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Hello lovelies!!

In honour of toddlers, and my 100 followers on tumblr, here are three sets of recolours for the classic toddler bed!! Grab them from my blog or download them from tumblr (links below)
Set One - Wooden Frame 
Set Two - White Frame
Set Three - Black Frame


New DC Superhero Girls dolls from Jakks Pacific  (source in link)

Huh, I wonder if Mattel no longer has the license for these? Or maybe Jakks is just making additional dolls because they made some (toddler) Disney dolls in the past back when Mattel had the Disney license so who knows?

I don’t know how to feel about them (I never had strong feelings about the originals) but I like Batgirl’s outfit and I like how curly/textured Bumblebee’s hair is.


they’re apparently 18 inches which explains the difference in manufacturers. I guess Mattel didn’t wanna make a new 18 inch body mold? lol

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Meh on the Flopz PR pic today ... really a multi million dollar company can only manage a still photo? 🙄Clearly its another pic to objectify their lead male actor to satisfy all the Sam's body lovers out there BFD🙄Huge eye roll starz

They think all outlander fans are horny brainless old widows with a fetish for young equally brainless men.

Honestly, I’m completely shocked he’s wearing a shirt. He looks more like an excited toddler at Disney after getting the pirate makeover who got picked to ride in the parade down Mainstreet than a man meat fantasy…. Maybe they are marketing directly to all Sam’s mommy fans this time.


Miss Lane debuted her latest Disney costume at WDW Sunday for Dapper Day. She cosplayed at the Magic Kingdom as Jane Porter (from Disney’s Tarzan) and she really had a blast and met tons of very dapper friends. :D

At the top I made a little collage of construction pics I snapped while sewing her costume. (I was up until 4am Sunday morning -four hours before we left for the park- so sadly I didn’t snap pics of some of the pieces coming together in the end.)  I started out with a bright yellow tablecloth I found at Goodwill for $4.99. The color was perfect and just screamed Jane to me. (I’ve wanted to sew her costume forever and finally did it! YAY!) I created a bustle with steel hooping for her to wear under the dress (she also had a crinoline I made out of some netting.)  The hat is from Children’s Place and I just changed out the band around it. The belt is a remnant of brown suede and the tie was a scrap leftover from the hat band material.  The little parasol was a lace one I found at a thrift store and I took it apart and sewed a new cover to make it look more like Jane’s. I ran out of time so it’s missing the tassles and a few minor details, but I may revisit it before she wears it again. I kind of just made up the pattern and draped it as I went. They really don’t make bustle dress patterns in 18-24 month sizes. ;)  All in all I’m very happy with the finished dress and she was such a trooper wearing it around the park all day. It’s was quite warm, too–but she kept the hat and gloves on the entire time, and for a 2 year old toddler, that’s saying something! :D I’m so proud of my little cosplayer. 


And today…. STILL WAITING.


Okay, I give kudos to Disney Store for selling human version of the servants and the Beast in Tsum-Tsum style.

However - It would also be nice if they did the human version of the Beast (Pirnce Adam) in Disney Animator’s Doll Collection. 

I mean, WHAT THE heck?!?! Few years ago, in Aladdin Blu-Ray Disc edition release, they show the Animators Doll of both Jasmine… AND ALADDIN. I kid you not. Google it to see it.

If Disney released sells Aladdin doll in DVD release, along with Alice for “Alice Thourgh the Looking Glass” release… then why not both Belle and the Prince/Beast since Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary DVD release?

Sure, I understand that Belle is important in this movie for Disney Animator’s Doll Collection, and I respect that. But why not the same thing as the Prince (known as the Beast)? After all, he saved Belle alot from danger from:

*The Wolves


Also, while being bad*ss, he even defeated his evil enemies:


AND psycho-Gaston

And, oh my gosh - he has the freakin’ Transformation to become human (after 10 years of having enough of getting shit from being a Beast) (especially the rough animation by Glen Keane!) Also, look at the rough sketch of the Prince - he looks promising to be part of the Disney Animator’s Doll Collection.


I mean, look at his baby-blue eyes:

I know a lot of people would prefer the “Beast” version over the human version - but come on! It would be cute to see Prince Adam as a “toddler” in Disney Animator’s style. If there is, we can totally see how the little Prince is being a bratty before becoming a Beast (when he gets older). I mean, in both comic and midquel, they show the young version of the Prince:

(EVEN the remake shows the Prince as a kid in the Beast’s flashback).

I mean, think about it - seeing a toddler being adorable (despite being selfish bratty), before becoming more Beastly as an older kid (after he lost his parents) until becoming a “monster himself” on his 11th Christmas Eve. So, there you go.

This is why I love Prince Adam even more - Man or Beast, he’s still one bad*ss prince as a strong male character (with stronger character development). He’s always been my top fave, along with Basil and Chicken Little.

As for the name “Adam” - I know Disney keeps denying it, while Paige O’Hara confirms it. HOWEVER, there’s still some time to name him. Based on the inspiration from the David sculpture, why not “David” (DAV-Eeed in French) after the French artist, Jacques Louis David? Why not other names, like “Paul” or “Adrian”? It’s not that hard to do.

Sure, despite that Disney sells mostly girls from Animator’s Doll Collection, they did sell only two boys: Kristoff and Aladdin. Two boys isn’t enough. There should be more awesome Disney males as much as Disney gals in Animator’s Doll Collection. It’s like what the Disney Animator’s Doll Collection is about - imagining what adult characters look like as toddlers. NOT gender.

If Disney is not going to show Prince Adam (human Beast) as part of the Disney ADC (initial for the doll collection)… then I’ll regret it.

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😂LOL that's it !! He looks like a toddler at Disney on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride 🤣All the TW Sam lovers are just ecstatic of course🙄 Maybe their marketing strategy this time was for the OL mom's with toddlers that can relate😅 UnFuckingbelievable🙄

Recall if you will, at ECCC, when a lady got up and asked a question that she said she had asked Diana once and it made her cry. She asked them to please not cry. I forget the exact statement she made, but the point was that this story has been a source of strength and personal redemption for her as it is for so many people. It’s true for me as well. These books helped me through some dark places in my own head. There is a therapeutic element to these books. I’m not ashamed to say they saved me. I realize it’s not that way for some people. You take what you need from books and for someone not struggling I surmise this story is a lighthearted fluff piece. I envy those folks.

I get more upset than I probably should when it isn’t presented in a manner that respects the value I have placed on the story. Like today. It felt like mockery. That’s all I’m saying.