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  • Toy Story: What defining moment started your current interest, passion, or life’s journey?
  • A Bug’s Life: Have you ever been part of a big misunderstanding?
  • Toy Story 2: Is there anyone you’re trying to get over, or just really miss?
  • Monsters’ Inc.: What have you misjudged before that later surprised you, good or bad?
  • Finding Nemo: Who is the most interesting stranger you’ve ever encountered?
  • The Incredibles: If you had a superpower based on your personality, what would it be?
  • Cars: Are you a small town or big city person, and why?
  • Ratatouille: What do you feel is your greatest talent?
  • WALL-E: What action, to you, conveys love?
  • Up: What type of person would you want to spend the rest of your life with?
  • Toy Story 3: How old do you feel at heart?
  • Cars 2: What kind of situations make you feel out of place?
  • Brave: If you could alter one thing in your life, what would it be?
  • Monsters University: How did you meet your best friend?
  • Inside Out: How do you tend to handle your emotions?
  • The Good Dinosaur: What comforts you when you’re afraid?
  • Finding Dory: What is one of your fondest memories?
J'en ai Rêvé /Once Upon a Dream
The Sleeping Beauty( French Version)
J'en ai Rêvé /Once Upon a Dream

Mon amour je t'ai vu au beau milieu d'un rêve
Mon amour un aussi rêve est un présage d'amour
Refusons tous deux que nos lendemain soient mornes et gris
Nous attendrons l'heure de notre bonheur
Toi ma destinée, je saurais t'aimer 
J'en ai rêvé
La-la la-la, lalalalala…
Nous attendrons de notre bonheur 
Toi ma destinée, je saurais t'aimer
Tu l'as rêvé

Instrumental songs that make me sentimental

It really seriously bothers me when I see posts referring to “Princess Leia” and then people reblog them to say “GENERAL****” as though this is an important correction. As though Leia’s identity as a princess is either somehow inherently bad or is in anyway inferior to her position as a general. I don’t think people understand that Leia had MORE POWER as a princess than she does as a general. First of all, Leia as a princess was never some damsel in distress, sitting pretty, waiting for her Prince Charming type of situation. As Princess of Alderaan, Leia was had the advantage of extensive cultural and diplomatic training and used her position and connections and political savvy to become a Senator and therefore a SPY, looking out for the interests not only of her Alderaanian subjects but also of the entire galaxy. Her title of Princess is crucial in regards to her character, even now just reading the new CANON comics, insofar as Alderaan is an integral aspect of who she is–not only an Alderaanian, but the person who felt RESPONSIBLE for the safety of the planet. Then after her home planet was obliterated right before her eyes, she continued on to use her knowledge and skills and political leverage–none of which she would have had if she hadn’t been adopted into a royal house–to aid the rebellion, and her title as “princess” allowed her to become a symbol of resistance and rebellion against tyranny across the entire galaxy. She was a SPY PRINCESS, A WARRIOR PRINCESS, A POLITICAL PRINCESS, and every other kind of princess you could imagine. Leia as a princess is badass, and not something to be snidely dismissed with ignorant assertions that being a general is better and more “feminist” just because it’s a title traditionally held by men. In reality, the situation is entirely the reverse. Leia has no authority as a General other than over her own troops in a resistance that’s not even fully supported by the government that Leia herself helped to establish AS A PRINCESS. The New Republic didn’t take Leia’s warnings about the First Order seriously and LOOK WHERE THAT LANDED THEM. And the sway and renown that is still shown to Leia in the new canon is STILL linked to her royal status, not just because she was a princess but because of what she DID as a princess. That’s why we get the line “well to me she’s royalty.” Disney slapped the title of General on Leia hoping that fans would rally to this feminist progress while at the same time propagating the idea that she couldn’t possibly have been a present mother or wife while also succeeding in a political career, ignoring her OT character arc, destroying her family for no other reason than to create Kylo Ren, and undermined her credibility in the new system. I don’t see any feminism in those regressions. Does Leia deserve to be a general? Yes, of course. But can we please stop acting like this is some kind of upgrade? Being a Princess was central to Leia’s character, and NEVER was this fact in any way a disadvantage to her. She was both graceful and polished and vulnerable and strong and determined and lethal. She was the “strong female character” that girls could look up to, and I personally see nothing to turn your nose up about fierce, intelligent, brave PRINCESS Leia Organa.

