disney underrated characters

Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Kida.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Disney’s most underrated princess: Kidagakash Nedakh, Princess and later, Queen Of Atlantis. I saw the film Atlantis: The Lost Empire when i was very young and i find it to be criminally underrated. And Kida is a Top 5 Disney Lady [She’s also the oldest at 8,500-8,800.] easily.

Kida is a warrior, a linguist, a scavenger, a Queen in her own right and has a literal mental connection with the Heart Of Atlantis: She’s kind, brave, eager, vigilant, curious and desires to help her people rediscover Atlantis’s lost history which is a very interesting goal for a princess. She is shown to have moments of aggression but this is when somebody with ill intent tries to grab her and she attacks them. it makes sense in the particular situation not to mention several thousand years ago she would have done this on sight to anyone she didn’t know given back then her empire was at war with other countries.

Princess-no Queen Kida is an interesting character and both her and her film need much more recognition Disney!

Next Time: A look at a lovely smart blonde who was the star of her very own musical and feature-length film.

the signs as underrated disney characters
  • aries: tiger lily (peter pan)
  • taurus: duchess (the aristocats)
  • gemini: babette (beauty and the beast)
  • cancer: the centaurs (fantasia)
  • leo: lilo (lilo and stitch)
  • virgo: wendy darling (peter pan)
  • libra: the blue fairy (pinocchio)
  • scorpio: megara (hercules)
  • sagittarius: esmeralda (hunchback of notre dame)
  • capricorn: tiana (princess and the frog)
  • aquarius: jane (tarzan)
  • pisces: honey lemon (big hero 6)