in your ear, chuckling, and you only leaned to seal your lips with a first kiss in weeks that felt like the first you had ever shared with him, delivering electrifying shivers to your skins.

“I missed you so much, honey,” you wrapped your arms around his neck, head resting on his shoulder and he smiled, hearing your voice so close to his ears.

“I missed you too,” Chris hugged you tighter, careful to let you breathe. “Both of you.”

His face nuzzled into your neck, taking a deep breath in of your light fragrance that smelled like home. You giggled lightly, feeling his beard ticking your skin and you showered his shoulder- up to his jaw with kisses.

A quiet pause, like time had stopped for your reunion and you kept embracing, reminding you of every little detail of each other’s presence you had wanted to feel, hear or see again.

“You seem tired and tensed,” you looked at his face and rubbed your nose against his pointy one, making him laugh. “Come on, let’s get you comfortable and I could give you a massage… if our baby stops kicking mommy!”

“Yep, dad’s back.” He looked down, laughing again. “Y/N, I’d rather lie in bed with you right now,” he offered instead and you nodded your head, smiling. “All right!”

You squeaked and laughed as he placed an arm under your legs and carried you in a bridal style upstairs- to your bedroom where you both stretched on the mattress. He put his head on your chest, rubbing your bump with smooth and gentle moves as if he was afraid to hurt you or the baby.

“How do you feel?” You asked.

“Better now, it’s good to be back home.” Chris responded, listening to the steady melody of your heart. “I’m not going anywhere, at least until the baby is here. I don’t want to miss anything more.”

“I know,” you dragged your hand through his hair and closed your eyes. “I love you, Chris.”

“I love you too.”

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REQUEST: 1, 42, and 60 with Lance or Bucky!
I swear to god if you don’t shut up, we’re not having sex for a month, 42 You’re cute when you’re flustered, and 60 I LOVE YOUR BUTT.


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Y/n was screwing around in the kitchen singing at the top of her lungs when Lance had enough. Even over the music he was listening to and the sound of the water running in his shower, he could still hear Y/n off pitch to her Disney playlist. He grumbled curse words under his breath as he stepped out of shower. He quickly dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He ran a hand through his hair and turned off his own music before trudging down the stairs into the kitchen. He finds her phone on the counter and pulls it from the cord attached to the speaker.

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Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.
—  Walt Disney 
Rich headcannons

•he has a stuffed animal collection
•no really he has like 200 of them
•seriously wtf
•how did he get so many
•he had braces when he was like 12-14 (when he got them he was so upset because it made his lisp even worse.)
•post squip he reintroduces his love for shitty puns
•Jake finds his puns endearing for some god forsaken reason (spoiler: it’s bc he’s GAY)
•Rich bakes, and really HEcking well
•he makes the squad™ brownies once and they love it. They then make him bake stuff for them as often as possible.
•he loves Disney songs with a passion.

“My passion for Disney has really died off lately, and I think it’s because of how many remakes and sequels are in production. I don’t want to revisit the same old stories over and over again, so none of it appeals to me. I prefer when Disney does something they haven’t done before, like Moana, Big Hero 6, and Inside Out. Those were creative and new ideas. I don’t see that same creativity in the remakes or the proposed sequels. The magic is gone for me.”

There are two stage adaptions of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  • Random time travel with the help of illegal Time-Turners
  • Voldemort maybe has one- no, two affairs!
  • Who is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.
  • OOC versions of characters
  • Rose is stoic
  • Wrong use of the Marauder’s Map
  • Cedric flying naked on a broomstick of purple feathers
  • Craig
  • Blood Ball for Voldemort Day
  • Snape apparently is a good guy?
  • Sabotaging canon
  • “Scorpian King” Scorpius Malfoy
  • Ron married Parvati
  • For Voldemort and VALOR!
  • Headmistress Umbridge is back with Dementors
  • Harry’s afraid of the dark, small spaces and pigeons.

A Very Potter Musical-series

  • Harry is a douchebag with a guitar who does covers of Disney songs
  • Ron is addicted to Red Vines
  • Ginny dances with guitars
  • Hermione’s true passion is fanfiction.
  • Random time travel with the help of illegal Time-Turners
  • Voldemort and Quirrell end together and have a daughter.
  • Cedric is a good finder.
  • Draco wANT HERMIONE GRANGER- andarocketship.
  • Lucius Malfroy and Lord Voldemort are dancers
  • “My name’s Lucius, but you can call me Lucy. When I grow up, I want to be a Rockette.”
  • Snape has a talk show outside the shows.
  • The infamour Hogwart’s jaguar
  • Cho Chang y’all
  • Weird versions of characters.
  • Ron choreographed an affair with Lavender behind Hermione’s back.
  • Narcissa had an affair and Dobby is Draco’s real father.
  • James and Lily split, and Lily is married to Cedric now.
  • Dumbledore loves High School Musical
  • Headmistress Umbridge is back with Dementors.
  • Albus Scarfy Potter

Only one of them is a parody


🌹 Pipers & Princesses 🌹 

Requested by anon - Billie Piper characters’ favorite Disney Ladies  

  ↳ [part 1/3] : Alison - Angel - Badger - Bella - Betty 

Okay, gonna get this off my chest.

If I see one more person IRL or on tumblr refer to Anastasia as a “Disney musical” I’m going to explode with the passion of a thousand suns.

Not only is the musical intentionally different from the movie, the MOVIE WAS NOT DON BY DISNEY. IT WAS FOX AND DIRECTED BY THE INIMITABLE DON BLUTH. 


Seriously, I am going to be full of rage and vinegar if I see poor reviews because it’s not “Disney” enough. It’s about an amnesiac’s search for her family and her history in the wake of unspeakable tragedy. Of course it’s not gd Disney. And the musical was made differently so that it would avoid this precise problem.


Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. The cast is amazing. The book is amazing. The music is amazing.


“ No one says NO to Terra-ston! ” 😎

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