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We as fans are guessing, who is the bad person?
Whilst Disney are more focused on “Why are they a bad person?”
Cause the strength of the surprise villains isn’t their surprise….

The fact that they have to be a “surprise” is their weakest aspect.

Quote by alphabaymax

• Turbo being plugged in for the first time
• Turbo winning his first race
• And his second
• And third
• He’s sure it’s just luck because he is a new game, but he can’t deny the fact that winning a race is his favorite feeling
• The more races he wins the more word gets out about this rookie racer with a lot of promise
• Turbo, being the new game he still is, getting really flustered when he goes into central station and finds out he has fans
• Newbie little Turbo making friends with the twins in blue because he still doesn’t fully know how competitive racing is
• Turbo recognizing that kids come over and over again to race him and he can’t believe it because he’s just a little racer game but so many people, real live people, love him
• Turbo hearing people call him “The King Of Kart Racing” for the first time
• Just…….Turbo before all the fame went to his head and he began to game jump

But Also:
• The pain of his code being ripped apart as both his game and the one he jumped to are unplugged
• The identity crisis as he reminds himself that he’s Turbo, even though that without a game he’s nobody
• Having to survive in the shadows because he’s technically wanted for murder
• Slowly going crazy as his code, the very thing that makes him who he is, screams at him to drive a race car drive a race car drive a race car drive a race car dr̴iv̕e͞ a͏ ra̵cę c͜ar͏ dri̷̢vȩ̴̷ ̶̀́a҉̷ ̨r҉̵à̵͜c͘͡e̕ ̴ca̴̛͏r͠͏̕ dr̸̷̶i̛v̴̴ę̵ ̕͟͝a͏͘͝͡ ̷͟͟ŕ̶̛͢a͟͠͠c͢͢͡͡e̴̸̢͜ ̨̀ç̴̷͟a̸̧r̵̸͟

And Finally:
• Turbo racing for the first time again in over 10 years in Sugar Rush and almost crying because god he’s missed this so much


Redesigns of my humanized/Mechanid World versions of some of the characters from Cars 2 I’ve been doing over on dA. I’ll post the first cast after I get them done. These guys get to go first since they’re all finished.

It’s fun doing things like this. Helps me practice designing clothing and hairstyles. Character designing in general really.

So yeah, just thought I’d share. First movie cast soon.

Favorite design of this batch goes to Siddley.


TV adaptions to animated movies that nobody asked for, but only exist because of $$$$. They’re pretty much boring filler of major kids channels. Dreaworks has a shit ton of them, but Sony Animation is starting to following after them. You know what that means? THE EMOJI MOVIE: ANIMATED SERIES IS COMING SOON, EVERYONE!