disney toddlers


Hello lovelies!!

In honour of toddlers, and my 100 followers on tumblr, here are three sets of recolours for the classic toddler bed!! Grab them from my blog or download them from tumblr (links below)
Set One - Wooden Frame 
Set Two - White Frame
Set Three - Black Frame


New DC Superhero Girls dolls from Jakks Pacific  (source in link)

Huh, I wonder if Mattel no longer has the license for these? Or maybe Jakks is just making additional dolls because they made some (toddler) Disney dolls in the past back when Mattel had the Disney license so who knows?

I don’t know how to feel about them (I never had strong feelings about the originals) but I like Batgirl’s outfit and I like how curly/textured Bumblebee’s hair is.


they’re apparently 18 inches which explains the difference in manufacturers. I guess Mattel didn’t wanna make a new 18 inch body mold? lol


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FDNjbIG5YQ)

Hey if you’re reading this.

So I’m back after an extremely long hiatus. I got sidetracked from the sims for a year or so and then just never got back into logging my gameplays after that. But I’ve been playing a lot of challenges lately (history, 100 toddler, disney princess) and I’ve actually really missed keeping track of them on here…so I thought I would give it another shot. 

I’m currently working on my Disney Princess Challenge. To set up….I did the usual and moved my sim onto a lot with next to nothing as is customary for a legacy challenge, and have since played her up to a place where she’s happily married, has a roof over her head, and just had her first pregnancy (they had twins!).

Kind of excited to see where it goes from here. I’ve never played a legacy challenge all the way through and have always abandoned my past (fruitful) attempts. Here’s to hoping that it all changes with this one.