disney trip

“It was no secret the way that we feel”

“A love that’s so pure, a love that’s so real”

“You showed me your world and it felt like a sign”

[You’ve shown me all kinds of amazing stuff, I never knew existed. I just wanted to pay you back. Show you something amazing, here on Earth.] 

“But you acted too slow and you ran out of time”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“You didn’t have a clue”

“So you went out and got busy”

“And found somebody new”

“And now we’ll be just friends”

[What are friends for?]

“We will be just friends”

[You’re the best friend a guy could have.]


Delicious desserts from Amorette’s Patisserie located in Disney Springs.

A thing that I found really fun and cool about my trip at WDW:

There was one day that I wore my shooting star Mabel sweater to Epcot, and not even before I enter the park I get two shout outs — one from a random gal, and aNOTHER THAT WAS DRESSED LIKE DIPPER. IT WAS FANTASTIC!

And throughout the day it was great, even one of the photopass photographers at Epcot stopped me in my tracks before taking my picture was like: “You better look out for Bill, Mabel.”

And then I was like: “Oh, yes!”

And as my family gathered around and we put our stuff down to take a picture around the Epcot ball the photographer gal was like: “So, where’s Waddles?”

And sadly, I didn’t bring my stuffed Waddles along with me on the drive down to Disney, so I just said: “He’s at home, sadly.”

We talked a bit between stuff, and it was so amazing to talk about Gravity Falls and everything! It was one of the highlights of my trip! She told me that she just watched “the episode with the unicorn in it,” and I squealed on the spot and was like: “Ahh, you watched The Last Mabelcorn??!”

And after I got my picture taken with my family the gal pulled me aside and let me have a picture by myself, and told me to hold my elbow up (while wearing the sweater) — and as soon as I was done and scanned my band, she told me: “Make sure not to show that picture to Waddles — he’ll get jealous.”

Turns out after viewing the picture later I had Pascal on my arm.

And throughout the day, I continued to get shoutouts, as well as with the tank I wore underneath, since it was my Mabel tank (that had ‘Do you like me? Etc, etc.’ on it).

It was a grand time finding fellow fallers at the Disney parks — it really made me happy (and wouldn’t you know, my dad got a kick out of it and found it cool. Which I thought was a plus since he hasn’t been a big fan of me being into cartoons and whatnot.)

Vanilla ice cream cone from L’Artisan des Glaces located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.