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bisexshell-mermaid  asked:

hEYo Hajimemema, ive been thinking about teaching English in foreign countries and there are loads of courses to go and teach in japan but im kind of scared because i dont know what the..LGBT scene is like over there and im gay. I'm sure it's fine but as it's a completely foreign country to me I have no idea what people's opinion is on gays apart from what I read and watch through anime and manga. What's everyone's thoughts on it over there? Are people often accepted?

Japanese people have been definitely more accepting recently. But they’re still very discriminating towards everything that’s not the norm. Anime and manga is a usually a pretty bad way to learn about these things, because the fetishization of gay men and lesbian women is something that sells almost better than anything else. But that’s just for everyone else’s pleasure, not to represent actual people that experience same sex attraction. Until very recently pride parades weren’t really popular either, because your boss could fire you for attending. Anyway, that’s not the case anymore. At least not in all Japan. Same sex marriage is also only allowed in parts of Toyko and Disney land. You won’t have any problems if you’re not bragging about being gay, but you could choose a more friendly place for living.

“I used to be good friends with one of the guys that played Peter Pan in Disney World (specifically the one who compares a little girls hair to Merida). It makes me so happy to see everyone loving him! He’s a really talented guy. He’s the Mad Hatter over at Disney Tokyo now and I wish I could have seen him in person in the states because he moved to FL for the job.”