disney tiger lily

Honestly like I HATE how underrated Peter Pan (2003) is because:

The mermaids were Asian

Tiger Lily was ACTUALLY Native American and even spoke the native  language 

These cuties turn into


And don’t even get me started on the music score

Honestly this new Pan aint got nothing on the old one, sorry ‘bout it

Peter Pan: Scene Three

Tiger Lily played by @lilyflowerevans
Hook played by @dobbyisafreeblog
Peter played by @space-marauder
Wendy played by @positivity-and-possibilities

HOOK -  Now my dear princess, this is the proposition.  You give me the hiding place of Peter Pan, and I shall set you free.

WENDY - Poor Tiger Lily.

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Tiger Lily through the ages…

Disney (1953), Carsen Gray (2003),  Q'orianka Kilcher (2011), Rooney Mara (2015)

Way to white it up, Warner Bros.  And the casting directors specifically said they are not looking for native actors.