Mistress of All Evil

They kill her mother.

She is a villain, she must be killed, so Philip steps in front of her, sword drawn, eyes wide, three little fairies cheering atop her head.

They kill her mother and Mal weeps in Evie’s arms, clutches to Jay’s vest, grabs Carlos’ hands. Her eyes glow green, bright and sick and magical and Mal weeps.

It is the middle of the day and they are in the middle of the dining hall, amongst princesses and princes and heroes’ children and Mal sits on the floor, hair turning lilac, violet, turning magic again. What’s wrong, Lonnie asks, what’s wrong with her.

Evie hugs Mal close and whispers unintelligible words into her changing, growing hair. Carlos kisses her hands, tender and soft and careful. Jay takes Mal’s face in his hands and mumbles a string of Arabian words only Aladdin’s children can understand.

What is he saying, Audrey asks, an impatient tilt to her voice.

You are not your mother you are not her you will not be her the title does not make a villain you are not your mother.

Fairy godmother drops her tablet, shivering, pale and her appearance melts off her as if it was just a dress she puts on every morning. She is an old woman again, agile and small with kind eyes. Jane shivers and wraps her jacket around herself. Mom, she asks, mom, why am I so cold?

She’s dead, Mal shrieks, she’s dead and she’s gone.

Fairy godmother pulls her daughter close to her chest. God help us, she whispers and kisses Jane’s forehead, God help us.

What’s wrong mom? What’s wrong?

Maleficent is dead and slain by the same sword that has killed her once before and she lies at the bottom of the cliff and Mal clutches to her friends in Auradon and weeps, Evie whispers magic into her hair, into her heart, the core of her being, Carlos is soft and silent and Jay speaks Arabian.

And Mal grows horns.

Okay, so, like, I NEED an AU of Gabriel Agreste sing this song to his son??? Because… R E A S O N S:

{Gabriel: You want to go outside? Why, Adrien…!

Look at you, my dearest, dearest flower!

Still a little sapling, just a sprout

You know why we stay up in this manor…

Adrien: I know, but…

Gabriel: That’s right, to keep you safe and sound, dear
Guess I always knew this day was coming
Knew that soon you’d want to leave the nest…
Soon, but not yet

Adrien: But-

Gabriel: Shhh, trust me, dear
Father knows best

Father knows best,
Listen to your father
It’s a scary world out there
Father knows best
One way or another
Something will go wrong, I swear

Ruffians, thugs
Paparazzi, a car crash!
Kidnappers and bigots
The stalkers!

Adrien: No!

Gabriel: Yes!

Adrien: But-

Gabriel: Also large dogs,
Fans with eager hands, and
Stop, no more, you’ll just upset me
Father’s right here
Father will protect you
Darling, here’s what I suggest…
Skip the drama
Stay with papa…
Father knows best.

Father knows best
Take it from your daddy
On your own, you won’t survive
Fashionably overdressed,
Immature, agile
Please, they’ll eat you alive*
Lenient and naïve,
Positively deft
Dorky and a bit, well, hmm spacey
Plus, I believe
Way too empathetic

I’m just sayin’ ‘cause I love you
Father understands!
Father’s here to help you
All I have is one request…

Adrien: Yes?

Gabriel: Don’t ever ask to leave this manor again.

Adrien: Yes, Father.

Gabriel: I love you very much, dear.

Adrien: I love you more.

Gabriel: I love you most.
Don’t forget it
You’ll regret it…
Father knows best}

* I honestly think that, without Nino acting as a buffer to introduce him to the others, Adrien would have remained isolated (except for Chloè) precisely because of the standards his father has taught him to keep, all neatly perfect as Adrien keeps himself.
This said, I did this with my friend @thebipear. We… tried to adapt the song to Gabriel and Adrien Agreste as much as we could… And this happened.


Milo Murpy’s Law intro - Multilanguage

updated with Danish and Hebrew. Because I love languages and MML.

It’s in alphapetical order as follows: Brazilian Portuguese - Castilian Spanish - Danish - English - French - German - Hebrew - Japanese - Korean - Latin Spanish - Polish - Russian

If you have a video of another language, feel free to link it and I’ll add it in. (But please make sure it’s in a watchable quality)

What does the intro in your language translate to? I’d love to know