disney villain queen of hearts


The Disney Villainess collection by Hayden Williams

Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells… princesses in disguise!✨👑✨

I’m currently working on a life-sized Maleficent sculpture, and I’d love to post her to this blog when she’s closer to being finished. Tonight I took a break from her to sketch out my version of the Queen of Hearts. The concept has been floating around in my mind for a few weeks now~♤♡◇♧ She’s inspired by one of the face characters from Club Villain and the classic + new movie designs. She’s a bit mad and I’d love to do more concept sketching ;) 

Hope you like her!   [Instagram Post]


Disney’s Mix & Match Villains by Eric and Susan Goldberg

Genie animator Eric Goldberg and his wife Susan have created this BEAUTIFUL and RIDICULOUS book where you take the iconic Disney villains (Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, Ratcliffe, Frollo, etc.) and mix and match their costumes, faces and legs to come up with some truly hilarious results. What’s more, the text also changes according to your mixing, as does the appearance of the side-kicks and protagonists!

Best of all, Disney’s Mix and Match Villains Book is currently selling for ONE CENT on Amazon! Click here to order.

Villains with a heart - The Queen of Hearts

she had been innocent once, wore the red as the color of her beating heart that matched the rhythm of her laughter
the court loved her but her heart was promised to a single man in the country, a simple miller
when he betrayed her, she shivered with darkness, soaking it up until the red of her dress became blood
and the poor thing still insists it was true love

Villains with a heart - The Evil Queen

fair and beautiful they had called her, the young maiden with the dark ebony hair and the lips red as mellow apples
there was a storm at her feet, swirling playfully across her soles
she had been a mere teen when the hunter ensnared her with his wide shoulders and his broad chest, with kisses tasting of forest meadows and freedom
beauty he had called her
but then he found another one, his hands not even touching her anymore
she never looked in the mirror again


I really, really, honestly, actually think someone should produce a miniseries based on Gary K. Wolf’s “Who Plugged Roger Rabbit”. I mean five or six episodes would do. It’s quite a fascinating story, it needs some tweaking of course, but it would be fun to watch.

This is Queenie, her sociopath husband “killed her” but she refused to die, he’s one of the main suspects in the novel. She is the actress who played the Queen of Hearts.