disney villains part 1


The Descendants 2 cast on Instagram live singing Chillin Like a Villain (part 1)

Happy Halloween Everyone! Wasn’t October fun?

Here! Have Bill Cipher duking out with ol’ Chernabog for the title of “Most Powerful Disney Villain!”

I was a bit dissapointed how in Weirdmageddon part 1 Bill didn’t get to use this particular form for longer, but that’s compensated by an AWESOME episode overall :D!

Of course: Chernabog, Bill Cipher are © by Disney, and Bill is Alex Hirsch’s

SCANDAL; Recent Updates Compilation

SCANDAL aren’t chillin’ so it looks like neither can I, lol ╚(•⌂•)╝ There’s been a lot of updates so if you can’t keep up, then this list will be helpful. Check it out below:

  • Band Yarou Yo!!Vol6.: HERE
  • SCANDAL Documentary Film「HELLO WORLD」Trailer Release: HERE
  • SCANDAL meets Disney Villains: HERE
  • LINE MUSIC Interviews: Part 1, Part 2
  • SCANDAL on Cover of Rolling Stone Japan Edition 2015 | SUMMER: HERE (tentative release date 10 Aug)
  • 「Stamp!」Interview: HERE
  • Rock Kyoudai Interview: HERE
  • AmebaFRESH!Studio Guesting: HERE
  • Excite Music “Stamp!” My Season Interview: HERE
  • LINE LIVE CAST Appearance: HERE
  • 「Sisters」New Single Release: HERE
  • Other Recent Radio Appearances: HERE

All posts include English translations wherever necessary.

Will also not be doing summarised translations for their radio appearances on InterFM’s Are You Rolling?…We’re Rolling, J-WAVE’s Beat Planet or FM Yokohama’s Tresen+. Most of the talk is centralised on their “Stamp!” single and world tour, so unless requested by a number of people, I have no intention to translate those.

Thanks everyone!

※ Image from SCANDAL’s LINE. If you tuned in to their LINE LIVE CAST broadcast earlier, you will receive it.