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You seeing this, Cartoon Network?


So picture this…Enid’s Parents check in at Hotel Transylvania! Lol Happy Halloween Everyone! :D


We as fans are guessing, who is the bad person?
Whilst Disney are more focused on “Why are they a bad person?”
Cause the strength of the surprise villains isn’t their surprise….

The fact that they have to be a “surprise” is their weakest aspect.

Quote by alphabaymax

• Turbo being plugged in for the first time
• Turbo winning his first race
• And his second
• And third
• He’s sure it’s just luck because he is a new game, but he can’t deny the fact that winning a race is his favorite feeling
• The more races he wins the more word gets out about this rookie racer with a lot of promise
• Turbo, being the new game he still is, getting really flustered when he goes into central station and finds out he has fans
• Newbie little Turbo making friends with the twins in blue because he still doesn’t fully know how competitive racing is
• Turbo recognizing that kids come over and over again to race him and he can’t believe it because he’s just a little racer game but so many people, real live people, love him
• Turbo hearing people call him “The King Of Kart Racing” for the first time
• Just…….Turbo before all the fame went to his head and he began to game jump

But Also:
• The pain of his code being ripped apart as both his game and the one he jumped to are unplugged
• The identity crisis as he reminds himself that he’s Turbo, even though that without a game he’s nobody
• Having to survive in the shadows because he’s technically wanted for murder
• Slowly going crazy as his code, the very thing that makes him who he is, screams at him to drive a race car drive a race car drive a race car drive a race car dr̴iv̕e͞ a͏ ra̵cę c͜ar͏ dri̷̢vȩ̴̷ ̶̀́a҉̷ ̨r҉̵à̵͜c͘͡e̕ ̴ca̴̛͏r͠͏̕ dr̸̷̶i̛v̴̴ę̵ ̕͟͝a͏͘͝͡ ̷͟͟ŕ̶̛͢a͟͠͠c͢͢͡͡e̴̸̢͜ ̨̀ç̴̷͟a̸̧r̵̸͟

And Finally:
• Turbo racing for the first time again in over 10 years in Sugar Rush and almost crying because god he’s missed this so much