disney tiger lily

Honestly like I HATE how underrated Peter Pan (2003) is because:

The mermaids were Asian

Tiger Lily was ACTUALLY Native American and even spoke the native  language 

These cuties turn into


And don’t even get me started on the music score

Honestly this new Pan aint got nothing on the old one, sorry ‘bout it

Dusk Till Dawn


Request - Heey:) could you do harry hook x reader imagine to the song “Dusk till dawn” by Zayn & Sia?? Just if you wants to of course☺️
Requested by - Anonymous
Word Count - 3, 150
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter of Tiger Lily[cheifs daughter in Peter Pan])
Warnings - Ok I definetly swore in this, but only because I have been swearing more than usual in day to day life aswell so…yeah ; )
Summary - I feel like I made short stories or mini canons to each lyrics that were together oops these don’t really fit togther unless by fit together you add in small or large timeskips. Basically the lyrics became prompts to short stories so yep, also I got bored and made a moodboard in piccollage! 


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New Disney Q Posket! ^o^

This is so exciting! Let’s get started:

Two new Q Posket (14cm) presented: Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’! In their most popular outfits: Ice Queen Elsa and Winter Gear Anna (without her white hair streak, though).

I’m not sure how Elsa’s expression will look like in the final figure, I like wide-eyed Q Poskets better… And Anna is the first one looking straigh ahead. I know lines evolve and change, but Q Poskets have a very simple formula and I prefer they’d stick to it.

And two new sets of Q Posket Petit (7cm) featuring:

  • Villager Belle (I lover her pose, and the fact she has a book)
  • Tinkerbell (we knew she was coming, she’s so cute)
  • Tiger Lily. TIGER. LILY. I can’t believe my eyes O.o (can I have real hopes for Wendy now? Also, TIGER LILY).
  • Aurora in blue (1st logical recolour, hehe)
  • Arielle in pink (I love getting all of Arielle’s outfits)
  • Sofia (now that was unexpected… Will Elena join in the future?)

I am running out of room for these… but they are so cute… I’ll manage!

Also, ouch my wallet. Just when I though about not buying any more Petits they give us Blue Aurora, and Pink Arielle, and TIGER LILY, and… Geeeeez, Disney knows how to make money, that’s for sure.

Peter Pan: Scene Three

Tiger Lily played by @lilyflowerevans
Hook played by @dobbyisafreeblog
Peter played by @space-marauder
Wendy played by @positivity-and-possibilities

HOOK -  Now my dear princess, this is the proposition.  You give me the hiding place of Peter Pan, and I shall set you free.

WENDY - Poor Tiger Lily.

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